HEALTHY TEETH: Do you want it?

There is also something called the danger triangle of the face where infections of the face can go straight to the brain and can lead to severe complications.
Social life might come to a standstill if we have unsightly decayed teeth, fiery red bleeding gums, bad breath and food stuck between our teeth. From time to time we see patients who do not even brush their teeth daily. Plenty of plaque accumulation seen.
Having a beautiful healthy teeth displays to others the vitality of our body and it speaks to others in silence that we are mindful of our health.
A smile carries a lot of weight in our society. Would we have friends who would accept us if we have one front tooth missing?


STAINS Unlimited. The Toothy way.

Teeth is THE most neglected part of the body. Oral Hygiene is not appreciated as well. In the absence of teeth is when we will know it’s true value. Would you step out of your house with one of your front tooth missing? I don’t think so. The same holds good with teeth which are stained. There are two types of stains – Extrinsic and intrinsic. External or extrinsic stains are stains that is formed due to external forces such as coffee, tea, tobacco, colored drinks, food stains etc. Then we have the Intrinsic or internal stain where a tooth dies from trauma and then the tooth gets discolored. Then we have tetracycline stains and stains from various dental anomalies. All these stains are in fact incorporated within the tooth structure itself, hence is nearly impossible to remove. Laminates may be a solution in some cases.

Are YOUR pockets deep? Dental wise.

Oral Health has been on the sidelines for decades. Healthcare should not be a luxury but a need instead. Everyone needs to be well cared for, for a society to be healthy. When every citizen is well cared for Health wise, this brings down the cost. This only happens when we give importance to disease prevention than cure. This applies ultimately to the subject of individual Health. Do we care for our own bodies? Today healthcare is being treated as a commodity where the doctors are scrambling to fight for dollars and the patients are not getting the treatment they need. But the middleman seem to be the one benefiting most out of the whole drama and laughing all the way to the bank. No wonder we are shying away from disease prevention and  giving greater emphasis on treatment. Why are we not concentrating on getting to the root of the problem in the first place and why are we not focusing our efforts on prevention? Is it because there is no money in Prevention. It seems like it.

CHANGING Toothbrushes. Frequency?

Tooth brushes do not last a life time of use and is not meant to last that long. Our tooth and our oral cavity is stocked with both good and harmful bacteria. This is carried on over to the toothbrush as well. So never use someone else’s toothbrush for hygienic reasons. Rarely we hear of such instances in the tabloids. But it’s not recommended. Toothbrushes do have their share of wear and tear. This depends on the amount of force which is applied to it, the direction of force, the durability of its bristles and maybe even the angulation of teeth and it’s position in the jaw. Most teeth brushes last a very long time. But it does not mean they we need to hold them near and dear to us because of their durability. They have high concentrations of bacteria in them. Tooth brushes are recommended to be changed once every 3 months. Once a month is even better, only if they are changed for hygienic reasons and not for hard brushing.

Dental PLAQUE and TARTAR: The two amigos.

The reason the gums bleeds on exposure to both plaque and tarter are that they are laden with bacteria. These bacteria produce toxins. The inter action with these toxins opens up capillaries and engorges the blood vessels. This is a sign of  inflammation. The longer the plaque keeps accumulating over tooth surfaces and in inaccessible places such as areas in between the teeth, they bring in a host of other problems. Gums become engorged and swollen. This also give out bad breath as a result of the release of  gases from the bacterial action on these unhealthy soft tissues. Poor Oral Hygiene is the main cause of it and is completely preventable. Plaque formation happens in our mouth daily. It’s surely a factory in there. It’s our job to remove them on  a daily basis. At least brush 2 times a day and floss once a day. Also rinse with water after each meal or even snacks.

Solution for SENSITIVE Teeth.

Billions of dollars are spent each and every day Worldwide on treating Dental diseases. This is entirely due to our own neglect of ourselves. We ourselves are to blame. Prevention, on the other hand costs us a fraction of what we are currently spending. As a bonus, we do not have to face the pain of going through the different procedures. It may also be lighter on your wallet.

See your Dentist in good times, so you do not give the bad times a chance to appear. It’s your mouth. Take care of it. Because no one else will.

“Grooves” on YOUR teeth.

Our teeth are not shaped like boxes. They are there for a purpose and they come in different shapes, sizes, colors and even character. The anterior teeth are for incising food, the canines are for tearing food and the premolars and molars are there for chopping down and grinding the food. Each of them are designed to do their specific task to enable our survival. They are trying to help us but we do not seem to be helping them by taking care of them. And we expect them to function NORMALLY? What do we consider NORMAL?  Does that mean the good times when we are out of pain? In most cases this is our definition of NORMAL. But it is not. This is like, we buy a brand new car and do not change oil or do any preventive maintenance for the life of the car. This may not last that long. This is exactly what we are doing to our teeth and expecting it to last a lifetime. As long as this car runs, we consider this as Normal. Once it stops then you know what happens.

Will “flossing” LOOSEN my teeth?

To do flossing right we need to know the basic anatomy of each tooth. Because it helps. Flossing is one of THE basics of Oral Hygiene. Lack of flossing breeds a whole lot of undesirable pathogens, brings in gum disease and cavities to the scene. Flossing has been tried and tried again into gaining acceptance among out society. But it never took traction. In the past few decades, there has been some awareness of it. Today probably about 10% of the World population does it on a daily basis. What about the rest of the 90%? We don’t seem to care because we were not taught about it in the first place. Secondly, it takes time and effort. Since there is no motivation or any pleasure in doing it, our society has been ignoring it completely. But ignoring is expensive. It always tend to bite back.

GUM Disease : Do you have it?

If we do not see the Dentist periodically as suggested by our Dentist, this abuse may lead to irreparable and irreversible damage. It’s like running a car non-stop for a year without having an oil change. Do you do that to your car? I don’t think so. But we are doing this to our teeth. We are taking more care of our car than our teeth. We can replace a car with a new one, but your teeth are meant for a life time and cannot be replaced. So why do we hesitate to take care of ourselves and shower our love and money on our car, which is a material possession. It depreciates in value and one fine day it dies down. Imagine we do that to our own bodies.What would happen? People do spend tons of money on materialism but fail to invest in their own health.

Materials are just passing fads. Designs of gadgets, cars, computers, TV’s etc may come and go. Only what is constant is your health. This cannot be replaced. 

Did you Floss Today?

The question we need to ask ourselves is do we need to keep our teeth or not? If so, how long do we need to have them?If the answer is YES, then we need to follow through certain basic principles to maintain them. But for regular preventive maintenance, they would be diseased. We have been taking our teeth for granted. Due to the fact that there are no associated symptoms does not mean that they are not diseased. Tooth pain by nature is intolerable. When it surfaces, it does hurt big time. Until then it works behind the scenes. Regular periodic check up every three months is what is recommended. Our teeth undergoes abuse all the time. The following are some scenarios. Make sure to see your Dentist at least every three months. Three months is a very long time, if you consider the following.