We live our Life in silence and exit through the back door without bidding anyone farewell. We are on this train that passes through the maddening crowds of 7 Billion people. Our voice will never be heard. We come into this World crying, we live through life in silence and we will die out silently. No one will even miss us or will ever feel our absence. They may mourn for a day or two, then life does go on for them too. They will continue to do their thing and will continue their journey until they too die off silently into the darkness of death. Bacteria will take over our body and return us back to the soil. We may be the source of fertilizer to the many plants. This may be our only way of giving back. During life all we may have done is to collect stuff, make money and keep doing so till we die. So all we had done while we had the life in us was to take and make. We have never given nor did we ever have the urge to give and help anyone. In the end we end up giving ourselves back to Earth. This brings to an end the life cycle of us and it does mark the beginning of our after life by supporting other plants and microbes that consume us. 


What is THE Purpose of our Existence?

Our society treats a homeless person completely different from a Man with boatloads of Money. He is Human just like you and me. He has come into this World the same way as you and me and will depart the same way, back to the soil just like you and me. After we are dead, it is the end of the line for all of us. People do talk about reincarnation, after life etc. What is the point of going to the other side supposedly and trying to do good over there, when you are her now and can do a lot more now than later. Today is guaranteed, tomorrow is not. Today is reality, tomorrow is a myth. There may be no afterlife after all. It is all in our creation of these fantasies that is misleading us from the lives that we have in us now. If we cannot do something good to someone now, when are we going to carry out those deeds? Is it after we are dead? Scientifically there is no heaven or hell. Human brain can be conditioned to believe in what ever we lead it to believe. If someone is brainwashed from the early age, he or she is going to continue to believe what they have been told by their parents and grandparents. But did we ever stop and think- Who had told their parents and grandparents? Were they brainwashed too. I would think so.

Global HUMAN LINK…. a Chain connecting us.

Will we ever be able to see eye to eye, and trust each other? Not really. We have been given this unique gift of thinking and are wired to have feelings for each other. But we are all going entirely in a different direction and drifting away from each other. We have complicated our lives much more than it needs to be. Without a common link we would be running side by side like the rail road tracks. They will be able to never meet. Today we have surrounded with all comforts of life in this artificially created society of ours. We are free to buy anything we want at any time. All we need is to show them the money. With all these comfort, people do not feel self sufficient. They want more and more. This is where greed sets in takes hold of everything. People are never happy with what they have. If they have $10 Million they want to make it $100 Million. 

CONNECTING Prefabricated rooms.

With so much homelessness on the streets, and refugees on the way, this could be the most economical way to solve both the problems. We could make small homes with just 4 rooms: Living, kitchen, dining and bath. Once these four cubes are attached, it could be made self sufficient using solar power. The rest of the utilities could be connected from the community. These days with modern technology, it can be made totally green too. This could be a permanent structure or a structure on wheels. This could alleviate the problem of homelessness, and given shelter for anyone who needs a roof over their heads and a little bit of privacy. The most important point of it all is, it comes down to one Human helping another. This is how we can be Human to stay Human.