What does A CAR do for us?

Our car is not an asset but a liability. It has become a necessary evil for all of us. Moreover the economics that govern the automobile and energy industry is very interesting to analyze and learn from. They scratch each others backs to coexist and are in bed with each other in order to survive. The concept is very simple. We have a car and a tank of gasoline. With out the car the gasoline would be useless and without the oil the car would be n useless piece of metal. This also brings in a daily guaranteed revenue stream for the related parties. This follows the subscription model. First the consumer buys the car and secondly has to keep coming back to get gasoline over and over again for years. Which other industry can have a more secure revenue stream? Like it or not we are forced to fill gasoline and not water or hydrogen. We do not even have second options for our use, like solar power. Because it does not exist. Oil is king at the moment and been the center of power and control from the desert sands to the deep ocean wells.


STARVATION amidst plenty.

Growing and harvesting the crop is not the problem here. The problem is to have it distributed to the right place at the right time. With the current technology and the logistics involved in transporting a product from point A to point B it is amazingly simple. We throw so much money into Non profit entities. But we are failing to provide a meal to a dying infant or a malnourished child. Like the saying goes; Instead of giving a man a fish daily for free, teach him how to fish so he can provide for himself and his family. But based on the current model we are just giving the man a fish for free on a daily basis so he gets hooked on it and is stuck to it for life. In that process only he gets to eat that fish, while his family starves. He has taken the bait. If we turn our focus on the entire picture, by teaching them, they can sustain themselves and teach others as well.