Our EYES: OUR Window.

We are also know to abuse our eyes to bright light from the screens, flashing lights, flickering from TV screens, sleeping less, and over eating. An unhealthy diet in combination with excessive screen time can wreck havoc on our eyes too. It is said that our eyes are the windows to our soul. We are connected to nature through our eyes and through our senses, without which we will all be blind. Nature has the ability to soothe and heal any disease, but only if we let it do its marvel. When our eyes are shut off from this World, our senses picks up the tab  and heightens its alertness. So lets keep our eyes open and  learn all we can by giving our eyes the attention that it deserves. We have all been taking our eyes for granted. We will never value something unless and until we lose it. This applies to anything in Life.


Radiation EXPOSURE at higher altitudes.

Flying is an amazing experience. What lies below looks so beautiful, with clouds displaying various shapes that are just floating around surrounded by dark blue skies, showcase of various textures and colors of Earth, vast deep blue oceans, tall mountains that seem to reach for us and the majestic views of sunrise and sunsets. At night we get to see the stars, moon and the galaxies that stand out apart from the rest. But what are we putting our self into by flying out of our abode, outside our comfort zone and into the vast space that surrounds us? Do we know that much about space and its residents that we are risking an arm and a limb and our very lives to venture out into the unknown? Cosmic rays are ever present in this zone of darkness along with thin air. As we climb higher we enter the zone where the air is thin, resistance to the aircraft decreases and so does turbulence which decreases drastically. As we fly higher and higher in to the upper atmosphere, we are constantly being bombarded with rays from the Sun and possibly even from many unknown rays of cosmic origin. How do we know that these rays are safer for us? Are there any possible implications of flying at even higher altitudes that is greater than 60,000 feet? Most commercial jets fly anywhere from 30,000 feet to about 40,000 feet. Once our spacecrafts enter deep space they are open to deadly radiation that can wreck havoc on the Human body if exposed to it. Virtually any cell in the body is susceptible to radiation damage. It has the potential to even affect our own DNA within each cell.

OVER CONSUMPTION: It’s effect on us.

We are THE massive consumers of stuff. Mostly unwanted. Just look at plastics for instance. We see it everywhere right before our eyes, from our toys to our cars. It has even entered the kitchen space because we have allowed it to. Food and petroleum derivatives do not mix. Each and every container in our…

AIR RIGHTS: What are we breathing IN?

Our lungs is a very delicate organ which helps in taking in air and transporting it via the bloodstream to each and every cell in our body. We have been taking it for granted. In the past 100 years, we have seen a massive spike in the incidence of respiratory illness mostly pollution related. Today we work indoors in our offices 8-10 hours and sometimes even more. Then we commute using public transport or using our cars to ride back and forth between work and home. Once we arrive home we are still confined to closed spaces where the air quality is highly questionable. In fact we are living our entire lives indoors. To complicate matters we are massive consumers of perfumes, detergents, air fresheners, carpet cleaners, pesticides and other harsh chemicals that we indulge ourselves in for its use in various applications. Moreover our ventilation system is not foolproof either. In winter heating plays a major role in drying up the inside air. To rectify this we use humidifiers to help us to supposedly breathe easy. During summer, our air conditioning unit is working full force to help us keep cool. It’s actually working over time leading to condensation within the unit and possible mold formation within the duct lines and the vents. This may lead to respiratory illnesses. In trying to rectify this we use dehumidifiers to correct the issue at hand.

Are we a DRUG Dependent society?

We have drugs to induce vomiting, to stop vomiting, to stop diarrhea, to stop constipation, to soothe ulcers, to calm heartburn, to stop running nose, to induce labor, to anesthetize, to bring us back from anesthesia, to open up airways, to stop blood from clotting, and drugs to control certain diseases. This is a short list of drugs and the associated symptoms they work on to relieve them. Remember no drug is designed to cure any illness. If that was the case we would all be living disease free by now for our entire Lives. Drugs are like a subscription service or a gas tank in your car. They are designed to be refilled many many times to reap it’s full economic benefit during it’s lifetime. This is why we cannot live without both industries and both the drug and oil industries are thriving. They are not passing fads. They are here to stay. You purchase the car, the gas tank in your car comes with it. But in order to move the car, you need gasoline. And a lot of gallons during the entire life cycle of your car. Imagine the amount of gallons that this car consumes during its entire life time. We are only talking about just one car here. The same holds good for drugs. Once a person is on a drug, they are usually in it for a lifetime. If there is a cure for a disease why would we need to continue being dependent on these drugs?

Mentally HANDICAPPED! Can we see through it?

Maybe some day we may be able to read the brain waves and decipher the code of what they are thinking, feeling and what they are perceiving. Science has yet to do miracles on these patients. They have their lives and their loved ones lives turned upside down. Hope someday we may be able to straighten it up for them. Mind is the most complex organ. It’s much easier to perform a heart surgery than opening up the brain. It has many more wires, switches, connections, regulators etc etc. So what’s the solution? Do we have one? But for now are we going to just keep popping in the toxic pills?

Our POSTURE in the New Age.

We are living in the internet and the computer age. Back then we had to survive the jungle and flat plains. Today we have the need to survive the concrete jungle. So to make it happen we are forced to work long hours in front of a screen, staring at the light which it emits and dealing with its emissions. Do you think that all the gadgets such as TV, Smart phones, Bluetooth technology, Wi-Fi technology etc which we use on a daily basis have some adverse health effects on our body? I think so. Every gadget is becoming smarter than us. But what about US? Are we heading the other way with high probability of machines taking over our World including our identity. It may.

Our HABITS: Will it make us or break us?

We never knew that there was so much money to be made in a commodity called coffee. Tea, coffee, cocoa, tobacco, alcohol, Marijuana etc are all drugs in the illegal sense. But our forefathers saw that money is there to be made on these products. So it was allowed to cross the line from the illegal side to the legal side and put into the legal category. Now it is sold openly in the open market. Many around the World are making a living out of it. Who is the one making the rules and also breaking the rules? The answer is Man. It’s he or she who has created the legal system in all countries. Rules do just that-RULE, but it only benefits a few. Whom are the rules made for?  You guessed it.

OUR EGO : The Enemy within.

An Enemy by definition in the simplest terms is someone whom we do not like for what ever reason. He or she is a person just like you and me, another Human being. It’s not their fault or ours. We have not connected mentally. Probably that person did not like this persons appearance or his or her behavior, for example. But each and everyone of us has at some point in our lives have given refuge to a previously unknown enemy to reside within us. It’s name is “Ego”. We are allowing it to reside within us at no charge and to live within us rent free. What a deal for “it”. We even feed it with negative emotions on a daily basis. As a result of this it is fed well, looked after well and after a stay lasting these many years, it may refuse to vacate the place. This is a very chronic situation where eviction is nearly impossible. Now how do you deal with Ego. We will need to forcefully evict it.

Vegetarian MUSCLE!

Our body was in fact designed to be vegetarian based. Carnivores have very concentrated stomach acids that even digest bones. Do we have it? No. Our stomach is so small in comparison. We can only each so much at one time. But with carnivores, they never know when their next meal is going to be or where it is going to come from. So they have a larger belly to accommodate a full tank of gas. Does this make sense? I think so that it does. Ultimately we ended up with agriculture and have survived to this day doing so. Today eating meat is optional for all of us. Anything in moderation is good. That includes, food, wine and money. Too much of anything is poison.