ARE WE HUMAN at all?

The innate meaning of life itself has been kicked outside the door. When something goes out something else has to fill in. This is where all the negative emotions and anything evil comes in and fills in the void that is our own creation. When Money becomes the ultimate destination, each of us will put our heart and soul to accomplish it at all costs which includes, destroying long standing relationships, friendships broken as a result of a stupid misunderstanding and a long list of broken marriages. The reason- Money. It’s all about the money. We all know that too much of anything will kill us. Too much of anything is poison. This includes money. There is no limit to Man’s greed for money, power and material possessions. We want it all and there is no stopping us. We will bring to our own ruin. When there is no limit to how much we want, the matrices of true need becomes outnumbered and insignificant.


Learning to LET GO.

In real life, people go to cemeteries with flowers long after their loved ones are gone. Then they start talking to the tombstones. But while that same person who is under the tomb was alive, this person would have never even bothered to go, meet and talk to that person. When we analyze this, the act of bringing a flower and giving it remains the same in both scenarios but the difference being in one scenario the other party was alive but in the other, the other party is dead. So why do we do this giving flower to the dead and not speaking at all when they were alive. Is it ego, personal anger or a combination of many other negative emotions? The key to living is to let go of things. We get only one short at life. Either we live it without carrying any excess baggage or we live it like a porter who is stacked up with excess baggage a mile high on his shoulders. WE can only change ourselves, but we cannot change others. This includes members of the same family as well. Now start to look within your family and start analyzing what I am trying to convey. Each of us are born into a family that included our relatives. We did not get to chose who our mom and dad, neither did we get to choose our brothers and sisters. But we have chosen our spouses, but did not get to choose our children. They just happened to come into our lives. Our friends too have happened to board the same train we are in and happened to sit next to us.

Importance of SOCIAL TIME.

Social time is essential to our health without which we may not last another day living in our own isolated homes with an isolation capsules wrapped around each and everyone of us. Today we see that each of us are living on our own Islands trying to make it by working and paying our bills. This seems to be the priority for all of us. In that process we are overworked, underpaid, over extended, deep in debt, chained to work with no time for meeting anyone. The weekends are reserved for house hold chores, and looking over the bills. This rises our blood pressure and our stress levels even further. Laughter is the best medicine. So it is best to laugh at ourselves for nothing. With a serious crowd around us, we could share that laughter until our tummy hurts and our eyes tear. This is what we need at the end of each day. During the end of our lives, its not the amount of time we have worked that may matter to us most, but the quality of life that we have lived, surrounded by family and friends. Our large bank account may become meaningless at this point. Having worked all our life chasing money and having not lived life at all puts us at a major disadvantage for NOT having advantage of Natures intended purpose of us. Having lived by nut living at all may carry no meaning for having born in the first place. So what is the purpose of our lives and why are we here? Each of us have our own answer to this. Only we can find this answer deep within ourselves.

What are”WE AS HUMANS”Capable of ?

War is Big business and brings in Big money. Hence each Nation has an Annual defense fund that runs into Billions of Dollars per year. Just imagine, if we use our mind correctly, we can use Just this money to support all Humans Worldwide. But we will not. We would rather waste it on Weapons for the sole purpose of killing each other. No wonder there is no Annual peace fund, because there is No money coming in, in sustaining peace. So the word Peace as it stands has no meaning to it. It’s all pep talk that has been happening between countries for many decades. All talk and no action is completely worthless. Next we will touch upon Human Exploitation, slavery, child abuse, domestic abuse, child labor, brothels, elder abuse, money laundering, arms dealing, drugs, and what not. It is very sad and very demeaning to see that someone who is Human can do something to another Human being that is so horrific. Crime has become a part and parcel of our lives. Crime is no stranger to Humans. Our entire history is completely riddled with Love and hate crimes. We have in the past divided and ruled others for the benefit our our own self, enslaving and destroying many lives in the process. When we put all the above activities that we do, it all comes down to MONEY. So why not take money out of the equation and live our lives as nature intended for us? Money is artificial. So what did we do before the creation of the financial system? To know this we need to look to our ancestors on what they did. We may learn a thing or two from them to better ourselves.


Even today, after all these centuries of old beliefs that has been indoctrinated in the minds of millions of its followers, religion still holds on to the same old beliefs that existed 3000 plus years back. Its not that religion is bad. It is JUST a belief in the supernatural. It is a way to believe in something- a higher invisible power. A false sense of security. When people have lost everything and given themselves up, they need something to grab on to . This is where religion comes in. Usually the poor and elderly are vulnerable to people who are seeking money and working under the cover of religion to making a living for themselves and at the same commit crime under the blanket of religion. This is the wolf in sheep’s clothing. This is how one can make money out of nothing-  from a belief. The more believers you have the more money one can make. The World over, just fathom the amount of people who are earning a paycheck just based on the word RELIGION. There is definitely a higher power we call GOD. But religion is Man made and the founders of these religions were Human too, just like you and me. As belief propagates and money comes into the picture it STICKS. When this money grows on all fronts more and more people get sucked into its belief and this is how any religion grows and expands into an empire. If and When we take MONEY out of this equation all religions will cease to exist. Because it’s all about money. It is a Business base don belief. No product is sold or nor any services given. What better Business can one have to make tons for money. Moreover they are non -profit entities exempt from paying taxes.


With the hierarchy that exists in the workplace, it is a dog eats dog World. When politics enter into the picture things start getting ugly. Lives are destroyed, ego and envy abound, jealousy plentiful, with the select few benefiting and the rest suffer in silence. They will have no voice and no one will ever hear them. They pass through life trying to work, commute, earn, spend, pay bills and then wait to die out. As Humans we have exploited all natural resources including Plants and animals. We also call ourselves the supreme Species We decide who lives and who dies. This has led to the destruction of our land through mining, pollution of our air and water. We have decided which animals to domesticate and exploit. We also have decided which animal we will consume as food by sending them to slaughterhouses. Our forests too have suffered our wrath taking with it billions of medicinal plants that were put on Earth to help us heal ourselves. Since trees do not pay taxes, we have decided to chop them down and build homes that bring in vast amount of money in taxes.


Why do we have wars and Natural calamities? Why do we have artificially created, Chemical spills and accidents? In a way Nature does keep an account on check and balances. For it to control itself it needs to balance its checkbook each and everyday in order to sustain itself. Nature has the ultimate power to create or destroy us in a flash. We are here for a reason and a purpose. We are given an unique chance to inhabit his Planet and use all its Natural resources for Free. Where else can we get this deal. But it is not free for all. It’s all about money, power and control. Only a handful of Elite has grabbed the reigns of power from the rest of us and are living their life loaded with money, power and fame. It’s all about them. They make the rules and they break them too. They have been given the power to manipulate the laws to suit their own personal needs.They are the true masters ( the 1%) and the rest of us are their slaves ( the 99 %). This is in fact modern day slavery. We do not see it but we can feel it.

FEAR can sell anything.

Fear does help us grow at times but on the other hand fear also can be destructive to growth. It can also curtail growth in certain instances. Unless we as consumers get educated and ask questions, we may never get the right answers. When we are ignorant or innocent we will be taken for a ride. When this happens, we are cornered into a tight spot.This is when the the fear spikes. This brings about irrational thinking and rather wrong decision making. This in turn clouds our memory leading to further deterioration of our brain chemistry. When this happens we succumb to fear and start losing our thought process. Fear does bring about a fight or flight response in us. Logical thinking does goes out of the window at this juncture or it takes a back seat.


We live our Life in silence and exit through the back door without bidding anyone farewell. We are on this train that passes through the maddening crowds of 7 Billion people. Our voice will never be heard. We come into this World crying, we live through life in silence and we will die out silently. No one will even miss us or will ever feel our absence. They may mourn for a day or two, then life does go on for them too. They will continue to do their thing and will continue their journey until they too die off silently into the darkness of death. Bacteria will take over our body and return us back to the soil. We may be the source of fertilizer to the many plants. This may be our only way of giving back. During life all we may have done is to collect stuff, make money and keep doing so till we die. So all we had done while we had the life in us was to take and make. We have never given nor did we ever have the urge to give and help anyone. In the end we end up giving ourselves back to Earth. This brings to an end the life cycle of us and it does mark the beginning of our after life by supporting other plants and microbes that consume us. 

What is THE Purpose of our Existence?

Our society treats a homeless person completely different from a Man with boatloads of Money. He is Human just like you and me. He has come into this World the same way as you and me and will depart the same way, back to the soil just like you and me. After we are dead, it is the end of the line for all of us. People do talk about reincarnation, after life etc. What is the point of going to the other side supposedly and trying to do good over there, when you are her now and can do a lot more now than later. Today is guaranteed, tomorrow is not. Today is reality, tomorrow is a myth. There may be no afterlife after all. It is all in our creation of these fantasies that is misleading us from the lives that we have in us now. If we cannot do something good to someone now, when are we going to carry out those deeds? Is it after we are dead? Scientifically there is no heaven or hell. Human brain can be conditioned to believe in what ever we lead it to believe. If someone is brainwashed from the early age, he or she is going to continue to believe what they have been told by their parents and grandparents. But did we ever stop and think- Who had told their parents and grandparents? Were they brainwashed too. I would think so.