Benefits of RISING EARLY.

Back in the olden days, our ancestors followed the Sun to clock their time and their activities. They rose before the Sun came up, that is at 4 AM and went to bed around 6 PM after a 4 PM dinner. Today we have the thing called electricity which is available to us 24/7 with the flip of a switch. Now that we are spoiled, we don’t sleep, we party all night long, eat anytime we wish to and have become workaholics. This has led to a new array of problems: We are a sleep deprived society living on junk foods, staying unhealthy will all sorts of health problems which include depression, anxiety, blood pressure, diabetes, obesity etc. As a result we have also become a drug dependent society.


Miracle of WATER DROPS.

After we were conceived in our mother’s womb, we were literally entombed in the amniotic fluid within the placenta of our mother. When we analyse this, we see that Our life had in fact started underwater and only upon birth did we ever take the first breath of fresh air in order to fill in our tiny lungs. No wonder the theory of evolution matches with our actual origins from the womb to Land. On an evolutionary standpoint we had been evolved from single celled organisms to the multi cellular organisms we are made up of now. It has sure been a very long and bumpy ride for the past million years. The good news is that we have made it for now. What the future holds for us moving forward is based on how we treat Earth and its Eco-systems which includes water right from the early morning mist to the fog. Many tiny insects that call desert their home have adapted themselves to harvesting this moisture right out of thin air.


Human brain takes up so much energy to function and it consumes most of the oxygen which we take in. It is also an early riser. It functions best in the morning and starts dwindling its functions as the day starts winding down. When we sleep it sleeps too partially to maintain our vital functions. A sunny day brightens up our brain and us when compared to a dark and gloomy day. So an early riser has many advantages over a person who works night shift and sleeps during the day. The sleep rhythm and the sleep cycle is interrupted here. Less sleep means more disruption of hormones and bodily functions. Since we are keeping ourselves awake throughout the night, health too starts getting affected. Many disease have surfaced due to loss of the sleep cycle. Today the business of sleep have given us a pill to fall asleep, a pill to stay awake and other off market products that may enable us to do anything on the twilight zone. So the invention of electricity has been a boon in disguise. It had done many things good for us but on the downside many have paid the price of having sleepless nights. Before the invention of  electricity and the light bulb, there was no night life nor elaborate parties blasting through the night.