Are we WAITING for each weekend to LIVE LIFE?

We live in a system that has been created for us to be enslaved for life. Who had given us the 9 PM to 5 PM time schedule to abide by and follow? Are we being controlled without our knowledge? Why are we all starting our cars, driving to and from our offices the same time of each day? Why don’t we start at different times of the day and end our day at different times to help end traffic congestion? We couldn’t do that, Because it IS THE system just like the monetary system that has been created to dominate everyone else. just like everything in life only the strong, rich and the powerful survive. Everyone else is toast. We will be living our lives day to day just to work, spend, pay taxes and pay the bills.This is what it has come down to. The common Man works the entire week just to look forward to be with his family for the weekend. In many instances they pick up overtime hours during nights and weekends too. So are they living at all? Are weekends that all they live for. Life is top be lived each and every day and each and every second. To postpone life or not to live life at all takes away what we have to offer back to this World. Hidden talents stay hidden, bright ideas stay not invented, carpets being pulled from under our feet and intelligence gets suppressed from coming to light. By doing so many stones may go Un-turned and many opportunities missed.


CAN’T WE all get along as one Species: Humans?

All countries have their own Annual defense budget that runs into the Billions of Dollars each year. The purpose of this is to fight and kill fellow Humans. Many of these soldiers have not even met each other, ever or even heard their names. In this case how could someone fight and kill another being while being a total stranger to each other?Now that we are well divided, If each country just use their own defense funds and distribute it equally among its own citizens each country will flourish very well along with its citizens.That’s a lot of money that is given out to each citizen. This would eradicate poverty, disease, homelessness, shelters, brothels, drug houses, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, addiction centers, Casinos, banks, financial institutions, broken families, the unemployed, hatred and bloodshed. Humans would live in peace with each other by being self sufficient. But that’s what we want. Each and every one on this list exists for a reason and it exists as a system to serve it’s master, the Elite. Everything has a reason and everything is connected for a reason. On the other hand, NO country has a peace budget. Surprised? Because none exists. This is because there is no money in Peace but there is plenty to be made by dividing people and ruling them WITH FEAR. This is what we are seeing happen all around the World.

WHAT have we achieved: From Sunrise to Sunset?

Live life to the fullest each and every day. Do what we truly love and commit to making a difference in someones life. As the power in us ripples outward, it does touch the life of many all around us and around the World. This is the power of one and this is the power of us. Yes, each and every one of us. Yes, each of us can make a difference. But it always starts with ONE. So lets start with us as number one and start counting to make each day count. It does not matter how long we live in years, What matters the most is have we lived our life fully and with no regrets. Have we lived and enjoyed each and every minute of our unique life on this Planet. If not we would be leaving plenty of regrets behind. In life all we get is one chance to make our life worthwhile. When our time is up, it’s time to pack up and leave for good.


We have embarked on a long journey through life on a one way street. There is no turning back. During this journey we have many choices and decisions need to be made. This is just like planning for a trip on a map. There are points where we need to rest, sleep and eat. Simplifying our life takes the stress out of life itself. Keeping it simple is the key.

REVEALING Ourselves.

All of us like to keep some privacy for ourselves. Like a two sided coin, all Humans have two sides. On one side we want to be social and on the other we want to have our own privacy. But there are times when we will need to reveal ourselves from the darkness that surrounds us. This is my story. It was a very dark one wintry and a blistering cold evening. The sun had just gone down and the wind was howling. With snow on the ground and freezing temperatures, the simple act of just crossing the road to the post office just got a lot harder and challenging. The ice beneath the snow was slippery. To avoid a fall, my concentration was focused on the steps that I was taking at that particular moment. The winter coat that I was wearing was white and the snow covering the ground was white too. All of a sudden, a car was speeding along the parking lot heading straight towards me. I froze on the spot and was unable to move. Luckily the driver had seen me at the last moment and had applied the brakes. Later on I was talking to the driver inside the post office. He mentioned to me that he never even saw me until the last second. Which is when he had braked. This had in fact saved my life and I am glad that he did.


The World sure has changed and so have its inhabitants who call themselves Humans. But to appreciate the two sides of the same coin (one old and the other new), it is only wise to explore their mindset along with their expectations and requirements of daily life. The grandfather does not and will not have the same mindset as his grand kids. Even the thought process may not be the same between a mother and her grown up daughter. Today we see that people have lost their very identity, morality and the ethics of everyday living. Living true to one self and others have become a thing of the past. Greed and Jealousy have taken over minds. Money has corrupted us all and the old honest life is moving away from us and fast. Today we see value in things and not in people. We stand in line to get the latest gadget but we forget to go for our Physical or to see our Dentist on a periodic basis. We spend more money buffing up our car to look pretty for others  that we forget to buff up our Health. Our priorities in life have changed drastically and is heading the wrong way.

Power of HUGS.

What does a Hug do and why is it more powerful than a simple handshake? A handshake has just been accepted to be a formality or a symbol of Professionalism in the Business World. So this type of relationship stays in the business arena. Hugs on the other hand displays the level of intimate connectivity between two parties which are like I said, bound by trust, togetherness and openness. What does hugs bring out in us. Since it has an emotional component, it has power in it which can ONLY be felt, but not seen. This is what makes it super powerful in terms of relationships and its emotional connection. Only close friends and inseparable couples are able to decipher the code of this intimacy. For the rest it may be just an act of connection or may fell just like a handshake.

FEASTING with our “Eyes”.

In the same way our eyes are meant to see things in the natural light and also in dim light at night. It all comes down to diet. If our diet is healthy we become healthy. That is Garbage in Garbage out. If we eat junk, that’s what we will be made of. If we eat ONLY healthy and natural foods, we will look, feel and stay wonderful throughout our lives. We may not even need to have liposuction, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, Botox, other fillers etc. NATURAL Water does hydrate our cells. By hydrating it, it keeps our skin healthy naturally. Water plays an important role in skin health, then comes vegetables and fruits. How many of us drink NATURAL water each day? Most of us drink sugary drinks, Coffee, Tea, energy drinks and bottled water to keep going. We are paying a premium to purchase it. Moreover we are exposing ourselves to sugar, artificial flavors, artificial colors, tons of preservatives and what not. Why do we need to support these giant Multi- National, Multi-Billion dollar companies who are feeding us this poison? ALL we need to do is to drink NATURAL water. This is what our body is designed to have. So let’s give it what it wants. Instead we are feeding it garbage.

Take your time, but PLEASE HURRY.

As a species we are mostly harmless, but at times we are our worst enemy to each other. This is not nature. This is in fact a conditioned or acquired trait that we learn from society. Hate is one such trait that is bestowed upon us by family or society or even a combination of both. None of us are born into this World to Hate anyone. Our birth in itself is brought about through love. Without love we wouldn’t even be here. We are the only species on this Planet that drink the milk of another species. Did you know that? Does this say something about us in regard to the exploitation of not just our species but others as well. In Human terms we would call it “Exploitation across species”. We have indeed crossed this line without getting any sort of permission to do so from the species who are getting exploitation. Isn’t this slavery? We are domesticating animals against their will, and killing them at will. Humans seem to have the final word on this Planet. We make our own laws. We also break them as needed when it need to suit our purpose. Law s are designed for the masses by the people who have money and power. This enables them to control everything they wish to take control of . In this process this elite few enrich themselves. It is Who who holds the power, money and control, controls everyone else. The rest of us are all puppets in this drama of life, meaning the 99%. We are being controlled by the invisible strings of the Man made law.

What are HOLIDAYS really FOR?

Memories are all that remains of us in our own personal lives, once all our friends are dead and gone. This tells a lot about us. It tells us that we have beaten all odds of survival to make it to this ripe old age. I should say, this young age. Because this is the new Young. As we all live longer and longer trying to hit the century mark, all of us need true and time tested support from family and friends. This is what it is all about, Support in both good and not so good times. During holidays, we tend to get absorbed in purchasing material gifts, that we forget to give the real gift of love. Gifts are not supposed to be wrapped in fancy paper sheets with bow and ties, but to be given as love that is filled with honesty,  wrapped in truth and that which is genuine.