Insignificance of a TITLE or Designation.

Humans like to be loved, be the focus of attention and like to be held at the highest possible esteem. But in reality all of the above backfires on us. Everyone is going about their daily lives in the fast lane. No one has time to do anything and in that process nothing gets accomplished. So we are all running everywhere but going no where. You ask anyone, and every one says they are busy. They have no time for themselves and no time for you. So how busy are they? What are they doing that they have no time for you? Have we become that less important to them?  Why don’t anyone have time for us? Are they giving us an excuse or is it for real? Busy is one thing but acting busy is a whole different animal. Each and every organization on this Planet showers their entire team with fancy title and designation to keep up the morale, thereby increasing it’s productivity. To increase team cohesiveness and for a team to work in unison, various levels of hierarchy are created. For each small fish there is a big fish and for each big fish there is a much bigger fish who is eyeing them for his or her lunch, meaning ” safeguarding their job”. Hence the pressure that it generates percolates and works downward from the top to the bottom and in that order. A title in itself does not mean anything.

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Having a fancy title such as President, VP, Managing director, Head of, Chief of etc uplifts a person psychologically in unimaginable ways. This does help hold a team together. it also shows the display of power within any organization. But title is just that, a title placed on someone for stating their particular position in a system of hierarchy that exists all around the World in most companies. This ensures and coveys certain hidden messages by way of designated positions that may carry weight of a person in a specific organization. In short and in other words we are being branded a title for identification purposes and for the purpose of conducting business with the outside World and for work that gets done within an organization. It also facilitates the ease of Inter- departmental and Intra-office communication. Many love to have their title mentioned dafter their names when they get introduced to other people in office and off site. In the end it becomes a matter of pride and prestige for that person. They may carry this pride and the ego that comes with it to retirement and beyond.

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But when we analyse the whole picture it is just an artificial title given to someone which states their position in that organization, their level of power, their compensation within that organization and other hidden perks. It also explains their autonomy in making individual and collective decisions with or without the involvement of the board of directors voted to power within that organization. Mind you, this power is virtual and is completely independent of ones ability to function within that organization. Sometimes power supersedes the individual skill sets of an individual. A person with a higher power or title may not be that capable of performing a task. In that they delegate tasks to people at the lower rung designated by a different title who are subordinates to his position. So a title or a designation is what it is. It is nothing other than that. But when it is given  a power or a value to it it starts to sparkle and shine. At this juncture everyone strives to work for and are after this title. Just like money, title is just something printed on paper or posted on a sign. When paper money is given value to it, it starts shining and it become much more valuable than anything else. No wonder everyone is chasing money all their life. Some are able to get a hold of it , while many others die trying. A title also does the same. It is just a piece of our identity, maybe just an artificial extension of ourselves on this Planet. We can have all the fancy titles that we wish for, but lets not forget the most important thing- OUR TRUE IDENTITY.



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