What are we SHOVING DOWN our Throats?

Do we ever think what we are eating? Do we ask ourselves- Are we eating right? Are we eating Healthy? Or have we learned to accept the fact that eating anything to fill our stomach is OK, be it healthy or otherwise. In most cases, it seems to be geared towards the latter. So what are we eating these days? Eating junk which has no nutritious value what so ever, is the correct answer. Our society has conditioned us to sleep less, eat less and work more in the pursuit of money and money only. This is what we are taught to follow from early on in our lives. Society tells us to go to school, then head to college, get a high paying job, get married, have kids, buy a house and a car or two. Once we have reached this stage, we are starting to wonder that I will be working till the end of my life just to work and pay bills. This is all that is being taught to us. No one has ever taught us how to take care of our health, which is the best investment one can have.

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Today, people stand in line to get the latest phones, the latest TV’s and other Gizmos. But we do not see people standing in line outside Physicians or Dentists offices wanting to focus on their own personal Health. We are consuming anything and everything that is edible. In that process we are ruining our own health. The priorities in our own lives have been mixed up. We are focusing much more on buying stuff than focusing on our own health. When Health is gone everything is gone. And we only get one shot at it. Back then Physicians cured their patient by recommending the appropriate and nutritious diet for their particular ailment. Today this does not exist. Instead, we are given medications after medications, each carrying with it a concoction of chemicals that are highly toxic to us and to our cells. With it comes a long list of side effects. Then we are given more medications to treat or mask those side effects. Most drugs in the market are designed to mask the symptoms or stop it all together, but none are designed to cure. Nature has provided us with all the medicinal plants that we need. But we have cut down those trees and are turning our heads to big pharma for a big answer to ALL our problems. Soft drinks are loaded with sugar and other chemicals that lure us in drinking it. This contributes to innovative new diseases that have exotic names. Most of us do not like vegetables too and are shying from Natural foods. In the end we end up devouring junk food.

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When we read labels at our Super market what do we see? If something is produced by nature naturally and is 100 % natural, why do we need a label that says ” 100 % Natural”. Isn’t that ironic? But 99 % of the products found in those Supermarkets are Junk, mass produced cheaply and is geared to sell quick and resold as in subscription services. Meaning you go back for more. So what keeps us going back? Chemicals. Today each food package contains, coloring agent, flavoring agent, artificial sweeteners, many chemicals disguised under sweet and harmless sounding names, tons of preservatives to extend shelf life, addictive substances, and others. Where does these all go when we consume them? It goes into our cells at a cellular level and starts disrupting normal cellular function, metabolic functions and even hormonal functions. In some cases it may even affect our genetic makeup. No wonder we are seeing more and more of new diseases under fancy names that have no cure. Markets will sell us anything. it is up to us, the consumers to decide what is right and what is wrong. If we just shake our heads at any junk that is thrown at us, that’s all what we will end up getting- JUNK. if we do not stand up for ourselves and demand natural foods, no one else will. Because it is our health and it is our life. Today cancer, Diabetes and blood pressure have become so common that we are all popping in pills like candies. It looks like the new norm.

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Try reading the labels at any supermarket near you and try to understand the labels. Most don’t question it and the very few who question aren’t given a straight answer. So in the end they give up. Labels are just formalities that enable them to stay on the shelves and continue to do business. As Consumers we need to know what we are shoving down our throats. Because this is what can make us or break us apart. Today we see plastics and food socializing together. Now we know why we are facing a Health epidemic. Many are obese. Hormonal imbalance is common place. Respiratory ailments and food allergy plentiful. Just 30 Years back we have not even heard of something called “peanut allergy” or “allergies to diary products”. What are we doing to ourselves and what have we done to ourselves? Anything in moderation is good. Anything over that limit is Excess baggage. So let’s start doing things right by starting to eat right and start questioning everything that we put into our mouth.



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