Are we CHEATING LIFE to conquer DEATH?

Most of us seem to live just to work and in that process we are not living life at all. Before we realize that life has passed by, it’s time to go. Working to pay the bills and pass life by following a routine of 9am-5pm may in the end become a wasted life. During this period, all we have done is worked to keep ourselves alive, by trading our life and our time for money. This Life and time will not come back. It is gone for ever. The rich will always leverage others life and time by trading/purchasing it with money. In that process, the middle class and poor will get sucked into the pursuit of money just to survive, meanwhile the rich will utilize their time for better usage. Our Artificial World has been created by the Elite to control everyone else. If we do not go to work we do not get paid. If we do not get paid, we cannot pay our bills. If we cannot pay our bills, bad things happen. So we are all on this rat race together. It has been set up and designed to be as such. This keeps us busy to keep working, spending, paying our bills and then back to work. This is an endless cycle that takes away our youth, out middle age, until we die. To top it off we will be paying taxes by working to death until death. Today we are even taxed at death and beyond by Estate taxes.


IS WORK our only identity?

Attaining fame through 5 seconds of fame, media outlets or through social media sites may reap rewards in the long term but there is a lot at stake here on a short term. It is our personal identity that we are gambling here. Just like in real life, not everyone will like us and not everyone will hate us for who we are or how we look like to them. All we can do is to be we. We cannot change our identity for no one. In some cases we can get a hair transplant, get liposuction, get breast augmentation and in these days change sex. This is the kind of World that we are living in where no one is happy with themselves. They want to lose their own identity to take on someone else. In that process they are losing out on being themselves ever and holding on to their identity. Once they lose it there is no turning back to retrieve it. It will be lost in the ocean of confusion and glamour of the social media platforms. 

8 plus 8 plus 8 : A WELL BALANCED LIFE.

All of us need to have a purpose in our own individual lives than just work to make money and not live life at all. In the end we will need to have lived life to the fullest in our terms and leave with no regrets. Each of us should enjoy every second of each day, If not we are not living Life. WE need to have a passion in us and also have an inner drive to propel it forward. If passion and purpose do not exist in our lives, our own existence become meaningless.

VACANT Real Estate: A money pit or an Eye-sore?

So what do we plan to do with all this dead space. Maybe cities could transform it into Art galleries, indoor markets that support farmers, bakers, craftsmen and artisans by providing them with incentives. This may be a start of something new with the existing infrastructure. By letting it sit vacant for too long may bring it to its knees and crumble what is remaining. It may be an iconic building that we will lose along with a piece of history of that community. By opening it up to a community, it will create new jobs and transform lives for many in the community. As a result the community grows together.

The Fire of HATRED.

As we grow into adulthood, we must be in position to think for ourselves on what is wrong and what is right, differentiate between good and evil thoughts, learn to filter the truth from the lie and learn to read people minds an emotions. We also need to know what their intentions are. How are they benefiting either directly or indirectly by getting into our minds and thus transforming our thoughts? Hate breeds hate and misery always loves company. As Humans we are one selected species that is supposedly intelligent. But in many instances animals are behaving much better than us. Each and everyone of us are given this unique ability to think for ourselves, being creative, to innovate and to accomplish anything we wish to do. We need to use this talent to uplift all of Humanity, not to bring to its downfall.

Being UPFRONT in Life.

Being honest, and straightforward is not something that we see these days. It has become uncommon. Integrity seems to not matter at all. Respecting one another non existent. Mannerism is on their way to extinction. Face to face communication is at a standstill. Virtual communication abound. Having Millions of virtual friends but no real friends. Handwriting, meaning writing with a pen has become obsolete. In this virtual age of Instant gratification, we want everything fast and now. It also has become an age where money rules the World. People smile to us in the face and work behind our back. When was the last time we were upfront with our family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances? Mutual Trust has become a thing of the past.We have been taught to please everyone from the minute we were born. Right from our Mother, Father, teachers, mentors, lovers, wife, sons, daughters etc. But what about us as a person? We come in last.


Technology has come a long way. Anything and everything that we see around us has stemmed from someones idea. It has originated from someones brain and has rippled outward bringing in New products for the masses. As consumers we are conditioned to consume. Hence it brings with it new employment and thus creating life for millions around the World. Wouldn’t this skin yield one of those products that can change Human life for ever. This skin will give way to needing no anti-venom in developing countries, it can self regulate our body temperature. This skin may even be able to record our vitals and wirelessly transmit the data across Oceans and over Land. It may also help us stay alive in the vast open Wilderness in case of any life threatening emergency. This skin may even be able to perform CPR using remote access from anywhere in this World. This skin may even give a second chance in life for many outdoor enthusiasts, Scientists, adventurists, archeologists and Hobbyists.So what’s keeping us from achieving something? It rests within us. We are our own barriers that impede our own growth.

“NIP IT” in the bud.

In life each us us have our own comfort zones. This zone is  our personal space that we have created for ourselves. Our security depends on it. So we tend to fight any change that threatens this inner zone. We tend to get highly defensive about any change. We pass each day within this inner circle and are more apt in taking no risks at all. This keeps us in the loop of the same old, same old mindset with no chance of us ever getting out. To make change we need to fight change. To break a habit we will need to fight it. It is our own mind doing the talking inside us. Only we can help break this habit. No one else can help us.

What can we learn from our ANCESTORS?

Life does go on and has gone this far for millions of years back in time. It will also continue its course moving forward with or without us. Just like us our ancestors too have learned from their own life experiences and also have learned from their own forefathers before them in order to survive. Fast forward to today, food is available in plenty and everything from water to diapers are delivered to our doorstep at a moments notice. We are in fact spoiled. We do not have to hunt for our next meal nor have to fight for food. Our ancestors too did face difficulty but have survived by overcoming each and everyone of them. We too will follow suit. 

Do we want to keep RUNNING?

Society has given us this roadmap to retirement which is in fact an empty promise. Most will not even make it there. The concept is: Work now, sacrifice the moment, pay taxes and plan for a fantastic time in paradise 50 years from now. Is this the idea of winding down? It sounds very grim. So what about now? Are we living to make use of today or are we going to forego what life has to offer us today and go in search of a far fetched and a very uncertain goal. Most of us are conditioned to follow this path. Each of us are free to do what ever we choose to do. But we need top step back, think and act on what is right for our particular situation. Once today is gone, it’s gone for ever, and tomorrow is unknown. All we have for sure is the present moment.