Learning to LET GO.

We are who we are. WE can change for no one. It is us and it is our Biological identity. Someone may not like our color, the type of dress we wear, the food we eat, the language we speak and the circle of social friends we have. Too bad for them. Because it is our life and we are living it. They have the same 24 hours a day just like us and they can be free to do what ever they like. In short it is their life and this is ours. By comparing ourselves with others, jealousy, resentment, envy and anger surfaced from deep within and stays hidden just under our skin. With no way out it starts wrecking havoc on that individual. It starts eating them from within. In the long run all these negative emotions will consume and destroy them them.

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Each of us have been given X amount of time ” LIFE” time to love on this Planet and leave our foot print, hopefully a good one, that may benefit all those succeeding us by following in our footsteps. The point is, we being given this unique chance to live as a living soul on this Planet as renters – What are we bringing to the table in helping to transform the lives of millions around us and what are we going to leave behind when we depart. Living and dying is easy. But living a meaningful life while being alive and dying fulfilled with no regrets is a whole another matter. Living a complete life under our own terms, by not following the rest of the herd blindly with a herd mentality or by not comparing ourselves with others, we will truly have a meaningful and fulfilled life By doing so we have decluttered our life, using what is important on our lives and shedding the unwanted. This makes our life very simple and makes it worthwhile to live on our own terms and not being dictated by somebody else. This is our life and only we can live it.

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Our body is just a shell with a soul inside it. Only while we have this soul within us while living, will we have created an individual identity for ourselves. Once the soul departs from our inner infrastructure, the whole identity thing crumples making it a body. So it is called a body right from the second we die. We will be considered just matter that is like any stuff that can be trow out as garbage or incinerated as all recyclables. In the end we become ashes to ashes and be recycled back to Earth as its minerals. We have seen many people who have come into our lives as acquaintances only to depart as envious and jealous souls. Such relations are very short lived due to the fact that both partners are on the opposite teams. Once one uses the other and gets what they want, they disappear into the woods never to be seen again. Once in  a while when they need a favor they come out of hiding and start their act all over again. This time we need to be vigilant to safeguard ourselves into falling for this again.

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Humans treat other Humans as a commodity as we are seeing in the flesh trade. IN real life too in an employer employee relationships many are treated not Humanely. Many work in silence due to their financial and personal situations. With no way out they live out their lives in solitary confinement amidst millions of people. Holding grudges will at some point eat our own cells from within, metaphorically speaking. So lets not hold on to negative emotions such as anger, hatred, envy and the like within us. Learn to let go of it and start living your life. These are excess baggage that we are carrying with us to every place we go. WE do not like them, but we still carry it knowingly. Carrying it has no purpose what so ever. But letting them go has a purpose. It will lighten you up many times over. Our society has condition us to live the high life by accumulating stuff, driving an expensive car, living in a mansion and to spend borrowed money. Today we can spend ourselves to debt on borrowed money. No wonder the banks are flooding you with mortgages with low rates, and high interest credit cards. When we fall into this trap an become bait there is no way to let go of this hook. Once they reel us out into their World of debt and high interest rates, we become their slave. Once we become enslaved, we might remain that way for life. Meanwhile they will be laughing all the way to their own bank with our interest money. Be a  minimalist. Don’t buy stuff. Save for today. Live for today. Simple living is Happy living. Stuff does not bring in happiness, Emptiness in our does fill it with happiness and inner joy. Now it has become Priceless.

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In real life, people go to cemeteries with flowers long after their loved ones are gone. Then they start talking to the tombstones. But while that same person who is under the tomb was alive, this person would have never even bothered to go, meet and talk to that person. When we analyze this, the act of bringing a flower and giving it remains the same in both scenarios but the difference being in one scenario the other party was alive but in the other, the other party is dead. So why do we do this giving flower to the dead and not speaking at all when they were alive. Is it ego, personal anger or a combination of many other negative emotions? The key to living is to let go of things. We get only one short at life. Either we live it without carrying any excess baggage or we live it like a porter who is stacked up with excess baggage a mile high on his shoulders. WE can only change ourselves, but we cannot change others.  This includes members of the same family as well. Now start to look within your family and start analyzing what I am trying to convey. Each of us are born into a family that included our relatives. We did not get to chose who our mom and dad, neither did we get to choose our brothers and sisters. But we have chosen our spouses, but did not get to choose our children. They just happened to come into our lives. Our friends too have happened to board the same train we are in and happened to sit next to us.

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None of us are permanent. We are all living on this Planet as renters and not as owners. We own nothing. We have come in naked and we will depart the same way. We also may not know when our time will come to exit and we may never even get to say our final good byes. Our time is the present and it is a gift. This is why it is called a gift. Past is gone and tomorrow does not exist. There is no future at all. Future does not exist too. All we have is now. So why bother save for retirement which may be 20 or 30 years from now. What is the guarantee that you or me will be alive during that time? There are no guarantees in life. Financial systems have been put in place to enslave the masses. Currently we have become slaves of the system working from dawn to dusk in order to pay taxes that support the poor. If we don’t work to support everyone around us who will? The rich have tax loopholes to NOT pay any tax at all. With multiple tax havens all around the World, they can buy anything anytime and anywhere by living anywhere too. When the rich do not pay taxes and the poor do not pay either, guess who is the sucker who is forced pay into the system in order to pay for the poor You guessed it, it’s the Middle Class. They are the true masters and we are their true slaves. Who said slavery was abolished? It still exists and all of us, including you and me are one of those MODERN slaves.

It does hurt deep inside. But learn to let go, be free again and start living. The clock is ticking. Let go of old stuff, stop buying new stuff. Time to de-clutter our mind, reset it to Zero and start a new life by really living it our way. NOT by how society wants us to live.



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