Contribution of IMMIGRANTS to our Society.

Country boundaries have been set by Man in historic times by way of War, exploitation, slavery, pain and suffering. To this day it is very much alive. When we look at the very basics, each family is a country on its own. We have separated ourselves from the rest of the 7 Billion people on this Planet. Anything outside our home and family is foreign domain. In essence we are all Immigrants to each other, Where we have our own individual borders and domains. If and when it is violated, we will do anything to defend and protect it. Immigrants are the backbone of today’s society without who new ideas many never blossom and old ideas will stay around for centuries with no hope of bringing in change. In the past and even today, many immigrants from all over the World have left their and are currently leaving their footprints in our society. Thus we are reaping the benefits and all the comforts of Modern life today in our homes, at work and on the streets.

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Immigrants bring with them the following:

  • New talents and ideas
  • One Luggage, no money, lots of fear, sacrifice, a dream, a passion and the inner drive to make it happen
  • Lots of personal sacrifice
  • New inventions
  • New ways to build our infrastructure
  • Modernizing our existing Life
  • Personal contribution to society through blood, sweat and tears
  • Do work what most people would not want to do
  • Work harder than most people. meaning, they would go that extra mile
  • Do their part for the benefit of Mankind
  • Two minds are always better than one so why not make use of the second mind for free. It does not cost us a thing
  • Immigrants usually are put to work for much lesser wages and they know that they are being used. Still they work in silence trying to make a living and uplifting their families
  • They come in a package that is filled with hard work, dedication, sincerity, sacrifice, punctuality, persistence, perseverance and passion in what ever they do
  • They can be trusted to get the job accomplished and on time in most cases Of course there are always exceptions in life
  • They do not waste anything and will improvise if they have to
  • Their Old experiences bring in fresh ideas that can help solve today’s problems that face all of us
  • Modern life comes with Modern problems that require Modern solutions. This requires more than one mind. So why not brainstorm and pick their brains to accomplish what we all need.
  • Many earn much less than the minimum wage and in a few instances, they are put to work as the Modern day slaves making nothing
  • They have a mindset that is second to none and will try to bring their best results to the table. By doing so they benefit themselves and also benefit the society in the which we live.
  • When we grow, our society grows with us. So each of us need to do our part for the betterment of all.
  • No one is superior and no one is inferior. We are all one Species born to rent this Planet for a very short while as “renters” and we will all exit back to the soil the same way. There is no future for any of us. All that we have is the PRESENT. None of us will ever know what tomorrow will bring.

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In closing, NONE of us are IMMIGRANTS. WE are all given this unique chance to live on this small pebble of space debris that is floating freely in the dark space, with no Species that is unique like us light-years around. This tells us how insignificant we are and also tells us how unique we are. Given our intellect, we have a choice to make here. Either we can use it to our advantage in order to live peacefully on this Planet in our allotted time or die out much sooner by dividing ourselves in all possible ways.( Which has been created by US). Our Planet is one Big blue marble. IMMIGRANTS, the word itself does not apply to us in any way, shape or form. If all of us are living in this Giant blue marble, an IMMIGRANT would be by definition someone from another Planet or from anyone out there in the dark vastness of Space. So we may need to rethink out thoughts and start bringing ourselves to start Being HUMAN. WE also need to start thinking of our Planet as ONE COUNTRY with its own climate that determines our fate. Anything that happens in one end of the Globe does affect each and every one of us on the other. We are growing and transporting food, medicines and stuff all across the World. Ocean and Air currents circulate the Globe carrying with it pollutants all across the World. Today we are eating the same food, drinking the same water and breathing the same Air as a result of Globalization and trade. If we do not change our thoughts and rethink the actual definition of an IMMIGRANT, we will be stepping on each other’s toes as immigrants and not as HUMAN’s.



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