After Holidays! What comes next?

We live in a society that craves materialism and instant gratification. Holidays have become money makers for retailers and is hugely marketed and commercialized. It’s all about the money. Where did the idea of gifting “JUNK STUFF” pop up from? Back in the old times people were gifting food, fruits and staples throughout their lives and not just once a year like we do. Today manufacturing of goods have taken up a completely new level. We are producing STUFF in bulk, and manufacturing much faster than anytime in our History. This has in fact sped up pollution, related diseases and mass environmental degradation. The more we manufacture goods that require vast amounts of energy, raw materials, Billions of gallons of water, dyes and chemicals,etc, the more we WILL pollute. So at the end of the day Each and everyone is responsible to cause this pollution either directly or in directly.


Are we HUNGRY enough?

When I was little, My grandmother used to say ” A tiger will eat grass too if it has to, because hunger will drive it to do anything”. Similarly the hunger that is present in each and everyone of us is enabling us to feed ourselves no matter what. This helps us with our own sustainability in life. This does not mean that we should commit crimes to satisfy ourselves with material wealth or money. This just means that we need to put in the best of our efforts to achieve all our goals in life. In the end once we achieve it, we can perceive the value in it for which we have worked so hard all our lives. On the other hand if things or opportunities were handed to us on a platter through money and connections, we will have no respect for it nor for ourselves. We would definitely undervalue it and would have no satisfaction of having overcome that hurdle.

How CLEAN are eateries?

When we go to a restaurant do we know what we are putting into our mouth including the reusable stainless steel cutlery the plates or the wine glass is clean. Do we know if it is cleaned well, if cleaned at all? Do we ever ask? If no, why not. As we all know most people have gum disease( periodontal disease) and many do not even know that they have it, maybe due to ignorance or less awareness of the disease. Many do not even go to a Dentist periodically, Many do not even brush their teeth and many others do not care for their Oral Health a bit. As long as there is no pain, they are happy eating what ever. Imagine this person sticking that fork or spoon into their mouth. If this is not cleaned or sterilized well, can it spread the germs between patrons. Maybe. It is anyone’s guess. Do guests care to ask about its cleanliness or care to eat their food. Most of the time it is the latter.

WHO is dictating our Life?

Today most decisions are made by millennial’s with ample exposure to the World around them. They have access to unlimited information just by clicking a few clicks on the keyboard. They are able to summon anything to their table just with the use of their computer and their credit card. Of course what would we all do without access to easy credit? They make very calculated decisions on what they want, how they want it and when they want it. They are the decision makers of today. It makes perfect sense because they have all the knowledge they require in this fast paced World for them to survive in it. They indeed do have a different mindset with a completely different set of skills to complement it. By Jumping into their World,  we will soon realize that they are super complex and complex enough for us old timers to handle. So we need to step back, guide them, answer all their questions, let them do their thing and we do ours.