In today’s World of “Bigger the better” mentality, downsizing may be a challenge for many. Let’s take a look into our requirements of daily living. Simplicity in how we live may hold the key to our longevity and our inner happiness. Materials does not brings in happiness but takes it away.


Time wasted COMMUTING.

Our time on this Earth is very short in the Geologic time scale. It is probably measured in fractions of a nanosecond. That’s small. Now lets apply that in our own lives. We spend 1/3 of our life sleeping. The rest 1/3 is devoted to Work. So we have only 1/3 to live our lives. Even that is being cut short by commuting from one place to the other, most commonly from home to work and back. The vast majority of us are spending our lives on the road in cars, buses and trains, in the name of work. So the ACTUAL amount of time that are left in our lives is very minuscule, which we devote to social media, shopping, cooking, partying etc. So are we living yet?

How clean are our FINGERS and TOES?

Back then our fingers and our toes were free of shoes, Gloves and all sorts of toxic chemicals. Today we have housed them within shoes, and gloves, where they are being choked and stuffed. Remember we are social animals who perspire through our sweat glands. Creamed and lotions do close the sweat pores. Guess what happens. Our sweat gets imprisoned along with other toxins, leading to fungal out breaks, infected nail beds and what not. Remember there is a medicine for anything. One to bring it on and one to take it off. Either way the pharmaceutical companies benefit. All we need to do is to give our skin a breath of fresh air.

What does our GAIT say about us?

As Humans we are bipedal. We had started on fours and landed up as twos. But are we walking right. We have used and abused our feet and body in multitude ways. We has postural problems ever since computers came in to being and to top it off we are all hunched back on to our phones. No ergonomic chair can help us unless we take care of our body and feet. Women abuse their feet wearing stiletto heels, pointed shoes and what not. Man also do abuse their feet by doing heavy lifting and other factors. In the end when a feet is hurt, the whole body changes in order to accommodate that injured toe, heel or the entire feet. Our posture changes as a result. Now the muscles do the adapting. In the end we have detoured our body to assume a new position through adaptation in order to survive the situation at hand.

Benefits of a SMILE.

The simple act of smiling can bring joy to others and onto ours. It helps take the cloud off of our heads and bring in the sunshine. 

LEGACY of our footprint.

Legacy can come in the form of namesake, wealth, knowledge, possessions, expensive toys such as Fast cars, Second homes, Mansions, Huge Bank accounts, expensive watches,  exotic vacations, Helicopters and Private jets. But what supersedes it all, is our True character. Without character that is acceptable and honest, we are nothing. It will give us no purpose to live, because it will have no purpose at all. Our true character defines us for who we are and for not what we have in terms of Wealth. We will be respected for it. We do not have to ask for it, but it will come our way without saying a word. Respect need not be demanded but will need to surface on its own accord. True character stays true to ourselves no matter what. It cannot be taken away by anyone like material Wealth. It is a part of us from birth to death. In fact it is us. We can change our character for no one, not even for ourselves. It is engraved in us. We can try to fake it but it always reverts back to its original factory made default settings. In short it is indelible and stays with forever.

After Holidays! What comes next?

We live in a society that craves materialism and instant gratification. Holidays have become money makers for retailers and is hugely marketed and commercialized. It’s all about the money. Where did the idea of gifting “JUNK STUFF” pop up from? Back in the old times people were gifting food, fruits and staples throughout their lives and not just once a year like we do. Today manufacturing of goods have taken up a completely new level. We are producing STUFF in bulk, and manufacturing much faster than anytime in our History. This has in fact sped up pollution, related diseases and mass environmental degradation. The more we manufacture goods that require vast amounts of energy, raw materials, Billions of gallons of water, dyes and chemicals,etc, the more we WILL pollute. So at the end of the day Each and everyone is responsible to cause this pollution either directly or in directly.

Why aren’t we BREATHING?

Today we see that our Artificial lives have been filled with self induced stress that are bought out on our own. The stress of life itself will kill us these days. Greed, Jealousy, hatred, Ego, anger and other negative emotions have taken over our lives to its detriment. In doing so we are forgetting to breathe in air. We have thrown out old school morals that have been put in place by our ancestors, we have outlawed their teachings as obsolete by branding them as primitive and have embraced modern technology by learning to accept them as part of our lives. In light of this we have lost natural medicines to logging, lost valuable information from the past and have lost respect for ourselves and for our ancestors. For it it who had laid the foundation for our present day existence. Without them we would not even have been born or survived to this day. Their sacrifices must mean something to us. But it seems like it doesn’t.

CONNECTING with nature.

So where have we gone wrong and what are we doing to our own Home? Our beautiful Planet that is unlike any other which is filled with life, filled with color and filled with vibrant beauty. Maybe it may have a much shorter life than the creator intended. With it our life follow, meaning each and every one of us. We are all to blame for the unimaginable size of the pollution that we have created for ourselves through our excess consumption, our disposable habits and our carelessness in throwing wastes right in our own backyard. There is no way we can clean it up. Since it is a next to impossible task we will never pursue it. To clean up wastes new Businesses have popped in raking in money as well. First we bring in the industrial age to satisfy consumers with goods they don’t need, then they do a great job in disposing off everything into our landfills, polluting our air, water and land.So why manufacture in the first place. Why don’t we manufacture through custom ordering and let go mass production? This will reduce excess production, excess inventory and excess waste. WE will then start using only what is needed. Today we have TV sizes from 1 inch LED to 150 inch LED. All we need is to get the information that is necessary. The size of the TV does not matter, but it seems like for some size matters.

The Power of TRUTH.

Truth remains the truth no matter what. Truth always triumphs. It is also pure. It cannot be manipulated nor corrupted. It is what it is. It is also in plain sight for all to see. There are times in our own lives that we will be tested for our honesty and integrity. It is with…