Learning something NEW Each Day.

Learning must go on for a life time. It recharges us from old thoughts and outdated actions. It invigorates us by stimulating brain cells and puts our whole body in motion. If we continue to stick to our old ways and are fearful of coming our of our comfort zone to start exploring, we will be labeled old school and considered old in general. Our mind is so powerful. It needs to be fed each day just like how we feed our tummy. Would we starve our stomach and deprive it of its 3 course meal on a day to day basis? I don’t think so. Our mind also need to be cared for, nurtured and loved. We feed it with positive thoughts and it will act accordingly. Sins are committed daily not by our mind but by our conscious actions. Our mind just responds to what we are feeding it. Most people go through life staying within their comfort zone for fear of changing. To change meaning venturing out into uncharted waters. We do not know its depth nor do we know what lurks in its dark and murky depths. We start to fear. This fear is what keeps us on the shores. When this happens our growth stops and we start living a monotonous life that gets boring with each passing day. There would be no spark to it.

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To learn something new each day makes the day interesting. It does fire us up into action. It sparks imagination and improvement in what we do. This beings in new innovations and new products to market for all to enjoy and this helps a little bit in making someones life somewhere a bit easier. This is the best satisfaction one can get out of what we do. It is Priceless and it reaps dividends deep inside us. This is immeasurable. If we do what we love and love what we do on a daily basis that is filled with a deep seated passion, and dedication, we will all come out way ahead of our expectations. To do that we must at least try. Opening up ourselves to new territories that are beyond our reach and venturing out into that space will bring in new opportunities that can pave the way to our new future, instead of the same old same old. To change ourselves we need to start looking outside the box When we do that we can change the World from our point of view and give it all that it deserves. When we do good to others, Good will definitely come back to us in some form either directly or indirectly. Always remember, good words always goes around. What we sow, what we will reap. Karma exists in real life and it will affect us in the most fascinating way at some point in our lives. New inventions does not happen by chance. Someone has sacrificed their personal life and time to think through different thoughts, tried and tried again through trial and error and ultimately found the way to get it right and also have learned from that experience of the many other ways to do it wrong. During that process, the wrong outcomes could have brought in new inventions that may not have attributed to the current idea , but have contributed to the World another new product.

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We can also learn from each other. To do this we will need to FIRST learn to share knowledge. Most people go through life learning from others, but are unwilling to share  what they have learned. Most of them take their knowledge to their grave, thus benefiting no one, but themselves. But when they are gone, it becomes extinct. When we openly and willingly share knowledge between each other, both parties learn form each others Life experiences and the knowledge they have learned form books and journals over the years. None of us can know everything and none of us will experience everything. The only way to learn everything or as much as possible is to interact and share freely. Without this knowledge will be a one way street that is left to die on the streets when the battery runs out. No one book in this World can satisfy our curiosity or our inner thirst for knowledge. Sharing and giving is also a good feeling that gives us the chills and that unique satisfaction of giving. Gifting and giving does not have to involve money at all. It can be knowledge to. When we gift someone a book that is highly informative, this will be a gift that can be opened over and over again and shared between many people. Everyone will benefit. So it would be a great idea to start gifting books and knowledge than to gift toys or stuff that gives the recipient happiness only for that day and then from that day forward will be collecting dust or will end up in  landfill somewhere. With online presence, real books filled with pages are dying out. It’s not the same feel when we read and try to digest something that that show up on our screens. Once we stop learning we will sink and become outdated within a matter of seconds. So we need to be constantly updating ourselves to continue swimming.

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Reading a physical book gives it its physical feel, the smells and the sound of the pages turning and the texture of its pages and the glossiness of the photos and illustrations. We can mark a page by folding it in many ways, we can also highlight it with a marker, underline sentences with a pencil and put important marking in many possible ways. In my view it bring in our inner and unique creativity that exists in all of us. This we do not experience by reading something on a screen trying to ingest and digest it. It seems to have no character to it. No matter what mode we use, knowledge has no set boundaries. Knowledge helps us change and in making change. Without it we will still be living in caves like the prehistoric caveman. So let’s try to advance ourselves by learning something new each day.



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