Are we Preparing kids for THEIR FUTURE or to their downfall?

Education system globally needs an overhaul. Out with the old and into the new. The existing system is highly outdated and obsolete. Many things have changed around us for decades but what we are currently learning has not kept up with the times. Today the future of a kid lies in his or her ability to learn something from text books and spill it on paper during an examination. Finally his or her entire life lies in his or her final grades. This is indeed old school. What if he or she has high fever, an accident, a loss in the family or had acquired some debilitating illness during the time in which examinations were held? He or she did not plan for it either. So are we going to strike this kid out in having a bright future? Does a grade on paper dictate our entire life? It does not make sense at all. Have we got this wrong all along? It seems so. Have we been looking the other way, because it is much easier than trying to change the system? Yes, Of course.

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Each of us have our own pluses and minuses. We may be strong in one subject that we like and may suck at a subject we are bad in. So why not start nurturing a child from early on in having him or her focus on the subjects that he or she likes. It is of course very important for one to know as much as we can about the World around us and all that goes with it. But we need to prepare ourselves for the most important thing in our life that supports us on our day to day life. Money is the most important element of life today, without which one would be living on the streets and get branded as homeless or poor. So why are we not teaching kids about money and thereby prepare them for their future. So what are we teaching them? The knowledge of money and finance is non existent in our current educational system, as though they are put in place on purpose. When one is not educated about finance or money, they are up for anyone’s grabs. The more we are kept in the dark someone can and will use us. Unless and until we get educated on matters of money we will be run over and will be taken advantage of by the so called “Experts”. So who is an expert? Anyone can be an expert. Anyone who does the same thing over and over again in a particular field is an expert. In essence we are all experts in our own fields.

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When was the last time you studied trigonometry, algebra, calculus, differentiation, integration, theorems, hypotheses or chemical equations. My guess is that all of us have studied it many decades ago and have closed those books back then , never to reopen ever again. So what is the point of studying subjects that is not practical to everyday living. Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with learning anything, but what is wrong is its practicality in our lives. Money and the knowledge of money is important from our cradle to the grave, but even today kids are not taught in schools on matters of money,  or money management. No wonder the 2007 financial crisis had helped fill the pockets of those Elite few while the rest of the World was living in misery. Even today those same people who were responsible for those events are set for life and are probably living the high life. Knowledge is power. If we do not have the up to date knowledge on anything we will sink. The rich will always get richer and the poor will always remain poor or get even poorer. This is how the system functions. It has been designed for this very purpose. Where one is the master and other the slave. If all were masters, who would be the slave? If all were masters, who would tend to the masters needs?

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We see kids both in schools and colleges studying from dawn to dusk, filling in all the schedules with activities and are stressed to the max in competing for college admissions. As this demand increase so does the skyrocketing tuition to attend these institutions. I do not understand this. Colleges are big business and money is the name of the game. Most students come out with over $500,000 in debt when they come out. Then they work another 40 years of their prime time to pay it off. In the end they may die with nothing to show for.  This is our World and this is happening right under our noses. So what are we doing when someone spits at us? We look up and say it is raining? Is that it?When was the last time your business client questioned your qualification or inquired on which school you went to . Bottom line is no one cares about any of those things. We as a society has hyped this up, thereby complicating everything. In that process, each kid who is living today has lost their childhood and are pushed into the realm of mental illness territory. Depression, anxiety and suicides are on the rise among kids of all ages. Are we bringing up stressed up kids? Are we pushing them to push their grades up so they can look good on a  resume or to the colleges? In that process are we abusing them in all possible ways unknowingly? What is going on here? No one seems to question anything and everyone including the parents seem to dance to the tunes of the Pied piper. We all seem to be following the herd with no destination in mind. We tend to compare and we compare ourselves with each other, even though our individual paths are very different.

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Having kids who has lost their childhood, having no play time, addicted to screens of all sorts, no real friends ( Multiple virtual friends), tons of daily homework and working part-time for pocket change is dividing them and separating them from their parents. Is this what we want and expect from our kids? Colleges have been designed to prepare kids to fill in jobs. Mind you they are not preparing kids to stand on their own feet and be independent, but to be dependent on someone. This is a major flaw in the system. Even today we are stuck to that same educational system that has been around since 1920’s. So are we planning to change? Will our children be ever taught about finance and money management? Are we going to teach them what they need in order to be prepared for the real World or are we going to keep them in the dark fore them to fall prey to the so called “Experts”? Times have changed, but have we? Old is gold, only if it applies to the new. Are they prepared for their future? Are we prepared?


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