A CASHLESS World: WE CAN make it possible.

It will be a World that is completely FREE of Status, caste, creed, class, Comparisons, divisions, wars, religion, beliefs, ideologies, etc. It will be a World that is FREE of any currency and the greed to get rich, in monetary terms. It will be a World where everyone will be FREE to have what ever they want by doing their part. It will be a World where WE, the people of this Planet will be FREE from bondage and slavery of the current Financial system. We will be FREE to roam this Planet across state or country lines. In due course these divisional lines may disappear too. With no currency middlemen will cease to exist. When this happens true and genuine relationships happen automatically.And since NO MONEY is involved in the entire process, we get to live our lives the way nature has intended us to live it, by truly loving to live it, Rather than chase money all our lives trying to get rich but die trying. In the end we may have led a miserable life with nothing to show for and tons of wasted efforts with dismal to no results of success. At this juncture, we have become a slave to money where we have handed over our power to money for it to control us. When this happens we are indirectly allowing other people to control us too. Money, power and polities are highly intertwined and each does not exist without the others help. They are interrelated and need each other for it’s very survival. Banks are making money out of nothing. There are too many unseen forces captaining the ship from behind the scenes.

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So how do WE do it? Say a vendor charges $1000 for a product. It is 1000 points taken out from the customers account. These points can be used anywhere in the World and it stays virtually in their account. When they travel all they need to do is to log into their account and transfer the points to the vendors account. There is no need to exchange currency, no money changes hands, No fees, No paperwork, No middleman and no hassles. It is as simple as walking in and out of a store. When all businesses that exist Worldwide become part of that network, we can travel from one part of the World to another with our hands free and carry no money on person. This discourages theft, and other crimes,  both in domestic and international markets. This also frees up our hands while traveling and visiting places. With no wallets in hand to safeguard, going to the beach would be a breeze. All we need to do at this point is to hold a Pina Colada in each hand and head to the white sands or just bask under the coconut trees waiting for lunch while the cool breeze caresses us.

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Crime and Money go hand in hand. Tourists become walking bait in most places that people travel to. When Money ceases to exist, crime level drops and in due course will go extinct. We will be able to even buy a home, a car, book tickets, rent a private jet, hop on a cruise etc., using these accumulated points that have no expiration dates. In short if we do good, good will come back to us in some another form, usually when we least expect it. Here when we exchange goods and services by bartering, it makes all our lives much easier and makes living much richer (without using the word money). Bartering has been in practice since the dawn of mankind. When currency was introduced in many parts of old civilizations, that age old bartering system came crumbling down and disappeared entirely. It’s time to look into making our lives easier by helping one another without even seeing or touching money in the physical or virtual for. The Millennial’s are much smarter than us and are very innovative beings capable of changing the World by leaps and bounds. Their thought processes and strategies are completely different from the generations before them. Hope they may help make the change we all need. Instead of following the same old system, change may be what we are all waiting for in Silence. Inside all of us we are dying to see change happen that can benefit all of us. The current system has been put in place by an Elite few to control everyone else. The common man does not have a chance nor a life. They work all their life working to make money and enslaving themselves until they die.

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A Simple age old change may make our World a Wonderful place to live in. A currency free World may be our only chance to head towards Peace. Today all the problems that we have in this World is related primarily to MONEY. When we take money out of the equation and start living the old ways of how our ancestors lived and survived, we too can have a stress-free and money free lifestyle like them. Today FINANCIAL STRESS is the silent killer in our society that is related to many deaths and many diseases. Time does change. We too need to change and adapt with the times. With too many middlemen in our so called Modern Financial System, only the one with money can call the shots. With money comes power. As for the rest of us, we are pocket change. In life, change is inevitable ONLY if we look to make change and seek it by pursuing it. If not what we are seeing now is what we will get moving forward. When this happens our voice will never be heard nor will it have any meaning to it.



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