Walking ON THIN AIR or Water.

Our shoes are filled with air to pump it up to give us a snug fit. On the other hand they are designed to have air suspensions. None of them have been designed to hover inches above the surface of land YET. What is holding up this innovation? To put forth this idea, all we need is a compact battery pack, a compact energy efficient motor to provide thrust and one with a propulsion system. This might help us move slowly but surely with no effort on our part at all. This may serve to satisfy the applications in many scenarios that may play out in our lives such as rapid rescue on land, on water, helping the elderly, the sick and in search and rescue missions. With no friction under our feet we may save valuable time when we need it the most. Today carbon fiber is used in many applications such as in the body of race cars, Plane bodies, bikes and tennis rackets. This makes them much lighter, stronger, rigid, stable and fast. This saves on the cost in designing propulsion systems and in the body itself, which in turn gives us the best results in the field. The Invention of the wheel has helped us move Fast. But there is a negative aspect to it. We have been burning fossil fuels to move people and things to far away lands. This pollutes our environment in unseen ways. Moreover, the friction causes us to lose more money in purchasing fuel. Since fossil fuels are artificially marked and set its price to be to be so low that it is much cheaper than a Gallon of milk. So we are using it so freely and indiscriminately just like water and with no regard for our health or for the health of the environment.