Power of HUGS.

What does a Hug do and why is it more powerful than a simple handshake? A handshake has just been accepted to be a formality or a symbol of Professionalism in the Business World. So this type of relationship stays in the business arena. Hugs on the other hand displays the level of intimate connectivity between two parties which are like I said, bound by trust, togetherness and openness. What does hugs bring out in us. Since it has an emotional component, it has power in it which can ONLY be felt, but not seen. This is what makes it super powerful in terms of relationships and its emotional connection. Only close friends and inseparable couples are able to decipher the code of this intimacy. For the rest it may be just an act of connection or may fell just like a handshake.


FEASTING with our “Eyes”.

In the same way our eyes are meant to see things in the natural light and also in dim light at night. It all comes down to diet. If our diet is healthy we become healthy. That is Garbage in Garbage out. If we eat junk, that’s what we will be made of. If we eat ONLY healthy and natural foods, we will look, feel and stay wonderful throughout our lives. We may not even need to have liposuction, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, Botox, other fillers etc. NATURAL Water does hydrate our cells. By hydrating it, it keeps our skin healthy naturally. Water plays an important role in skin health, then comes vegetables and fruits. How many of us drink NATURAL water each day? Most of us drink sugary drinks, Coffee, Tea, energy drinks and bottled water to keep going. We are paying a premium to purchase it. Moreover we are exposing ourselves to sugar, artificial flavors, artificial colors, tons of preservatives and what not. Why do we need to support these giant Multi- National, Multi-Billion dollar companies who are feeding us this poison? ALL we need to do is to drink NATURAL water. This is what our body is designed to have. So let’s give it what it wants. Instead we are feeding it garbage.

Take your time, but PLEASE HURRY.

As a species we are mostly harmless, but at times we are our worst enemy to each other. This is not nature. This is in fact a conditioned or acquired trait that we learn from society. Hate is one such trait that is bestowed upon us by family or society or even a combination of both. None of us are born into this World to Hate anyone. Our birth in itself is brought about through love. Without love we wouldn’t even be here. We are the only species on this Planet that drink the milk of another species. Did you know that? Does this say something about us in regard to the exploitation of not just our species but others as well. In Human terms we would call it “Exploitation across species”. We have indeed crossed this line without getting any sort of permission to do so from the species who are getting exploitation. Isn’t this slavery? We are domesticating animals against their will, and killing them at will. Humans seem to have the final word on this Planet. We make our own laws. We also break them as needed when it need to suit our purpose. Law s are designed for the masses by the people who have money and power. This enables them to control everything they wish to take control of . In this process this elite few enrich themselves. It is Who who holds the power, money and control, controls everyone else. The rest of us are all puppets in this drama of life, meaning the 99%. We are being controlled by the invisible strings of the Man made law.

What are HOLIDAYS really FOR?

Memories are all that remains of us in our own personal lives, once all our friends are dead and gone. This tells a lot about us. It tells us that we have beaten all odds of survival to make it to this ripe old age. I should say, this young age. Because this is the new Young. As we all live longer and longer trying to hit the century mark, all of us need true and time tested support from family and friends. This is what it is all about, Support in both good and not so good times. During holidays, we tend to get absorbed in purchasing material gifts, that we forget to give the real gift of love. Gifts are not supposed to be wrapped in fancy paper sheets with bow and ties, but to be given as love that is filled with honesty,  wrapped in truth and that which is genuine. 

POTHOLES that have come into our lives.

In countries where corruption is rampant, potholes seem to take the upper hand. As a result of it the rider who rides their automobile to and from work is putting their life on the line commuting. Since there are no laws that are being enforced, any death, dismemberment or fatalities that arise as a result of this pothole is usually tossed aside. This results in the common Man suffering by going through this ordeal all by self. Also he or she has no means to see through the proceedings in court legally. This person is usually poor, a hard worker, dedicated to his work and to his family and is living paycheck to paycheck to put food on the table. The poor have always been paying the ultimate price of personal loss from the beginning of Mankind. The rich have always been exploiting the poor. The context in this case is that the rich Man or Woman has the power, money and control in him or her to bring about change to the community. But when big money is at stake strange things happen and nothing gets done on time due to inefficiencies in the legal system, and in the social structure of society where there is a major interplay of money, power, control and politics. Guess who the major player are? You guessed right. They are usually the rich and powerful. The common Man do not stand a chance in fighting them. To top it off, the cherry on the top of the pudding has corruption built into it.

OUR Destination!!!

We are running like rats with no destination in mind other than what society has conditioned us to do. WORK and MAKE MONEY. Then spend it all. Then repeat it day in and day out until we die. Society has been dictating and conditioning us to focus on the so called Golden age of retirement to enjoy life. Why not enjoy life today? When the time comes for us to enjoy this retirement, the retirement wheel may be rusted by then. We may have planned to travel the World after retirement. In many cases we cannot even go to the bathroom alone, let alone travel the World. Only today is for sure. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow may never come. We may be gone. So we need to ask ourselves these questions rather than blindly following the crowd with a herd mentality and by running without a destination on the rat race wheel. The more we run on this wheel, the faster we will move. But where are we heading? What is our end goal? Why are we following the crowd blindly?

It’s a REMOTE WORLD out there.

We also have a remote control for everything that we do these days. We do not even have to get out of the car to open the gates or the garage door to enter our home. The remote does it for us. Same goes with our smartphones. These days we can open or close our doors, switch on or off a fan, an air conditioner control the temperature of our homes, the sprinkler system,  all can be controlled right from our smart phone which is remotely controlling all aspects of our home and business life. We can even answer the door of our house from halfway across the World from another continent and even see who is at the door and talk to them. Security system can also be interfaced with many other features including motion sensors, facial recognition, heat signature and what not.

PRIVACY in the open.

Now you may ask: What about my privacy? Privacy has become a thing of the past. Privacy does not exist today. On top of that social media has transformed our personal lives into public ones. Most people seem to have no problem posting the pictures of themselves and their families onto the public domain. People do not even seem to think on what is appropriate to post and what is not. The most shocking feature is that people post on the social media sites announcing to the Whole World that they are currently in the Caribbean islands on vacation, for example. They also post real time photos while there to prove their presence. Now the Whole World knows that their house is empty. The house also advertises the type of alarm system which it uses for monitoring. Is this the smart thing to do?

Our HABITS: Will it make us or break us?

We never knew that there was so much money to be made in a commodity called coffee. Tea, coffee, cocoa, tobacco, alcohol, Marijuana etc are all drugs in the illegal sense. But our forefathers saw that money is there to be made on these products. So it was allowed to cross the line from the illegal side to the legal side and put into the legal category. Now it is sold openly in the open market. Many around the World are making a living out of it. Who is the one making the rules and also breaking the rules? The answer is Man. It’s he or she who has created the legal system in all countries. Rules do just that-RULE, but it only benefits a few. Whom are the rules made for?  You guessed it.

OUR EGO : The Enemy within.

An Enemy by definition in the simplest terms is someone whom we do not like for what ever reason. He or she is a person just like you and me, another Human being. It’s not their fault or ours. We have not connected mentally. Probably that person did not like this persons appearance or his or her behavior, for example. But each and everyone of us has at some point in our lives have given refuge to a previously unknown enemy to reside within us. It’s name is “Ego”. We are allowing it to reside within us at no charge and to live within us rent free. What a deal for “it”. We even feed it with negative emotions on a daily basis. As a result of this it is fed well, looked after well and after a stay lasting these many years, it may refuse to vacate the place. This is a very chronic situation where eviction is nearly impossible. Now how do you deal with Ego. We will need to forcefully evict it.