VACANT Real Estate: A money pit or an Eye-sore?

So what do we plan to do with all this dead space. Maybe cities could transform it into Art galleries, indoor markets that support farmers, bakers, craftsmen and artisans by providing them with incentives. This may be a start of something new with the existing infrastructure. By letting it sit vacant for too long may bring it to its knees and crumble what is remaining. It may be an iconic building that we will lose along with a piece of history of that community. By opening it up to a community, it will create new jobs and transform lives for many in the community. As a result the community grows together.


TOYS and our Landfill.

Toys have been an intricate part of our lives from the very beginning of Mankind and have been woven deeply into our childhood. Kids have created their own games for centuries to fight boredom and to make new friends. Today, our toys are ruled by plastics. We have lost our creativity in formulating new games and got sucked into virtual games. We are playing with players all across the World, most of whom we have never see and probably will never even know their real names. Toys also a child’s best friend but an absolute nightmare for the environment. They are a use and throw product collecting dust in our attics, basement and in our landfills. Since most of them are thrown in landfills, they tend to have an average lifespan of 100 plus years before they can degrade completely to the ground. Once they reach the subterranean lifestyle they can get into our drinking water supply and into Oceans.


Why are we chasing plastics instead of us cutting it off at the origins. Meaning Manufacturing plants? If something is this World is harming our health and polluting our environment, what are we supposed to do? Get rid of it by stopping its production. What are we doing instead? We have become major consumers of it and have got addicted to its presence. Since plastic is much cheaper than any other raw material to make plastic bags, they are found Worldwide in most countries in all supermarkets. So how much of these are we throwing out which ends up cluttering our homes and helping fill our landfills? 100 %. So what are we doing about it ? NOTHING. Recycling is just an eyewash. For example, if one country is a polluter and another one is a recycler, what is the point of recycling in this scenario. The Worlds Ocean currents and air currents takes them all around the World circumventing every nook and corner of the World with these toxins. So no country is free of it. To support the theory, we are seeing respiratory likenesses spike all around the World and in all countries.We all know that only a tiny fraction of what we consume is being recycled. The rest end up in landfills all across the World. We are even exporting waste from one country to another. Recycling is in itself a big business and a major polluter. Recycling using vast amounts of energy and water. The byproduct is air and water pollution. Once recycling is done, the final product is sold to manufacturers to make new products. Hence it is not pollution free.

Are we wiping out MEDICINAL PLANTS & TREES towards Extinction?

All we had to do was to listen to nature, learn to use what nature has provided us and let our body do its thing towards healing. Instead we have convoluted the entire healing mechanism of the body, confused our body and made synthetic medications an integral part of our Healthcare system. If we open our eyes and keep our minds open, we see that Western Medicine (Synthetic drugs) is here to stay and Eastern medicine ( Nature based healing) is marching towards extinction. Since most people in major cities and in the Western World do not have access to Eastern Natural medicine, they have no choice but to start infusing their bodies with Synthetic Chemicals in the name of healing. The domino effect starts here. We are not helping the body in anyway heal itself. Western medicine is perfect in acute Medical emergency situations. In chronic situations it has a boat load of side effects. Eastern medicine is Nature based healing. It takes a long time to heal but it works with nature and the Human body to heal in unison. It also comes with no side effects. So Medicine, no matter what type has a place in our lives. The key here is to respect all modalities available, learn about it and apply it when appropriate. 

BIO-LUMINESCENCE : Nature’s Miracle.

Man has invented electricity by way of trial and error using the raw materials that are found in Nature. But nature has a Natural way of creating light within our bodies which applies to only a certain species of animals on the Planet. Some are microscopic and a few are only slightly bigger. So what happens during the Bio-luminescence and what is it? Bio meaning Life and luminescence means light. In essence it stands for any living thing which generate light.  Bio-luminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism. It may be created through the interaction of biochemicals within the body. It may be even called Chem-luminescence, where chemical energy is released in the form of light through Bio transformation. Bio-luminescence occurs widely in marine vertebrates and invertebrates, as well as in some fungi, bio-luminescent bacteria and terrestrial invertebrates such as fireflies. Not only are these species of plants and animals beautiful to look at, in some cases they may be deadly as well. They themselves may act as a bait to attract potential prey. Once the prey gets attracted to this emitted light, they head towards it and become prey. Most organisms are found in deep Oceans at the abyss where sun light hardly penetrates. To feed themselves they have adapted by using this technique and has been working very well for them for centuries. Above ground we have fireflies lighting forests and sidewalks. Nature is amazing in many ways, but this Boo-Chemical Phenomenon tops everything else.

INDOOR AIR QUALITY and How Indoor plants help us breathe.

With us being unable to change the current trend and the course we are taking, something has to give, it is usually our health that takes the blow. We have a medicine for anything and everything these days. People are popping them up like candies. These candies are even being advertised on billboards and TV. They have even gone to lengths to have the patient ask their doctor for the drugs by name. When did we arrive here and where are we heading? With indoor air quality dwindling and the diseases rising there is a direct relationship between them. Many decades back there was no such thing as peanut allergy or allergic to dairy products. We are moving through life thinking that we are advancing but in reality we are marching backward to the era of the cave man. At no point in history has Man ever shunned nature, except now. We are destroying forests, polluting everything around us, destroyed age old medicinal plants and animals along with their art of healing, all in the name of Profits and technology. We are living in cities housed in skyscrapers, transporting genetically modified food from all corners of the globe, have become a drug dependent society and eating processed food to survive.

Importance of EARTHWORMS.

So the next time we see an Earthworm, we need to give it some respect and some space. Let it do it’s thing and we should do ours. If we do not interfere with Nature, it will not interfere in our irresponsible and childish ways. We have done a wonderful job in wiping out major forests, polluting our air with Chemicals, Tainting the food we eat, making ourselves a drug dependent society, depleting our water resources and ever increasing our dependence on fossil fuels. What more is there left to destroy? If our focus is going to be ONLY for more profits, then we re doomed as a Species and it will be status quo moving forward. If we have learned our lessons from the past 100 years and are willing to correct ourselves in protecting our Planet, we would need to step back immediately and mend our dirty ways of doing business with Nature. Animals and Plants, both large and small occupy this Planet with us and call it their home too. We are not the only one on it. Any action that we embark on, affects them too. So we need to keep them in our mind before committing an irresponsible act against Nature.

Blocking the MIGRATORY PATH of Animals.

We have constructed roads, bridges, tunnels, country roads etc that criss-cross our land, town and country. With so many artificial barriers both animals and plants are confused. Most Animals such as elephants and cattle used to migrate along the same path taken by their ancestors for many centuries. This trait has been passed on from generation to generation. As Humans our job is to disrupt everything in our path for our own convenience and comfort. Today that same path is obstructed by high walls, highways and barricades. So what happens to these animals. They are stuck inside a vast belt of roadway that is built to circle a city to keep traffic flowing. At some point the animal instinct kicks in. It uses its internal navigational mechanism and follows that inner drive. In that process it ends up on the highway, get stuck by passing motorists or trucks and gets killed. What do we do? We just have the clean up crew do their job who toss the carcass on the side of the road to rot and life goes on.

How AIR POLLUTION affects birds?

People talk about leaving something for their kids to keep their legacy alive after they are gone. But are we doing our kids a service by giving them material stuff and property to boost their portfolio of homes, buildings, malls and Art possession. Of course not. We will be working our tail off to purchase these without even living our own lives. Only to find that all of these are blown off in a few years by the inheritor. So why not change our ways to avoid pollution totally, demanding healthy foods from our supermarkets, eating ONLY healthy foods, using Eco-friendly vehicles for transport, shying away from fossil fuels etc. Today We are living in the 21st century. We are fortunate to see both the old and the new. Technology has brought us closer together but driving us apart. We have lost our own identity of being HUMAN. We have lost our real friends and replaced them with virtual friends. We have lost ourselves from eating real food and eating processed foods all in the name of technology and advancements in Science. What point is it if we cannot even leave our kids a Healthy, viable and sustainable planet?

The Fire of HATRED.

As we grow into adulthood, we must be in position to think for ourselves on what is wrong and what is right, differentiate between good and evil thoughts, learn to filter the truth from the lie and learn to read people minds an emotions. We also need to know what their intentions are. How are they benefiting either directly or indirectly by getting into our minds and thus transforming our thoughts? Hate breeds hate and misery always loves company. As Humans we are one selected species that is supposedly intelligent. But in many instances animals are behaving much better than us. Each and everyone of us are given this unique ability to think for ourselves, being creative, to innovate and to accomplish anything we wish to do. We need to use this talent to uplift all of Humanity, not to bring to its downfall.