RELIGION: A Blessing or a curse.

Religion is a very delicate topic to pick for discussion purposes. But as a view point each of us have our own opinion towards it. We all agree that there is a Supreme creator of this creator, of the cosmos and of us. That is ONE imaginary creator whom none of us have seen. But it is with this belief that all religions have sprung. Religious writings were written over generations with the little knowledge that they have had on that subject. A collection of ideas have become a book Now this book could be used for mass propagation of this ideology. Who has written this Book? MAN. Was the intellect of the Man or Woman who wrote this book the same as a Man or Woman today? Of course not. Thought processes do change as civilizations come and go, people do change as their experiences in life changes and as technology and Science advances old thoughts do die hard, if not for its propagation through religious fanatics who are steadfast on their personal beliefs. So does their ideas, perceptions, imaginations, fantasies and stories. How do we make a child understand something easily? it is through stories and pictures. This is how things ave propagated around the same ideology without changing the essence of it. IN reality the story sticks to our minds when we are fed the same story over and over again. Now we tend to start believing it ourselves.