ARE WE HUMAN at all?

Being Human is something that has lost its charm these days. In fact we are going backwards in time towards the barbaric old days. Those dark ages that we have left many centuries back is coming back to haunt us today even during the day. We are afraid to walk the streets even in broad daylight and at night. Night is just an absence of light. Today we have light 24/7 round the clock and around the World, still we feel the dark presence of evil all around us. Eyes are watching us whether we like it or not. Streets have becoming the hunting ground for pickpockets, thieves, scammers, con artists, those involved in the flesh trade and those in pursuit of finding the weak, and the defenseless. Cameras are everywhere but every type of crime is on the rise the World over. The question is WHO IS WATCHING WHOM? Humans make the laws, and break them too. So whom can we trust to protect us. The answer is No one. Each of us are on our own. FEAR is BIG Business for many. We have reached a stage where being Human has become a very rare commodity. We are also at a time and a place where we need to fear each other. This is not what being Human is all about. We are forced to fear one of our own Species. This is pathetic. Have we not Yet learned anything from our own History? We have in fact become strangers to each other where no one trusts no one and it’s a dog eats dog World. Every Man or Woman is for Himself or herself, All living their own individual lives in the pursuit of money. This seems to be the only goal. When this happens Life in itself has no inner meaning to it. On the outside we have divided ourselves in multiple ways based on our beliefs and for our convenience, but underneath our skin we are all the same.

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The innate meaning of life itself has been kicked outside the door. When something goes out something else has to fill in. This is where all the negative emotions and anything evil comes in and fills in the void that is our own creation. When Money becomes the ultimate destination, each of us will put our heart and soul to accomplish it at all costs which includes, destroying long standing relationships, friendships broken as a result of a stupid misunderstanding and a long list of broken marriages. The reason- Money. It’s all about the money. We all know that too much of anything will kill us. Too much of anything is poison. This includes money. There is no limit to Man’s greed for money, power and material possessions. We want it all and there is no stopping us. We will bring to our own ruin. When there is no limit to how much we want, the matrices of true need becomes outnumbered and insignificant.

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Travelling from one country to another we fear no one else, but we fear another Human Being. All of us have started our lives at ZERO from birth. We were all ignorant and innocent about the entire World at that time. We loved everyone who cuddled us and we believed in everyone. WE learned to share and give. WE gave and expected to get something in return, usually toys. We all did not come into this World with hate, jealous, anger, ency etc in pour mind. We came into this World with a clean slate and a clean soul. Fast forward to today all evil has filled in our soul and dark emotions have taken over our minds. Our judgement is clouded and our faith in Humanity shaken with not even a slim glimmer of hope. We have lost faith in ourselves and in fellow Humans. We are encourage to collect stuff and material Wealth by using people in what ever way possible including people as toys or property. This is what we are seeing the World over in Sweat shops, Human and organ trade, in the flesh trade, child labor, slave trade and in every day Business that is happening World wide in the name of Modern day civilization. The question we need to ask ourselves is : Are we civilized at all? If not, why are we calling ourselves civilized? We need to dig within ourselves to find those answers.

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When Humanity is blinded by trust or lack of it, we lose our individual credibility to live and function as a Human being. At this juncture we have become a slave to Money due to the love of it and not due to the lack of it. Money is NOT the root of all evil, but the LOVE OF MONEY IS. All of us need money to move through life from cradle to the grave, but how much do we need? If we cannot answer this question with an open heart, we are indeed travelling through the journey of life unplanned and with no destination in mind. We can be classified as BLIND wanderers. So why do we work? To make money. So why make money? To Spend and pay the Bills. Why spend? Because everyone does it. They have big houses, fancy cars, and stuff, lot and lots of them. Why have lots of stuff? Because everyone has them and I want them too. Why have it? To impress everyone around us and to avoid having the fear of being left out (FOLO). So what? They might not accept me. Are you living your life or theirs? Mine. They why do you care what others think of you? Because I mind . Then its your problem, not theirs. This problem is your creation and not someone else’s. This photo shows a very tiny section of the vast and infinite dark space within a single Galaxy. Each of those specks are Suns with their own respective planets and satellites. Do you know where you are in this ? When we zoom ourselves out even more we will soon understand our individual significance. It is by sheer coincidence and by chance that you and me have met. Imagine the probabilities. Our life can be wiped out in a flash. Today is all we have got. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow does not exist and so does the future. Our future is today. In Human terms, waiting for so called retirement and not living life is stupidity. Life is what we make out of it. There is only chance and that chance is now. It’s also now or never.

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Each of us have a life to live and that’s why we have been given this Unique chance to occupy this Planet as renters. To accomplish this task to live our lives, we are meant to pro create and do good from what is instilled in us by our unknown creator. If life does not have a purpose, the very purpose of it becomes obsolete the very moment we think it. We were put on this Planet to be Human, act and live like a Human. If we do not do that, this will become a wasted chance for us to make a difference in the lives of all around us, both big and small, Human or otherwise, living or artificial. Out time line or our life time on this Earth is minuscule when we compare our lives to the Geological time line. We are indeed very insignificant in the grand scheme of things, when we zoom ourselves out of this Planet by taking ourselves away from planet Earth. As we move further and further away into deep space, multiple Galaxies pass us at exponential speeds through light-years of various lengths. As we move further we will see many more Suns and Moons of those Galaxies and Planets. This will go on to infinity. During this Journey we will die and life will still go one and no one will miss us, not even our families. Each of our Family members are individuals who are meant to come our way and to be part of our group. When its time for us to depart, the light will be switched off. When and if we return back to Earth, we will return to it as Matter and as earth Elements. We are in fact space debris packaged in flesh and blood. That’s being Human for a short while as renters. We own nothing. We do not even own our own body. When our time comes, we will be recycled as matter back to Earth. So let’s start to act and live as if we are indeed Human in our own eyes.


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