STRESS: The Curse on ourselves.

Stress is Man made and is completely our own doing. Only we are to blame for it. We have started out as a caveman, built civilizations, made inventions and complicated ourselves by entering the industrial and technological age. This has led us to move away from nature and start embracing Artificial stuff. This has led to the detachment from our own families and getting more attracted and attached to Material things. We have lost our own natural emotions by taking on artificial ones. Today every relationship is tied to Money, Social status, material Wealth and formalities. I do not know of any exceptions to this. Slavery has been in continuous existence since ancient times, but today we are seeing it in a different form by way of Human trafficking,  trading of Humans and their body parts, slavery through drug addiction, child labor, Elder abuse and most important of all is INCOME INEQUALITY. You may be surprised by this. Income inequality is a form of virtual slavery, which forces people to work long hours just to barely make the minimum wage where as on the other hand an average CEO makes $23 Million annually plus other perks. So when Money stresses people out what do they do, they go drinking, end up consuming drugs, Gambling, domestic abuse, child abuse and what not. They take it out on everyone around them and upon themselves. It is in fact a downward spiral of self destruction that goes from financial worries to bankruptcy. Stress has been affecting our health and the health of our kids. Obesity is on the rise and so has the incidence of new diseases. All of them are stress related.

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So what does stress do to our bodies?

Common effects of stress
On your body On your mood On your behavior
Headache Anxiety Overeating or undereating
Muscle tension or pain Restlessness Angry outbursts
Chest pain Lack of motivation or focus Drug or alcohol misuse
Fatigue Feeling overwhelmed Tobacco use
Change in sex drive Irritability or anger Social withdrawal
Stomach upset Sadness or depression Exercising less often
Sleep problems

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Now that we know its effects on us, what can we do about it?

  • Simplifying our life is the key; Less bills , Less stress.
  • Declutting our house off of STUFF. Use only what we need
  • Stop shopping and start minimizing. LESS IS MORE. Live life like a Minimalist instead of being a Materialist.
  • Downsize everything.
  • Let go of what we cannot change
  • Throw out all negative emotions. If we allow them to live rent free in our bodies, it WILL destroy us from within.
  • We can only change ourselves, but we cannot control anyone
  • Getting regular physical activity
  • Practicing relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing, meditation, yoga, tai chi or massage
  • Keeping a sense of humor
  • Spending time with family and friends
  • Setting aside time for hobbies, such as reading a book or listening to music
  • Prioritizing our life
  • Learning to let go
  • Choosing our friends wisely
  • Making informed decisions that can make change in our lives
  • Stop comparing ourselves with others. When we compare ourselves with others, we are putting ourselves down.
  • Be who we are and not pretend who we are not
  • We do not impress anyone but ourselves.
  • Let’s learn to live our own lives. Others’s lives or the things that they do is none of our business.
  • Get off of social media : It is a place where people compare themselves with other and their activities, causing them to have negative emotions, such as jealousy, hate, anger and depression.
  • Taking care of our health by eating only Healthy and natural food. What we eat is what we will become.
  • Don’t sweat it and only do what you love. Life is too short to do something otherwise.
  • Travel the World and Learn. Travel to one international destination and one domestic destination each year. It does open minds.
  • Learn to respect each other and mind the manners.
  • Live within our means and do not overstretch. Debt can destroy us.
  • Colleges and Banks are businesses too. So plan well ahead to lay the foundation for an education.
  • Come up with ideas that you have passion in and create a business that you love doing day in and day out.

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Little stress helps save our life with a gush of adrenaline for the fight or flight response, but too much of it can wreck our own body. In the modern World that we are living in, stress seems to have gained acceptance as the norm even though it is US who have created it in the first place. We are all put on this rat race to no where. It is a place where we are all stressed up to continue running this race in the Name of money. If money is taken out of this equation, none of this stress would exist. Man is ever greedy to have more and more of anything and everything. There is no end to his greed. He wants everything for himself and he wants nothing to be shared. After all how much money do we need to live on. Once we have $1 Billion, and have purchased everything to our hearts content, WHAT’s Next? Too much of anything is POISON.

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We are all conditioned by society to chase money all our lives. Many make it and many die trying. In the end, we need to ask ourselves- HOW MUCH MONEY DO WE NEED to LIVE ON? and HOW MUCH STRESS CAN WE HANDLE? And the most important question of all – ARE WE LIVING LIFE AT ALL in our pursuit of money?


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