STARTING our engines.

We are living in a large Bio-dome that is protected by our atmosphere. This acts like a blanket that protects us from Cosmic radiation, and other extraterrestrial debris. Most of them gets burnt up as it enters into our atmosphere as a result of friction. This dome also holds within itself all the pollutants that we throw out into the air. With two or more cars to a house, billions of bikes on the road, vast fleet of trucks cris-crossing our highways, and with ever increasing amount of factories and coal fired power plants, this dome is fast becoming a closed house that is getting filled with toxic smoke, chemicals and other pollutants from incinerating garbage. It’s going no where but down. This is the zone in which we live and survive. These toxic particles are pulled back to earth by way of rain, snow, hale and transported Worldwide through wind, and water. The same holds good for all the exhaust that is coming out of our tail pipes from our cars,trucks buses and mopeds.


Generating TOO MUCH TRASH.

When was the last time we were responsible for our trash? Recycling is not the solution. Manufacturing of unnecessary stuff is. Only 10 % of the collected material is recycled. Recycling is big business. It also takes up a lot of energy. The rest 90% is incinerated in a furnace and is put back into the atmosphere for all to breathe. The best part of it all is that this air is free. We do not have to pay for breathing in these toxic chemicals. So recycling is not the solution to that problem, It IS the problem. Most countries have no enforcement laws towards recycling and creating trash. Those are the free countries, where one can create trash at will, dump trash anywhere at will and pee everywhere at will. So let’s be logical here. If 90% of the countries do not have a plan to deal with toxic waste and trash that has been generated in the billions of tons each day, what is the point of recycling when just 10 % of the counties have so called recycling programs. As we all know toxins and pollutants thrown out in one country can end up on other shores or in their airspace through Ocean currents and wind flow that encircle the globe. Some ones mans actions can affect another mans clean home and their clean backyard. We are all interconnected and so is the delicate Ecosystem of this Amazing Planet. 

MICRO-BEINGS within our body.

We also need to keep them happy and healthy meaning the beneficial ones to keep the harmful ones away. They expect to be fed with healthy foods and nor junk foods. If they are fed healthy, they produce enzymes that will keep us healthy. This is what I call “twisted symbiosis”. The quality of this enzyme is very important in mainlining our overall Health. Everything on this World is connected to each other in one way or another. We are in fact space debris and a collection of space matter that is formed as a result of the big bang. We are made up of Earth elements that are found in the soil. In short we are Earth component at a nano scale. The bacteria that have found refuge in us also are deep space matter. We are in fact alien beings on our own, current place of residence- Planet Earth.

CHEMICALS that govern our Lives.

Our body is made up of Chemicals and so is our environment. Those are natural elements found in Nature. With our intellect, considering ourselves THE dominant species and proclaiming ourselves as the rulers of this World, we have artificially created many more Artificial products than we can handle. This has led to to the downfall of our own health and the environment in which we live. From the time we open our eyes in the morning to the time we close our eyes at night, we are bombarded with tons of toxic Chemicals. We have been conditioned to learn and accept to live with it by considering it Modern Living at its best. In return we have new diseases popping up on the radar, and more New chemical medications to supposedly cure those diseases. So we have created a problem and a solution for the same. Kids today has the highest obesity rates ever, more diseases than ever, Genetically modified foods flooding the markets and Pollutants at an all time high. What are we breathing in- Chemicals. What are we eating- Chemicals. What about the dress we wear- Chemicals. What about Shelter- Chemicals. What about the products that we use daily- Chemicals. The key point here is that these are not Natural Chemicals, they are Man made.

INDOOR AIR QUALITY and How Indoor plants help us breathe.

With us being unable to change the current trend and the course we are taking, something has to give, it is usually our health that takes the blow. We have a medicine for anything and everything these days. People are popping them up like candies. These candies are even being advertised on billboards and TV. They have even gone to lengths to have the patient ask their doctor for the drugs by name. When did we arrive here and where are we heading? With indoor air quality dwindling and the diseases rising there is a direct relationship between them. Many decades back there was no such thing as peanut allergy or allergic to dairy products. We are moving through life thinking that we are advancing but in reality we are marching backward to the era of the cave man. At no point in history has Man ever shunned nature, except now. We are destroying forests, polluting everything around us, destroyed age old medicinal plants and animals along with their art of healing, all in the name of Profits and technology. We are living in cities housed in skyscrapers, transporting genetically modified food from all corners of the globe, have become a drug dependent society and eating processed food to survive.

Benefits of RISING EARLY.

Back in the olden days, our ancestors followed the Sun to clock their time and their activities. They rose before the Sun came up, that is at 4 AM and went to bed around 6 PM after a 4 PM dinner. Today we have the thing called electricity which is available to us 24/7 with the flip of a switch. Now that we are spoiled, we don’t sleep, we party all night long, eat anytime we wish to and have become workaholics. This has led to a new array of problems: We are a sleep deprived society living on junk foods, staying unhealthy will all sorts of health problems which include depression, anxiety, blood pressure, diabetes, obesity etc. As a result we have also become a drug dependent society.

What if our Teeth were IVORY?

That would be 32 of them and each of them would be much more valuable to us than diamonds if it had any instilled value in it. We would take care of them as elephant ivory. Unfortunately the value we have placed on our own Human teeth is worthless when compared to elephant tusks which fetch nearly 1 Million plus US Dollars in the black market. What if we tried to prevent disease than to treat them? All of us know the root cause of caries ( cavities)as a combination of poor oral hygiene primarily, partly genetics and the type of junk foods that we ingest. So why not visit our Dentist every 6months and get a comprehensive check up, get necessary X rays and a professional cleaning? We spend more money, time and energy on collecting material “STUFF” than taking care of our Health. We get our car to the car wash much more frequently than taking our own mouth to the Dentist. A car can be replaced but our teeth cannot be. It’s our body and it’s our mouth. AND It’s our choice. We must learn to learn to prioritize our own Health. There are Scientifically proven studies showing the link between Oral Bacteria and Heart disease.

BOTTLED WATER: Is it tap water at a Premium cost?

Water is one of the basic essentials of life. 60% of our body comprises of water. If that’s the case why do we need to pay for a natural resource.  Will we be required to pay for the air we breathe next?  Tap water in the U.S. is a highly regulated industry which requires periodic testing with the information made available to the public. But bottled water or purified water as it is called is unregulated within State lines. They have no obligation to report to the public when compared to Municipal water. So anything goes. Tapping rights and distribution rights are purchased. Bottled water is a $11 Billion a year industry in the U.S. alone, that is Billion with a “B”. No wonder there are so many players out there competing for the market share. Many of them may be purified Municipal water that comes in our taps at home.


In today’s World of “Bigger the better” mentality, downsizing may be a challenge for many. Let’s take a look into our requirements of daily living. Simplicity in how we live may hold the key to our longevity and our inner happiness. Materials does not brings in happiness but takes it away.

How clean are our FINGERS and TOES?

Back then our fingers and our toes were free of shoes, Gloves and all sorts of toxic chemicals. Today we have housed them within shoes, and gloves, where they are being choked and stuffed. Remember we are social animals who perspire through our sweat glands. Creamed and lotions do close the sweat pores. Guess what happens. Our sweat gets imprisoned along with other toxins, leading to fungal out breaks, infected nail beds and what not. Remember there is a medicine for anything. One to bring it on and one to take it off. Either way the pharmaceutical companies benefit. All we need to do is to give our skin a breath of fresh air.