The only thing we can do for the rest of us is to hold the door open for each other and help each other out. This small act of kindness can go a long way. It can ease someones’s pain and suffering. In return they may return the favor to someone else by doing the same. If we do not or are not willing to help someone in need, let’s at least get out of their way and not harm them in any way. They will then do what they need to do to get back on their feet. Either we need to help or step back. Holding a door open for someone in an elevator or at the entrance to a building is a simple gesture that tells the World that we too are Human and there are still people in the World who do care for us. This sparks the fading light of our faith in Humanity. So lets keep the doors open in our Heart too to help others pass. We need to push people up or lift them up but never to push them down or treat them low. Humanity still exists in this World. But we will need to know where to find it. Sadly, It has become a rarity. We definitely cannot change all the people around us, but all we can do is to change ourselves by holding the door for others. Hopefully others will follow suit. Let us be the first to set the example for others to follow. 


DO WHAT IS RIGHT and NOT what is easy.

Doing right and staying true to ourselves will give us a long peaceful life. We can sleep well at night too. We also do not have to watch our backs that often. To do what is right does not need any special effort from us nor do we need to have a good memory. All we need to do is to right and say what is right. In short we need to do and say as it is. Doing right does not mean that it is going to be the easy way out in any situation. Sometimes truth do test us in strange ways. But to stay truthful to our conscience requires us to stay our ground and beat all odds that stack up against us. This requires, patience, courage and persistence. Most people follow a shortcut to their destination, but this shortcut may not be always the right way to approach and do things. It may be easy to do but it might not be the right way to do it.


The Planet our ours have given us everything that we need to sustain ourselves in our journey through life. Then why do we need an Artificial currency, where did it come from, who created it, and why are we stuck to it? Why do each country have their own currency? Why not simplify our lives and have just one currency for the entire World? Why do we need to complicate pour lives more than we need to? It would be much easier to travel from place to place and trade using a common currency for all. Unification is the key to solving this problem. If we put our hearts and mind to it nothing is impossible. We have divided and subdivided ourselves in so many ways that it seems impossible to be unified for a common good. Times have changed and so has our mindset. We are not living in primitive times We are are calling ourselves civilized. So lets not set our minds straight and bring about a solution to this problem which will benefit all. This includes the ease of trade, travel and tourism. The alternative to this is to take it all off the table and start bartering.


Why do we have wars and Natural calamities? Why do we have artificially created, Chemical spills and accidents? In a way Nature does keep an account on check and balances. For it to control itself it needs to balance its checkbook each and everyday in order to sustain itself. Nature has the ultimate power to create or destroy us in a flash. We are here for a reason and a purpose. We are given an unique chance to inhabit his Planet and use all its Natural resources for Free. Where else can we get this deal. But it is not free for all. It’s all about money, power and control. Only a handful of Elite has grabbed the reigns of power from the rest of us and are living their life loaded with money, power and fame. It’s all about them. They make the rules and they break them too. They have been given the power to manipulate the laws to suit their own personal needs.They are the true masters ( the 1%) and the rest of us are their slaves ( the 99 %). This is in fact modern day slavery. We do not see it but we can feel it.

FEAR can sell anything.

Fear does help us grow at times but on the other hand fear also can be destructive to growth. It can also curtail growth in certain instances. Unless we as consumers get educated and ask questions, we may never get the right answers. When we are ignorant or innocent we will be taken for a ride. When this happens, we are cornered into a tight spot.This is when the the fear spikes. This brings about irrational thinking and rather wrong decision making. This in turn clouds our memory leading to further deterioration of our brain chemistry. When this happens we succumb to fear and start losing our thought process. Fear does bring about a fight or flight response in us. Logical thinking does goes out of the window at this juncture or it takes a back seat.

DO WE have enough time?

As time passes, it heals everything. but it is us who is the prime initiator of all problems in this World. We have created this and brought it upon us to ourselves. Life will be simple if we choose to live simply. Simplifying our lives gives us a lot back in terms of dividends. It takes out the clutter, stress and stuff out of our lives. Our time on this Earth is finite but time will still go one without us after we pass. Once we are gone we are gone for ever. There is no coming back. We will also be forgotten the very minute we pass. We will even lose our identity and we will be labeled a BODY. All the chance we have got is now. It is our one and only chance. Remember, we are only renting this Planet for our short stay here. It is just a stop over. From here on our journey will cease when our heart stops beating and when our brain die. The next leg of the journey will be bacterial decomposition of our very self, back to the soil. The finite time we have been given need to be used up wisely. This time cannot be overspent like having more money. We can make more money but we cannot make more time. 

PLEASE and THANK YOU: The Golden words.

“Please” and “Thank you” are the simple Golden words that has the power to move mountains. It also soothes the soul by gaining acceptance. It may also be the mantra where people do succumb to its charm. Many complex things can be accomplished by being considerate, respectful and polite to each other and by treating each other how we would want to be treated. Every activity that we perform is mutual and should be meaningful to each other. If not it defeats the purpose of being Human. We all know of the expression that Pen is mightier than the sword. I would say our words are much mightier than the pen itself. When we write something it can be erased, shredded or even thrown out, because it is on simple paper. But words on the other hand is resonating from our voice-box and is expelled into the surrounding air. The medium of air that carries these in the form of voice is unstoppable once it leaves our tongue. It also leaves no mark behind. In the age of voice recognition, identification and storage, this does leave a mark behind just like what paper does. This leaves a paper or a voice trail as the case may be. 

Why do we have LOCKS, KEYS and RECEIPTS?

Trust has become a very hard to find commodity these days. I have used it in the context of a product because it is sourced in the view of a product rather than an internal form of emotional attachment to ourselves. Today we have safes, vaults and bunkers to safeguard products by keeping it away from each other. We also have doomsday scenarios where we are preparing to survive ourselves by protecting ourselves from each other. Thus has led to a boom in the construction of doomsday bunkers deep underground that is stocked with food, weapons and everything else. In short we are trying to outsmart each other just to survive for ourselves. Having survived all these centuries by crossing evolutionary lines, have we come down to this level of trying to survive just for us? Do we ever care for others? Each of us in reality need each other for our own survival. That’s why we have been living in cities rather than living in isolated villages with no Medicines, safe running water or power.


Now how do we make the roads safe? Today all vehicles big and small, motorized and non motorizes, horse and buggy, bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles, pedestrians all share the same road and at the same time. All of them are going about their own lives at different rates of speed. Some of them are high powered while others are low powered, some are pedal-led and most are running on their motors. So what do we expect. Confusion and chaos. All in the same stretch of road or intersection. To top it all of there is road rage, calling and texting compounded with anger. So who is to blame for all this? All of us. This is the perfect concoction for trouble and a pure recipe for disaster to happen.


We live our Life in silence and exit through the back door without bidding anyone farewell. We are on this train that passes through the maddening crowds of 7 Billion people. Our voice will never be heard. We come into this World crying, we live through life in silence and we will die out silently. No one will even miss us or will ever feel our absence. They may mourn for a day or two, then life does go on for them too. They will continue to do their thing and will continue their journey until they too die off silently into the darkness of death. Bacteria will take over our body and return us back to the soil. We may be the source of fertilizer to the many plants. This may be our only way of giving back. During life all we may have done is to collect stuff, make money and keep doing so till we die. So all we had done while we had the life in us was to take and make. We have never given nor did we ever have the urge to give and help anyone. In the end we end up giving ourselves back to Earth. This brings to an end the life cycle of us and it does mark the beginning of our after life by supporting other plants and microbes that consume us.