BOTTLED WATER: Is it tap water at a Premium cost?

Water is one of the basic essentials of life. 60% of our body comprises of water. If that’s the case why do we need to pay for a natural resource.  Will we be required to pay for the air we breathe next?  Tap water in the U.S. is a highly regulated industry which requires periodic testing with the information made available to the public. But bottled water or purified water as it is called is unregulated within State lines. They have no obligation to report to the public when compared to Municipal water. So anything goes. Tapping rights and distribution rights are purchased. Bottled water is a $11 Billion a year industry in the U.S. alone, that is Billion with a “B”. No wonder there are so many players out there competing for the market share. Many of them may be purified Municipal water that comes in our taps at home.



In today’s World of “Bigger the better” mentality, downsizing may be a challenge for many. Let’s take a look into our requirements of daily living. Simplicity in how we live may hold the key to our longevity and our inner happiness. Materials does not brings in happiness but takes it away.

How clean are our FINGERS and TOES?

Back then our fingers and our toes were free of shoes, Gloves and all sorts of toxic chemicals. Today we have housed them within shoes, and gloves, where they are being choked and stuffed. Remember we are social animals who perspire through our sweat glands. Creamed and lotions do close the sweat pores. Guess what happens. Our sweat gets imprisoned along with other toxins, leading to fungal out breaks, infected nail beds and what not. Remember there is a medicine for anything. One to bring it on and one to take it off. Either way the pharmaceutical companies benefit. All we need to do is to give our skin a breath of fresh air.

How important is your PILLOW and MATTRESS?

Both the bed and the pillow are vital to our sleeping posture. Improper head rest can lead to aches and pains in the neck muscles. A bed which is not properly supporting our body at various points or following our curves may lead to internal stress on both our skeletal and muscular components including the spinal cord and cervical vertebrae. Since ancient times beds have been made with weeds, cotton, jute. They were literally home made and it served the purpose to them. Many even slept on hard ground with their arm as a pillow. Today all of us have the luxury to sleep on any bed with different degrees of hardness: from soft, extra soft, firm, extra firm, contoured, foam with a memory and many many more. No bed is perfect for all. We need to choose what is right and comfortable for us. No salesman can give us that perfect bed that we are looking for. We need to try it and test it ourselves at home. A bed is not a product that we should be purchasing with our eyes closed. We are not purchasing it for the looks nor to impress anybody with the decorations it has. It serves a useful purpose. Advertisements have done a very good job in up selling any bed. Since we will not need to buy a bed each and every year, it is wise to do our own research, try it our in our own homes by sleeping on them under different conditions. Only then make a purchase.

Why are we using DISPOSABLES?

Divorce rates are spiking and have been doing so ever since excess consumption have taken the reigns.  People are changing partners similar to changing their shirts. People are never happy with the one they have and are always looking to greener pastures far away. In reality it always seem to be greener on the other side of the river. Be happy with what we have which includes all material possessions that we may have. There is a story of a boy who was very sad and upset for not getting an expensive brand of shoes for his Birthday until he saw a boy with no feet. This simple scenario sure does open up our mind. Life is not a bed of roses. It’s what we make of them.

Unhealthy JUNK FOODS.

We are what we eat. Junk in ? Guess what happens. We are paying for real food but what are we getting in return? Food and water are very sacred to our bodies. Moreover our individual bodies are much more sacred to each of us.Without considering so we cannot exist. So why are we dehumanizing our bodies by eating tainted food and drinks? Bottled drinks and processed foods bring in billions of dollars to companies each day. But it is our body that is taking its toll on its consumption. Our body does not tell us, but it is suffering in silence. When something has to give, it takes upon itself all the diseases that we have invited in. In the end we lose. So what we eat matters. We have a decision to make here, to eat healthy or to each junk. Each come with its own ramifications.

Our BITE FORCE Compared.

Without our teeth and their supporting structure we will be unable to move through life without effective and efficient masticatory power. Imagine that a lion gets injured in the serengeti.  A lion can only survive if it stays and remains healthy. Now if this lion gets injured in a fight and has a fractured jaw, it will become incapacitated and be unable to hunt and eat for itself. Other animals do  have the capacity to sense when an animal becomes weak or sick. Now even the king of the jungle becomes prey. Hence jaw and muscle power do play out very much in our survival as it does in the lives of all animals that we see around us.

Are we clean? What about WITHIN US ?

In a society where outer looks are respected and appreciated much more than the character of a person, right from the get go something is drastically wrong here. A small wound need to be treated with a little medication and possibly a tiny bandage around it. But what we are doing instead is to cover it with makeup and other means to mask it. We are actually not treating the wound but we are just masking the symptoms or the looks of it by applying make up over it so we would look better in the eyes of others. Since the make up has no healing powers, it would be much smarter to switch to some real medication to expedite healing.

Less Luggage MORE COMFORT.

All of us seem to be carrying too much luggage on our backs from dawn till dusk each and everyday with no intention of ever taking it off. You might think what luggage would that might be. We will be in fact carrying this luggage throughout our adult lives. Most people even take it to their own graves. Everyone seems to be carrying them even though they see that they get no benefit from it. It is virtual, it cannot be seen or touched, but can only be felt by self. Few examples of what is in this baggage of ours are as follows: Jealousy, hatred, greed, envy, etc. If carried for too long it burns a hold in our pockets and it does eat us from within. From inside out. We cannot share it because it is spiteful and no one wants it. We do not want it but we tend to keep it because the longer we keep it within us, we get used to it and start accepting it as part of us. When we are told to shun and part with it, we are highly reluctant because we are afraid to lose it for the fears that lurk inside us are fearful of coming to the surface. Without which we fear that we might lose our inner security as well.

Plastic or glass: KITCHEN CONTAINERS.

Everyone wants to have ease and convenience in their lives. But it comes at a cost. Our Health may be paying the price. Glass is clean and healthy but all of us have chosen to use plastics instead even though we know that it is highly detrimental to everything we use it for, Mainly it’s association with food. The sad part is and the question we need to ask ourselves is: How did it end up in our kitchen? Why are we using plastic plates, Plastic cups, styrofoam plates and cups, plastic straws and plastic cutlery. Is it an addiction or is it because we do not have any other option, which is Plan B? Or Are we afraid to stop its use and start using glass instead?   Habits are hard to break, but if the breakup is for the good of the entire Planet, it’s high time each of us bring it on to ourselves to make that change.