Insignificance of a TITLE or Designation.

Having a fancy title such as President, VP, Managing director, Head of, Chief of etc uplifts a person psychologically in unimaginable ways. This does help hold a team together. it also shows the display of power within any organization. But title is just that, a title placed on someone for stating their particular position in a system of hierarchy that exists all around the World in most companies. This ensures and coveys certain hidden messages by way of designated positions that may carry weight of a person in a specific organization. In short and in other words we are being branded a title for identification purposes and for the purpose of conducting business with the outside World and for work that gets done within an organization. It also facilitates the ease of Inter- departmental and Intra-office communication. Many love to have their title mentioned dafter their names when they get introduced to other people in office and off site. In the end it becomes a matter of pride and prestige for that person. They may carry this pride and the ego that comes with it to retirement and beyond.


What we see is NOT what we see.

A Ultra High net worth individual may be driving a broken down car or wearing simple clothes. Where as a poor Man may act rich by wearing a $6000 Suit and may be driving a Lamborghini. So in life, what we see is not what we see. Looks are deceptive and we should never judge a book by its cover. The cover may look ugly, unattractive and dusty. But if we need to looks for gems, this is the place to look into. Inside we will find real treasure that has been ruffled up by past experiences, polished by being abused and skills honed in by external forces. This is how a real diamond is formed too deep inside the Earth under tremendous heat, stress and pressure. WE too can be polished to a shine and get the highest quality rating of VVS2 . To accomplish this in real life, we need to learn, get beaten down, rejected repeatedly, thrown out, kicked, and spit on. What does this do to us? It make us stronger and tougher like the diamond. We will be able to withstand anything that life throws at us. From our past experiences we have learned to face adversities and face people from all walks of life and do what we need to do in order to overcome all hurdles and obstacles that come our way. We will fight to the finish, by doing what ever it takes. In that entire process we will never give up. We will only stop once we have accomplished what we had set out to do in the first place. This in turn will give us the satisfaction of inner happiness and personal accomplishment. No other feeling in this World can beat this. Because we had stood on our own two feet and taken ourselves from concept to design to test to the finish line, all with our own efforts. This feeling is sweet.