The only thing we can do for the rest of us is to hold the door open for each other and help each other out. This small act of kindness can go a long way. It can ease someones’s pain and suffering. In return they may return the favor to someone else by doing the same. If we do not or are not willing to help someone in need, let’s at least get out of their way and not harm them in any way. They will then do what they need to do to get back on their feet. Either we need to help or step back. Holding a door open for someone in an elevator or at the entrance to a building is a simple gesture that tells the World that we too are Human and there are still people in the World who do care for us. This sparks the fading light of our faith in Humanity. So lets keep the doors open in our Heart too to help others pass. We need to push people up or lift them up but never to push them down or treat them low. Humanity still exists in this World. But we will need to know where to find it. Sadly, It has become a rarity. We definitely cannot change all the people around us, but all we can do is to change ourselves by holding the door for others. Hopefully others will follow suit. Let us be the first to set the example for others to follow. 


DO WHAT IS RIGHT and NOT what is easy.

Doing right and staying true to ourselves will give us a long peaceful life. We can sleep well at night too. We also do not have to watch our backs that often. To do what is right does not need any special effort from us nor do we need to have a good memory. All we need to do is to right and say what is right. In short we need to do and say as it is. Doing right does not mean that it is going to be the easy way out in any situation. Sometimes truth do test us in strange ways. But to stay truthful to our conscience requires us to stay our ground and beat all odds that stack up against us. This requires, patience, courage and persistence. Most people follow a shortcut to their destination, but this shortcut may not be always the right way to approach and do things. It may be easy to do but it might not be the right way to do it.

DO WE have enough time?

As time passes, it heals everything. but it is us who is the prime initiator of all problems in this World. We have created this and brought it upon us to ourselves. Life will be simple if we choose to live simply. Simplifying our lives gives us a lot back in terms of dividends. It takes out the clutter, stress and stuff out of our lives. Our time on this Earth is finite but time will still go one without us after we pass. Once we are gone we are gone for ever. There is no coming back. We will also be forgotten the very minute we pass. We will even lose our identity and we will be labeled a BODY. All the chance we have got is now. It is our one and only chance. Remember, we are only renting this Planet for our short stay here. It is just a stop over. From here on our journey will cease when our heart stops beating and when our brain die. The next leg of the journey will be bacterial decomposition of our very self, back to the soil. The finite time we have been given need to be used up wisely. This time cannot be overspent like having more money. We can make more money but we cannot make more time. 

PLEASE and THANK YOU: The Golden words.

“Please” and “Thank you” are the simple Golden words that has the power to move mountains. It also soothes the soul by gaining acceptance. It may also be the mantra where people do succumb to its charm. Many complex things can be accomplished by being considerate, respectful and polite to each other and by treating each other how we would want to be treated. Every activity that we perform is mutual and should be meaningful to each other. If not it defeats the purpose of being Human. We all know of the expression that Pen is mightier than the sword. I would say our words are much mightier than the pen itself. When we write something it can be erased, shredded or even thrown out, because it is on simple paper. But words on the other hand is resonating from our voice-box and is expelled into the surrounding air. The medium of air that carries these in the form of voice is unstoppable once it leaves our tongue. It also leaves no mark behind. In the age of voice recognition, identification and storage, this does leave a mark behind just like what paper does. This leaves a paper or a voice trail as the case may be. 

Why do we have LOCKS, KEYS and RECEIPTS?

Trust has become a very hard to find commodity these days. I have used it in the context of a product because it is sourced in the view of a product rather than an internal form of emotional attachment to ourselves. Today we have safes, vaults and bunkers to safeguard products by keeping it away from each other. We also have doomsday scenarios where we are preparing to survive ourselves by protecting ourselves from each other. Thus has led to a boom in the construction of doomsday bunkers deep underground that is stocked with food, weapons and everything else. In short we are trying to outsmart each other just to survive for ourselves. Having survived all these centuries by crossing evolutionary lines, have we come down to this level of trying to survive just for us? Do we ever care for others? Each of us in reality need each other for our own survival. That’s why we have been living in cities rather than living in isolated villages with no Medicines, safe running water or power.

Who are WE and WHO put us here?

So who are we and who put us here? I would say we are given a unique chance to live our lives on this planet that is positioned in the safe zone where life can prevail. Too close to the Sun and we would be toast and a bit far away we would freeze. Why is it that there is just one of us ( the only known planet with Life) in the vast expanse of dark space. I am sure that there is plenty of Planets just like ours with water and air that can support life out there. It would be very naive and stupid to think otherwise. With billions upon billions of Galaxies out there with their own Sun, we are just a very tiny speck of sand in the vast infinite space. How are planets positioned perfectly in space and how is it that they move in their own path of rotation around the Sun without ever colliding? We mat say it is gravity and magnetism that is holding it in place. Let’s take a look at another view. With trillions of asteroids and meteorites around us, how come we have survived so long and have made it to being the so called Modern Human being of today? 

Are WE LIVING for US or for the society?

Each day we need to live for us and not for anyone else. Living others dreams that are NOT our own means that we are allowing someone else to take reign of our life and to have control over us. All of us have been given the same chances in life. It is up to us to use it or lose it. We should be having control over our own lives and run it as if it is our own. Would you allow someone else to live in your house and give them full control over what you do and when you do it or have them say when we are allowed to do a certain task? Our home is our abode and it is our private space.  We have collected and arranged all unwanted stuff to accommodate our conveniences in life. 

WHY are WE drifting apart?

Materialism has taken over us and made us its slave. We will be working day in and day out just to consume and pay its bills. This is in fact modern day slavery. Someone out there is orchestrating the entire system. Systems are created by man and is designed to exploit the masses. We are kept in this loop of the rat race- work, consume and pay the bills. During this process we start losing our health and start getting ourselves into another system of healthcare. This is where the major players are- the hospitals , pharmaceuticals, insurance companies and all the middlemen. The daily stress of not having money does lead to diseases such as depression, anxiety, gambling, and addiction. Now we have a magic pill for everything. Addiction and rehabilitation centers have popped up all over the place so has dialysis centers. Every medication that we take has complications and to threat these other centers of cure has come into existence. Everything is tied together and everyone is benefiting from it, EXCEPT the patient.

A Seed DOES NOT FALL far away from the tree.

Today we live in a World that lives in close proximity to each other. The entire World does fit into the palm of our hand. We can get things done right from our home. All we need is a computer, a credit card and an internet connection. Back in the dark ages, people lived in various tribes that were scattered all around the World.  Even though our seed is sown close to home, we do tend to be carried away by wind and birds to far off places, from where we could grow, mature and expand to lands far away. But we can learn a lot from our roots. Roots gives us a way to connect to the past and at the same time appreciating what we have thereby enabling us to look to our future. It paves the road for all of us. It is always wise to learn form our ancestors. We can definitely learn a thing or two from them.

THE FACADE of our own Lives.

Let’s look further into this so called toxins that are housing themselves within each cell add disrupting their individual function. When multiple cells heed to this negative force, the entire body succumbs to its power and strength. These toxins that bring us down eventually are jealousy, hatred, anger, grudge, animosity and other negative emotions. We allow them to live within us rent free and they have indeed turned upon us by killing us from within while we are alive. To get rid of this, first of all we need to stop comparing ourselves with others. Social media is helping fuel this fire of jealousy. People see others traveling to exotic places, eating the finest foods, and shopping like there is no tomorrow. When people see this being posted openly on the internet, all these emotions burst open and spill over out of these cells and flood our body. They will in turn destroy us if we continue to do what we are doing.