Importance of SOCIAL TIME.

We are all social animals who are wired and designed by birth to socialize by way of communication, touching, feeling and expressing. Lack of it comes with it, it’s own set of problems that may include isolation, depression, anxiety, various phobias and the inability to communicate with fellow beings. Laughter takes away the day to day Artificial stresses that are accumulating within each of us each and everyday. This does wreck our body and puts a big price tag on our health. In the long term this stress will bring us down to our knees and to a point of no return. It can bring down our very chemistry. No wonder Mental Health has become an Universal phenomenon today that affects each and everyone of us either directly or indirectly. Our society has pressured and conditioned us to follow each other by copying them and follow the money trail. In that process, we have developed the fear of missing out ( FOMO) mentality. When this happens we blindly start following the herd with no destination in mind.

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Social time is essential to our health without which we may not last another day living in our own isolated homes with an isolation capsules wrapped around each and everyone of us. Today we see that each of us are living on our own Islands trying to make it by working and paying our bills. This seems to be the priority for all of us. In that process we are overworked, underpaid, over extended, deep in debt, chained to work with no time for meeting anyone. The weekends are reserved for house hold chores, and looking over the bills. This rises our blood pressure and our stress levels even further. Laughter is the best medicine. So it is best to laugh at ourselves for nothing. With a serious crowd around us, we could share that laughter until our tummy hurts and our eyes tear. This is what we need at the end of each day. During the end of our lives, its not the amount of time we have worked that may matter to us most, but the quality of life that we have lived, surrounded by family and friends. Our large bank account may become meaningless at this point. Having worked all our life chasing money and having not lived life at all puts us at a major disadvantage for NOT having advantage of Natures intended purpose of us. Having lived by nut living at all may carry no meaning for having born in the first place. So what is the purpose of our lives and why are we here? Each of us have our own answer to this. Only we can find this answer deep within ourselves.

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All work and no play makes Jack a dull body. This is true for all Jacks out there. Opening up our thoughts to others and following suit will make our short life on this Planet much more enjoyable and worthwhile. When was the last time you laughed for nothing? Each day during our morning commute to work, when we watch peoples faces we see that most people are not happy at all. They all seem too serious and worried. They all seem to be heading to work not because they love to , but they have to. This is called the rat race of the modern times. We are chained to our desks and have becomes slaves to this modern way of life. We were never designed to sit in our cubicles all day from dawn to dusk without having any exposure to the Sun. No wonder all of us are deprived of the essential Vitamin D. After Sunset we venture out to head back home. This ritual is being repeated throughout life. In that process we are lavishing ourselves with big mansions,  Luxury cars, Private jets, Large bank accounts( Onshore and Off shore), exotic vacations, the best foods, Second and third Vacation homes. In spite of all this material Wealth, we are all very Unhappy on the inside and living in total isolation from the rest of us. This is what I call living amidst plenty, but being deprived of everything. Good food, laughter, photos, fun, and creativity can bring us all together and it can change each of us from within us at a subconscious level. in short, each of us are going through exactly what the rest of us are going through in our own lives. To get out of our bubble all we need to do is to talk.

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Social isolation is a difference form of abstinence in a way. Where we are depriving ourselves of keeping ourselves from everyone else and suffering deep inside without anyone ever knowing what is going on inside us. Each of us have our own battles to fight. But to fight a battle all alone in spite of having external help is a different story. When we stop connecting with each other, some parts start dying inside us. The laughter which is present in us starts fading in to the darkness, The cells which are supposed to be stimulated, start dying out, The superhighway of nerves start to falter in its conduction, stops talking to each other and in the end becomes numb. So it is our daily job to stimulate all our senses by stimulating ourselves in all possible ways. If we do not do that on a daily basis, we are doing a big disservice to ourselves and all our cells. We are depriving each and every one of them of the spark that is needed to keep them alive and kicking. When we do that, we will soon be stopping ourselves in our own tracks with no spark to light the fire within us. Soon we will be enveloped in darkness. So let’s keep the fire within us burning during the remaining time that we have left to rent this Planet. Soon our lease will be out and we will have to evict ourselves out of this World. It’s never too late to light the pilot lamp inside us and start living life.



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