What is IMPORTANT to us and What is NOT?

Each of us have been given a finite amount of time to Live our life on this Planet, nothing more nothing less. When our time comes, we will leave everything behind and depart. In most cases we may not even be able to say our final goodbyes to people and family whom we may have acquaintances with over our lifetime. Even our family is an acquaintance in way. We are born into our families and in other instances have created our own. So we are total strangers that have come together as individuals in creating new families and bonding to existing ones that are old. Each of us is an Island with our own thoughts, likes, dislikes, ideologies and feelings. Combined together these deep emotional thoughts and feelings can either create or destroy us or others. Negative emotions and deep seated ideologies that are fueled by hate have fanned the flames for centuries and is continuing to do so in the name and under cover of Man Made religion.

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We are all born the same. None of us have the option of choosing our parents, our siblings, our husband or wife, daughter or son. They have come into our lives as an individual, a stand alone individual just like us capable of making their own decisions and packed with hormones and feelings. None of us are made to be permanent. We are all made to perish at some point. At that point, We will degrade and be churned back to Earth. This will be the end of us. The only chance we have to live our lives is to live it in our own terms and under own free will and not being brainwashed and controlled by a third party who have obviously no vested interest in our life. When we die, we will be taking nothing with us, not even our wallet or cell phones. Because we will not need it where we are heading. After we are gone no one will be there to weep for us and the very few who have turned up at our funeral will soon forget us as time passes. As for the rest (majority of people) who we have known or who have come into our lives, we will have been just an acquaintance as anyone else. If we have been good to everyone we had met or have done good deeds to other when we were alive, someone would get up and talk something good about us. If not we will depart as a nobody in silence and nobody will miss us at all. So In life we need to choose our words and our friends wisely. A few words and a handful of friends who share our thoughts are all that we will need in life. Not everyone is going to be our friend and not everyone is going to like us. In reality, we cannot change ourselves for anyone or change ourselves to please anyone. WE ARE WHO WE ARE.

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Today we see people texting and driving, on their phones all the time, checking their email every 10 minutes and checking into their social media platforms to check on their Millions of virtual friends every few minutes. None of these activities do us any good but to waste our precious time. We can always make money, but we cannot make time. Each of us are given just 24 Hours, no matter how rich or poor we are. What we do with that time is what matters most to each of us. Because these are bits of time that is being chipped off from our allotted time that is given to us to live life on this unique Planet. As each second passed, this bank account is depleted bit by bit. Once that amount is depleted, there is no turning back. These bits are so precious that we will need to use it with care and spend it wisely. It is much more precious than money. Money can buy anything but time. We also need to choose what is important and what is not important in our individual lives. It is always good to keep a written list.

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A select few points:

On what is Important:

  • Our Health
  • Our Hygiene
  • Our life
  • Paying bills and taxes – They are necessary evils – We can run, but we cannot hide.
  • The food we eat- Garbage in Garbage out- Eating Natural and Healthy food
  • Helping others in need
  • Uplifting others – Never pushing people down- No one is superior and no one is inferior- We are all HUMAN
  • Positive energy- Pass it on and it will come back to you.
  • Our family and True friends- It’s mutual
  • Doing good always
  • Giving back to community
  • Mentoring
  • Learning each and everyday
  • Doing something creative and teach someone the same
  • Being Happy on the inside
  • What goes around comes around- Always do good
  • Get rid of negative emotions- Do not let them live inside you rent-free. They will eat you from the inside and destroy you.
  • Trust- This is mutual- Without which no relationship would ever sustain, that includes friendship.
  • Being punctual
  • Being grateful for what we have – Think of the Millions who do not even have the basic necessities of life and are living day to day with nothing, barely making it.

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On What is NOT Important:

  • Comparing ourselves with others- Material and Financial Status
  • Judging others by their looks- Never judge a book by it’s cover
  • Holding on to grudges and other negative emotions
  • Being nice and smiling in the front and stabbing them in the back
  • Using people with or without their knowledge for personal gain
  • Not trustworthy
  • Expensive mansions, exotic handbags, Luxury cars, Lavish vacations, private Jets, Second and third vacation Homes.
  • Any car does one thing- Takes us from Point A to Point B.
  • We can only eat so much of what our stomach can hold, once that tank is full we are done. Overeating and over consumption is not the answer.
  • Too much of anything is POISON. This includes, food, clothing, Shelter or Money. It becomes Excess baggage when that Maximum capacity threshold is reached.
  • When we close our eyes at night, all we need is a 6X4″ space to sleep on. It does not matter if we are sleeping in a 10 Bedroom Mansion or in a 1 room Hut.
  • Too much money is not important. Having just right to live on is what we need. It is a need and not a want. The love of money is much more dangerous the actual need of it. We we start loving money it consumes us. It becomes an addiction wanting more of it. In the end we may die not having enough of what we want.
  • Gambling, Smoking, Drugs and drinking- Damaging to our finances and our Health- But we do it anyway.
  • Ego – Ego kills and destroys new opportunities. It also destroys long standing relationships.

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In life we need to assess what is important to us and what is not. When we have this clear picture in mind we can go about our individual lives, making important decisions than help us stay positive and stay on track instead of wandering off aimlessly. Each of us need to create our own path instead of copying others. Everyone has their own individual battles to fight and their own path to take. Creating out own path brings in less competition and thus gives us that unique opportunity to call our shots under our own terms. This is what I call living our life instead of living someone else’s. Living our life helps us preserve our own identity. On the other hand trying to copy others and living their life is a quick way to lose out own identity and start impersonating others as an impostor. In the end, it may not end well. So let’s prioritize our own lives and start living it to the fullest in our own terms.



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