AIR-DROPPING Seeds: Idea that sprouts

If each of us do our part in planting trees in our own backyard, we may create our own individual solution to an overall and urgent problem that all of us face: The lack of trees that can help support support all of us on this Planet. If each of us plant just ONE Tree and take care of it over our lifetime and if this trend keeps continuing in subsequent generations, it will become a habit that cannot be broken. The tree which we have planted will be providing shade and fruits to those who follow us long after we are gone. In a way we are leaving a legacy for the future generations. they will reap the benefits of our hard work. This does not require any money. All we need to do is to plant one seed and follow through on this seed by nurturing it to maturity. Nature will take care of the rest.


TOYS and our Landfill.

Toys have been an intricate part of our lives from the very beginning of Mankind and have been woven deeply into our childhood. Kids have created their own games for centuries to fight boredom and to make new friends. Today, our toys are ruled by plastics. We have lost our creativity in formulating new games and got sucked into virtual games. We are playing with players all across the World, most of whom we have never see and probably will never even know their real names. Toys also a child’s best friend but an absolute nightmare for the environment. They are a use and throw product collecting dust in our attics, basement and in our landfills. Since most of them are thrown in landfills, they tend to have an average lifespan of 100 plus years before they can degrade completely to the ground. Once they reach the subterranean lifestyle they can get into our drinking water supply and into Oceans.

BIO-LUMINESCENCE : Nature’s Miracle.

Man has invented electricity by way of trial and error using the raw materials that are found in Nature. But nature has a Natural way of creating light within our bodies which applies to only a certain species of animals on the Planet. Some are microscopic and a few are only slightly bigger. So what happens during the Bio-luminescence and what is it? Bio meaning Life and luminescence means light. In essence it stands for any living thing which generate light.  Bio-luminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism. It may be created through the interaction of biochemicals within the body. It may be even called Chem-luminescence, where chemical energy is released in the form of light through Bio transformation. Bio-luminescence occurs widely in marine vertebrates and invertebrates, as well as in some fungi, bio-luminescent bacteria and terrestrial invertebrates such as fireflies. Not only are these species of plants and animals beautiful to look at, in some cases they may be deadly as well. They themselves may act as a bait to attract potential prey. Once the prey gets attracted to this emitted light, they head towards it and become prey. Most organisms are found in deep Oceans at the abyss where sun light hardly penetrates. To feed themselves they have adapted by using this technique and has been working very well for them for centuries. Above ground we have fireflies lighting forests and sidewalks. Nature is amazing in many ways, but this Boo-Chemical Phenomenon tops everything else.

Importance of EARTHWORMS.

So the next time we see an Earthworm, we need to give it some respect and some space. Let it do it’s thing and we should do ours. If we do not interfere with Nature, it will not interfere in our irresponsible and childish ways. We have done a wonderful job in wiping out major forests, polluting our air with Chemicals, Tainting the food we eat, making ourselves a drug dependent society, depleting our water resources and ever increasing our dependence on fossil fuels. What more is there left to destroy? If our focus is going to be ONLY for more profits, then we re doomed as a Species and it will be status quo moving forward. If we have learned our lessons from the past 100 years and are willing to correct ourselves in protecting our Planet, we would need to step back immediately and mend our dirty ways of doing business with Nature. Animals and Plants, both large and small occupy this Planet with us and call it their home too. We are not the only one on it. Any action that we embark on, affects them too. So we need to keep them in our mind before committing an irresponsible act against Nature.

Blocking the MIGRATORY PATH of Animals.

We have constructed roads, bridges, tunnels, country roads etc that criss-cross our land, town and country. With so many artificial barriers both animals and plants are confused. Most Animals such as elephants and cattle used to migrate along the same path taken by their ancestors for many centuries. This trait has been passed on from generation to generation. As Humans our job is to disrupt everything in our path for our own convenience and comfort. Today that same path is obstructed by high walls, highways and barricades. So what happens to these animals. They are stuck inside a vast belt of roadway that is built to circle a city to keep traffic flowing. At some point the animal instinct kicks in. It uses its internal navigational mechanism and follows that inner drive. In that process it ends up on the highway, get stuck by passing motorists or trucks and gets killed. What do we do? We just have the clean up crew do their job who toss the carcass on the side of the road to rot and life goes on.

Beauty in ICE.

Water is abundant. It is found all around us and within us. When something is in plenty, we do tend to take it for granted.  Also we as Humans love water and are attracted to it. We want our homes close to the beach, lakefront or by a creek. Because water is beautiful. Now lets analyse water even closer. When water crystallizes and turns to ice, it is even prettier at a microscopic scale or even when we see it with our naked eyes. Don’ t take my word for it, Experience it.

CONNECTING with nature.

So where have we gone wrong and what are we doing to our own Home? Our beautiful Planet that is unlike any other which is filled with life, filled with color and filled with vibrant beauty. Maybe it may have a much shorter life than the creator intended. With it our life follow, meaning each and every one of us. We are all to blame for the unimaginable size of the pollution that we have created for ourselves through our excess consumption, our disposable habits and our carelessness in throwing wastes right in our own backyard. There is no way we can clean it up. Since it is a next to impossible task we will never pursue it. To clean up wastes new Businesses have popped in raking in money as well. First we bring in the industrial age to satisfy consumers with goods they don’t need, then they do a great job in disposing off everything into our landfills, polluting our air, water and land.So why manufacture in the first place. Why don’t we manufacture through custom ordering and let go mass production? This will reduce excess production, excess inventory and excess waste. WE will then start using only what is needed. Today we have TV sizes from 1 inch LED to 150 inch LED. All we need is to get the information that is necessary. The size of the TV does not matter, but it seems like for some size matters.

Imagine a SMOKE-FREE World.

Most of the houses today, especially in and around all major metropolitan cities around the World have at least a minimum of two cars. Multiply that by the amount of people who drive those cars on a daily basis. This will give us the extent of smoke pollution that is being expelled into the atmosphere throughout the World each and every second. This explains why we cannot even take a breath of our so called fresh air. Fresh air does not even exist these days. Our ocean and air currents carry with it all the toxic wastes that we generate and carry it along to every far corners of the World. This tells us why plastics are washing up along the shores of even remote Islands. A dust storm that happens in the Sahara Desert may spill these dust particles 3000 miles away after crossing the Atlantic and over on to the Amazon rain forests. Our World has become a very small place indeed and is well connected on a micro and macro scale with all its residents. Any set back in that one link will transcend to others like a ripple in a pond. This is in fact a very fragile ecosystem. As Humans, we do not seem to understand that nor do we seem to get it. Technology has helped us to know more about our entire Planet like never before but we are still continuing to do business the old fashioned way.

What if our SUN sets Permanently?

If the Sun decides to crank up its power we are toast. If it decides to lower the power we would all freeze in an instant.
As Humans, we are only renting this Planet. We are in fact highly insignificant beings. For example, Just try comparing our size to the entire Planet Earth. Now one scale up try comparing ourselves to our solar system with all the Planets, then our Galaxy and then outwards towards the dark Cosmos. It’s scaled at infinity. Now can we appreciate how tiny we are.