What are”WE AS HUMANS”Capable of ?

WE HUMANS are capable of doing almost anything and everything. We are THE most dangerous animal on this Planet. We are a danger to ourselves and to others. We fear our own species much more than anything else that is out there. We are unpredictable in many ways and by the way of the things that we do. Humans have been given the innate ability to think for themselves, create, communicate and articulate. No other animal on this Planet have been given this unique gift. Ants are able to build anthills, Birds have the ability to weave nests on trees, Orcas have the ability to communicate underwater and Hyenas have the ability to Hunt in groups. In essence we have the combined ability to do all of them. We have given birth to New languages, Built massive bridges over wide rivers, created money out of nothing, dived to the depths of oceans, flown to space, have learned to fly and built mile high buildings from the ground up. We also have the ability to create or destroy ourselves. It is our intellect that may be a boon or a curse to us. One one side our intellect has brought us from the cave man to the modern cities that we are living in today.  it is also with this same intellect that we are starting wars to fight and kill fellow Humans for no reasons. I shouldn’t say for no reason- Today we are fighting either for Land, Money, Power or for sex or a combination of all three. With Money we get to conquer everything else. No wonder we are trying to achieve this by hook or crook and by any means. We want it all and we would do anything to anyone who comes our way. It is all about “ME” and “I”. These two words are the most destructive of all words that we use today in our own daily lives. This is the real World we are talking about.

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So where do we draw the line between Legal and illegal ? This itself is a set of laws created by Man, Usually the rich and powerful who gets to structure the laws of the land. These laws are designed to enslave and control the rest. These laws are not meant to be enforced on the rich and powerful. They have their own set of laws manipulated to support their own individual businesses. So each country may have TWO sets of laws, One structured and geared for the rich to be favorable for all the mega corporations that may own and operate and the other for the rest of us the 99 %. We are not the ones making the laws because we are a nobody. We are born into the system just to follow them. We may have no voice and no say in anything. So what good is is if ONE country has two set of laws one which favors one group and the other which enslaves the vast majority of the population. Having one law across the board will not happen for obvious reasons. Income inequality is an all time high with the rich growing richer by the minute and the poor growing poorer by the minute. Everything in life has a reason and we need to sort out our own reasons for all the happenings that happen around us.

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War is Big business and brings in Big money. Hence each Nation has an Annual defense fund that runs into Billions of Dollars per year. Just imagine, if we use our mind correctly, we can use Just this money to support all Humans Worldwide. But we will not. We would rather waste it on Weapons for the sole purpose of killing each other. No wonder there is no Annual peace fund, because there is No money coming in, in sustaining peace. So the word Peace as it stands has no meaning to it. It’s all pep talk that has been happening between countries for many decades. All talk and no action is completely worthless. Next we will touch upon Human Exploitation, slavery, child abuse, domestic abuse, child labor, brothels, elder abuse, money laundering, arms dealing, drugs, and what not. It is very sad and very demeaning to see that someone who is Human can do something to another Human being that is so horrific. Crime has become a part and parcel of our lives. Crime is no stranger to Humans. Our entire history is completely riddled with Love and hate crimes. We have in the past divided and ruled others for the benefit our our own self, enslaving and destroying many lives in the process. When we put all the above activities that we do, it all comes down to MONEY. So why not take money out of the equation and live our lives as nature intended for us? Money is artificial. So what did we do before the creation of the financial system? To know this we need to look to our ancestors on what they did. We may learn a thing or two from them to better ourselves.

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Science and technology has brought us out from those dark ages and put us in the lime light of Modern medicine, scientific advancements and new innovation that can help shape Mankind by taking us to places that were considered unreachable just a few decades ago. Today we dream it we can achieve it. This can all be done with the help of our 2 lb brain that we carry within each of our skulls. Just having it is not enough. To use it right is what matters. Unless our mind looks to see change in each of our lives, it may end up having a narrow vision. To see change, we need to be broadminded, be open minded, and be willing to embrace and accept change. Without bringing in anything new into our lives, our brain may die of boredom. So it is our job to keep it busy by churning in new ideas and bringing in new innovative products to the market for the betterment of all Mankind. Our brain too need to be stimulated once in a while. So we will need to put it to work for us. It is also a devil’s workshop, when it sits idle. But it is our job to tell it about- what is right and what is wrong.



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