HARVESTING water out of thin air.

There is plenty of moisture in the air, if not underground. Air currents circulate this moisture all around the World. As water evaporates and forms a part of the water cycle, fog is created. High up in the hills, this serves as a valuable and pollution free mode to tap drinking water. Once collected this can be transported effortlessly to the valley below by way of gravity. The other way is to to maximize availability is to use the available water resources very wisely. The third is to tap into and save rain water underground. This can be collected and held in huge tanks around each dwelling. There is moisture present in the air in the driest of deserts. Animals and plants have adapted to survive even here by creating ingenious ways in tapping fog. So why can’t we?


Being UPFRONT in Life.

Being honest, and straightforward is not something that we see these days. It has become uncommon. Integrity seems to not matter at all. Respecting one another non existent. Mannerism is on their way to extinction. Face to face communication is at a standstill. Virtual communication abound. Having Millions of virtual friends but no real friends. Handwriting, meaning writing with a pen has become obsolete. In this virtual age of Instant gratification, we want everything fast and now. It also has become an age where money rules the World. People smile to us in the face and work behind our back. When was the last time we were upfront with our family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances? Mutual Trust has become a thing of the past.We have been taught to please everyone from the minute we were born. Right from our Mother, Father, teachers, mentors, lovers, wife, sons, daughters etc. But what about us as a person? We come in last.


Technology has come a long way. Anything and everything that we see around us has stemmed from someones idea. It has originated from someones brain and has rippled outward bringing in New products for the masses. As consumers we are conditioned to consume. Hence it brings with it new employment and thus creating life for millions around the World. Wouldn’t this skin yield one of those products that can change Human life for ever. This skin will give way to needing no anti-venom in developing countries, it can self regulate our body temperature. This skin may even be able to record our vitals and wirelessly transmit the data across Oceans and over Land. It may also help us stay alive in the vast open Wilderness in case of any life threatening emergency. This skin may even be able to perform CPR using remote access from anywhere in this World. This skin may even give a second chance in life for many outdoor enthusiasts, Scientists, adventurists, archeologists and Hobbyists.So what’s keeping us from achieving something? It rests within us. We are our own barriers that impede our own growth.

Benefits of RISING EARLY.

Back in the olden days, our ancestors followed the Sun to clock their time and their activities. They rose before the Sun came up, that is at 4 AM and went to bed around 6 PM after a 4 PM dinner. Today we have the thing called electricity which is available to us 24/7 with the flip of a switch. Now that we are spoiled, we don’t sleep, we party all night long, eat anytime we wish to and have become workaholics. This has led to a new array of problems: We are a sleep deprived society living on junk foods, staying unhealthy will all sorts of health problems which include depression, anxiety, blood pressure, diabetes, obesity etc. As a result we have also become a drug dependent society.


We will, but only if water is taken away from us. Only then will the value of a single drop of water count. Right now we are flushing toilets with no remorse, watering our lawns for it to look pretty for others, we are wasting food by the millions of tons, throwing out misshapen healthy vegetables and fruits, industrial waste water, water used for cattle farming etc etc and the list goes on. With it comes water scarcity and pollution.

What if our Teeth were IVORY?

That would be 32 of them and each of them would be much more valuable to us than diamonds if it had any instilled value in it. We would take care of them as elephant ivory. Unfortunately the value we have placed on our own Human teeth is worthless when compared to elephant tusks which fetch nearly 1 Million plus US Dollars in the black market. What if we tried to prevent disease than to treat them? All of us know the root cause of caries ( cavities)as a combination of poor oral hygiene primarily, partly genetics and the type of junk foods that we ingest. So why not visit our Dentist every 6months and get a comprehensive check up, get necessary X rays and a professional cleaning? We spend more money, time and energy on collecting material “STUFF” than taking care of our Health. We get our car to the car wash much more frequently than taking our own mouth to the Dentist. A car can be replaced but our teeth cannot be. It’s our body and it’s our mouth. AND It’s our choice. We must learn to learn to prioritize our own Health. There are Scientifically proven studies showing the link between Oral Bacteria and Heart disease.

“NIP IT” in the bud.

In life each us us have our own comfort zones. This zone is  our personal space that we have created for ourselves. Our security depends on it. So we tend to fight any change that threatens this inner zone. We tend to get highly defensive about any change. We pass each day within this inner circle and are more apt in taking no risks at all. This keeps us in the loop of the same old, same old mindset with no chance of us ever getting out. To make change we need to fight change. To break a habit we will need to fight it. It is our own mind doing the talking inside us. Only we can help break this habit. No one else can help us.

WHAT have we achieved: From Sunrise to Sunset?

Live life to the fullest each and every day. Do what we truly love and commit to making a difference in someones life. As the power in us ripples outward, it does touch the life of many all around us and around the World. This is the power of one and this is the power of us. Yes, each and every one of us. Yes, each of us can make a difference. But it always starts with ONE. So lets start with us as number one and start counting to make each day count. It does not matter how long we live in years, What matters the most is have we lived our life fully and with no regrets. Have we lived and enjoyed each and every minute of our unique life on this Planet. If not we would be leaving plenty of regrets behind. In life all we get is one chance to make our life worthwhile. When our time is up, it’s time to pack up and leave for good.

GUM DISEASE and YOUR overall Health.

Gum Disease is also a silent killer similar to Hypertension. Since hypertension is highly publicized in the media and gum disease is not, people are not aware of it at all. Hence the treatment of gum disease has taken a back seat all these years. Time to bring it to the spotlight by switching its seat to the front. Since there are usually no painful symptoms displayed in the early stage of gum disease, people do not even know that they have them. To compound this problem, there is lack of awareness and the lack of education on the topic. Your Dentist is an excellent source of FREE education on gum disease and other dental related diseases. Make use of their expertise , knowledge and experience. INVEST in your dental health. Preventive dentistry has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Materials have changed drastically for the better, techniques have been perfected to be more conservative and long gone are the days when pain management was non existent. Today visiting a dentist to get preventive dentistry done is like a walk in a park. It is a good experience. Lets focus our attention on prevention than on cure. Because prevention is away better than cure. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a fresh feeling in your mouth all the time. Wouldn’t it be nice to be disease free all the time.

What can we learn from our ANCESTORS?

Life does go on and has gone this far for millions of years back in time. It will also continue its course moving forward with or without us. Just like us our ancestors too have learned from their own life experiences and also have learned from their own forefathers before them in order to survive. Fast forward to today, food is available in plenty and everything from water to diapers are delivered to our doorstep at a moments notice. We are in fact spoiled. We do not have to hunt for our next meal nor have to fight for food. Our ancestors too did face difficulty but have survived by overcoming each and everyone of them. We too will follow suit.