99 % of worries NEVER Materialize.

WE have become a World of worriers. We worry for everything from getting a job to paying our bills, and we even worry for every little thing that does not go our way. Financial worry is the number one cause of divorce, breakups and misunderstandings. It is also the prime reason for the destruction of life long friendships in particular and other relationships in general. Worries instill in us the fight or flight response. In response to it what do we get: More Stress. When we add in the factor of time into it such as a deadline to pay, we become even more stressed. It is at this point our organ and organ systems starts to bear the brunt. This adversely affects our overall health.

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Now let’s dissect the anatomy of worry: it is an invisible and a virtual display of emotion at a conscious or subconscious level that happens deep within the fascinating brain of ours. What we think is what happens to us. Positive thoughts bring in positive actions. When the stress of worry comes in through the doors into our homes, out goes the so called norm of normal living. With it comes battle of emotions, self infliction, negativity, destructive forces, and extreme thoughts that may ultimately bring down the ship. When the ship goes down, everyone goes down with it. It may never resurface again to take in another puff of air. So how do we fight it or respond to our inner most feelings? Addiction to money is a new Problem that have surfaced. It draws people in, but they cannot get out. They get sucked in, get trapped within that World they have created for themselves. No wonder people get addicted to other things as well such as drugs, alcohol etc. Because after money what? They lack inner stimulation, once they have reached their inner goal of achieving what they have wanted in terms of accumulation money and material Wealth. Now What? Say a Person has $1 Billion. He or she has purchased everything and anything that they wanted for 3/4 of a $ Billion dollars. Now woith the 1/4 that remains they will for sure not know what to do with that money. This becomes poison and it is excess baggage for them that they will need to carry with them throughout life. Too much of ANYTHING is poison. They too will have their own worries.

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Each of us are knowingly or unknowingly sucked into this Artificially created monetary system of ours that benefit a handful but have enslaved the masses. just like you I am one of them, One in 7 Plus billion people ( the masses) who have been on the rat race ever since we got out of colleges. Just like you I have attended schools and Colleges. So what do colleges stand for these days. They are BIG money making machines that are meant to suck our money and give back age old educations system that have been designed back in 1920’s. We are still the same old, same old system. So what do these institutions prepare us for? They are NOT preparing us to stand on our own two feet and become an entrepreneur, BUT to prepare us for a job that we do not like and is preparing us to support an age old system that will put us on the rat race from birth to death. In that process each and every one of us are being chained to our cubicles and our chairs as slaves. We are in fact trading our life and time in pursuit of money without which living on Planet Earth BECOMES impossible. It is a system that has been well thought out and designed.

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WE are One Planet so why have multiple currencies in the first place. Why complicate life more than we have to? Worry and stress has become common place. A person who has $100 Million wants to have $200 Million or more. This is when greed sets in taking over our minds. Man is never happy with what they already have. He wants more and more of everything. This will have no end to it. In the end he may have not lived life at all by not living it in his pursuit and the love for Artificial money. So all he had lived for is for money and nothing else. His love for money has superseded everything else. In that process relationships etc ad taken a back seat. In the end he dies alone with no family or friends, and with tons of money and material wealth around him for everyone to dip in. He also dies penniless and with full of worries of having not lived life at all. So what’s the point? Each of us goes through ups and downs in life.Each of which has a starting point and an ending point. When happiness or worry starts at some point they will end. But as a World of Worriers we have conditioned our rain to constantly worry. Now even after the cause of worry has passed, we still keep worrying for nothing at a subconscious level. Now it becomes a serious problem. Just think about it. Just 1 % of that 100 % of worries that you have will materialize, the rest 99 % becomes excess baggage. You have been carrying that excess baggage on you for a long time leading to stress, anxiety , depression and a whole lot of Health problems that you can and cannot see which includes obesity, heart disease, Cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

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Let’s let go of the excess baggage and start living. Learn to let go of things which you cannot control. Holding grudges will eat a person from within. Let it go.Let it go. It’s not worth letting it live inside you rent-free. We cannot change the World nor its people. We can only change ourselves. Every change starts within each of us-whether it is good or bad. It is us and our emotions at work here. Only we can control it. Only we can control us and our though processes. Worry- It is plentiful. We need to know how we respond to it. This determines the outcome.







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