BEGGING for food in the 21st century. Isn’t that sad?

In the supermarkets of today, they have certain specification of the length and width of bananas and the color and girth of apples. When they approach a farmer or co op, these specifications are made available to them before they do business with them. Only those fruits and vegetable that meet their strict specifications do pass the test before being shipped to market. The ones that don’t meet these specification or guidelines, are literally dumped and thrown overboard into massive pits to rot. This too benefits no one. Supermarkets are giving consumers what they demand and we the modern consumers are so picky. We want the carrots to be of equal size, regular shape, classic color and must be comical. Anything out of this norm, we will reject. This applies to all produce. We are conditioned on what an apple must look like or expect to see how a beet root is shaped. This is all conditioned in us over the years by the supermarkets. Anything that is misshapen, irregular or anything that looks abnormal are immediately tossed aside and discarded. In other words, these are perfectly healthy and edible. From what I know someone had started an online for this market as well. Who knew adversity would bring something promising. And on a positive note, people are beginning to notice.