JUNK MAIL: Wasted paper and ink.

The amount of junk mail that we receive both in office and at home is exorbitant in scale. Each day they are stuffed into our mailbox with little room to spare for real mail. They come into our mailbox without our consent. In fact they are coming into our lives unsolicited. We do not want them, but they keep coming whether we like it or not. When we consider each and every home that is receiving such mail, the amount is staggering sum. Most of which ends up in landfills and ends up being burnt. Along with this paper, this ink also gets vaporized into the atmosphere. This is what we breathe in.


HARVESTING water out of thin air.

There is plenty of moisture in the air, if not underground. Air currents circulate this moisture all around the World. As water evaporates and forms a part of the water cycle, fog is created. High up in the hills, this serves as a valuable and pollution free mode to tap drinking water. Once collected this can be transported effortlessly to the valley below by way of gravity. The other way is to to maximize availability is to use the available water resources very wisely. The third is to tap into and save rain water underground. This can be collected and held in huge tanks around each dwelling. There is moisture present in the air in the driest of deserts. Animals and plants have adapted to survive even here by creating ingenious ways in tapping fog. So why can’t we?


We will, but only if water is taken away from us. Only then will the value of a single drop of water count. Right now we are flushing toilets with no remorse, watering our lawns for it to look pretty for others, we are wasting food by the millions of tons, throwing out misshapen healthy vegetables and fruits, industrial waste water, water used for cattle farming etc etc and the list goes on. With it comes water scarcity and pollution.