OUR Destination!!!

We are running like rats with no destination in mind other than what society has conditioned us to do. WORK and MAKE MONEY. Then spend it all. Then repeat it day in and day out until we die. Society has been dictating and conditioning us to focus on the so called Golden age of retirement to enjoy life. Why not enjoy life today? When the time comes for us to enjoy this retirement, the retirement wheel may be rusted by then. We may have planned to travel the World after retirement. In many cases we cannot even go to the bathroom alone, let alone travel the World. Only today is for sure. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow may never come. We may be gone. So we need to ask ourselves these questions rather than blindly following the crowd with a herd mentality and by running without a destination on the rat race wheel. The more we run on this wheel, the faster we will move. But where are we heading? What is our end goal? Why are we following the crowd blindly?


It’s a REMOTE WORLD out there.

We also have a remote control for everything that we do these days. We do not even have to get out of the car to open the gates or the garage door to enter our home. The remote does it for us. Same goes with our smartphones. These days we can open or close our doors, switch on or off a fan, an air conditioner control the temperature of our homes, the sprinkler system,  all can be controlled right from our smart phone which is remotely controlling all aspects of our home and business life. We can even answer the door of our house from halfway across the World from another continent and even see who is at the door and talk to them. Security system can also be interfaced with many other features including motion sensors, facial recognition, heat signature and what not.

PRIVACY in the open.

Now you may ask: What about my privacy? Privacy has become a thing of the past. Privacy does not exist today. On top of that social media has transformed our personal lives into public ones. Most people seem to have no problem posting the pictures of themselves and their families onto the public domain. People do not even seem to think on what is appropriate to post and what is not. The most shocking feature is that people post on the social media sites announcing to the Whole World that they are currently in the Caribbean islands on vacation, for example. They also post real time photos while there to prove their presence. Now the Whole World knows that their house is empty. The house also advertises the type of alarm system which it uses for monitoring. Is this the smart thing to do?

Our HABITS: Will it make us or break us?

We never knew that there was so much money to be made in a commodity called coffee. Tea, coffee, cocoa, tobacco, alcohol, Marijuana etc are all drugs in the illegal sense. But our forefathers saw that money is there to be made on these products. So it was allowed to cross the line from the illegal side to the legal side and put into the legal category. Now it is sold openly in the open market. Many around the World are making a living out of it. Who is the one making the rules and also breaking the rules? The answer is Man. It’s he or she who has created the legal system in all countries. Rules do just that-RULE, but it only benefits a few. Whom are the rules made for?  You guessed it.

OUR EGO : The Enemy within.

An Enemy by definition in the simplest terms is someone whom we do not like for what ever reason. He or she is a person just like you and me, another Human being. It’s not their fault or ours. We have not connected mentally. Probably that person did not like this persons appearance or his or her behavior, for example. But each and everyone of us has at some point in our lives have given refuge to a previously unknown enemy to reside within us. It’s name is “Ego”. We are allowing it to reside within us at no charge and to live within us rent free. What a deal for “it”. We even feed it with negative emotions on a daily basis. As a result of this it is fed well, looked after well and after a stay lasting these many years, it may refuse to vacate the place. This is a very chronic situation where eviction is nearly impossible. Now how do you deal with Ego. We will need to forcefully evict it.

The LANGUAGE of ANIMALS: Will we ever learn them?

Animals communicate to each other using verbal sounds, chemical scents, bodily odor, displaying dances and some even communicate by singing. But we have not mastered that technique of recognizing those sounds or communication styles. In a way nature has given them their own way of expressing themselves and helps them in communicating with each other. But in the case of man, since we are supposed to have a brain with high IQ we were just let out in the open to explore the World for ourselves and create our own set of languages to communicate between ourselves. 

Vegetarian MUSCLE!

Our body was in fact designed to be vegetarian based. Carnivores have very concentrated stomach acids that even digest bones. Do we have it? No. Our stomach is so small in comparison. We can only each so much at one time. But with carnivores, they never know when their next meal is going to be or where it is going to come from. So they have a larger belly to accommodate a full tank of gas. Does this make sense? I think so that it does. Ultimately we ended up with agriculture and have survived to this day doing so. Today eating meat is optional for all of us. Anything in moderation is good. That includes, food, wine and money. Too much of anything is poison.

FOMITES : The invisible transmitter.

What does fever, headache, cold, pain etc signify? These are symptoms by which our body is trying to talk to us. This is the way by which they communicates with us. But in turn what do we do. We tell them to shut up by feeding our body with counter drugs in order to suppress the symptoms. Most drugs in the markets are designed to mask the symptoms and not to cure, with the exception of life saving drugs. If a drug is capable of curing a disease, who would be purchasing medications in bulk subscriptions. It will only be purchased probably once. But if we are told that there is no cure  for a particular disease, the alternative option is to keep taking these drugs like candies for rest of our lives. Either the drug may kill us or the disease will. Do you agree?

Do YOU know your neighbor?

So do you know your neighbor? I don’t think so. This trend seems so Universal and is seen most commonly in major cities. In small towns and villages, people still know each other by name, have known each other’s family for generations. They talk to each other on  a daily basis, help each other out with errands, kids play together, they celebrate festivals or Weddings together. That’s Life. This is what we are missing out on each and everyday trying to follow the money trail. In that process we are forgetting to Live Life. Even the basics of knowing our neighbor has become obsolete. When we go to school for the first time, don’t we introduce ourselves to each other and to our teacher? The same lesson can be learned from a first grader and applied to each of our own lives. This may help change a thing or two for the better.

COULD WE survive underground?

How do termites live? How do they build these vast mounts with no hands? Is it their instinct at work? They have no blue prints nor Professional engineers? How they do it is really amazing. When we analyse their termite mount, we see that there have very intricately constructed channels and highways within the mount which may also extend both above and below the surface. These highways serve as pathways to move food, people and also serves as their ventilation system to maintain a constant year round temperature, no matter what the temperature is outside. They also have food storage rooms.