Why are we COLOR CODED?

Times have change a lot from 10,000 B.C. We need to grow up, start appreciating what we have, learn to respect each other and enjoy our food, music and what not. Under the skin we are all the same. Skin is the largest organ in the body and it does not discriminate like we do. It performs its daily function of sweating, taking care of invaders and in the end helps in our very existence. That’s its purpose in life. What’s yours? Today we see that the entire World does fit in our smartphone. We can buy anything at any time of the day or night, talk to anyone in any country round the clock and even buy a Mega Ship online. We can even reside where ever we choose to live, even in outer space.Our HUMAN Mind is able to do anything and everything, bigger and better, making the impossible possible and discover the unknown by diving to the depths or by trying to conquer space. In spite of all these abilities we are still unable to put the subject of color behind us and move forward. Many are unable to accept a person for who they are. There is no way that we can change our color like a chameleon for purposes of satisfying someone or to get a particular high paying job that is supposedly reserved for a particular person of color, shunning the rest by closing the door in their face.


PRIVACY in the open.

Now you may ask: What about my privacy? Privacy has become a thing of the past. Privacy does not exist today. On top of that social media has transformed our personal lives into public ones. Most people seem to have no problem posting the pictures of themselves and their families onto the public domain. People do not even seem to think on what is appropriate to post and what is not. The most shocking feature is that people post on the social media sites announcing to the Whole World that they are currently in the Caribbean islands on vacation, for example. They also post real time photos while there to prove their presence. Now the Whole World knows that their house is empty. The house also advertises the type of alarm system which it uses for monitoring. Is this the smart thing to do?