Why aren’t we BREATHING?

Today we see that our Artificial lives have been filled with self induced stress that are bought out on our own. The stress of life itself will kill us these days. Greed, Jealousy, hatred, Ego, anger and other negative emotions have taken over our lives to its detriment. In doing so we are forgetting to breathe in air. We have thrown out old school morals that have been put in place by our ancestors, we have outlawed their teachings as obsolete by branding them as primitive and have embraced modern technology by learning to accept them as part of our lives. In light of this we have lost natural medicines to logging, lost valuable information from the past and have lost respect for ourselves and for our ancestors. For it it who had laid the foundation for our present day existence. Without them we would not even have been born or survived to this day. Their sacrifices must mean something to us. But it seems like it doesn’t.


The Power of TRUTH.

Truth remains the truth no matter what. Truth always triumphs. It is also pure. It cannot be manipulated nor corrupted. It is what it is. It is also in plain sight for all to see. There are times in our own lives that we will be tested for our honesty and integrity. It is with…

Let the “STEAM” OUT.

Then there are external and internal stresses. Some we have control of and many others we do not. Some are our own making and many are beyond our control. We can only manipulate what is in our control. For anything else that is beyond our control we need to deflect it by learning to let go just like the windshield of our cars. If we tend to control the external forces, will be losing energy at an enormous pace only to find it unmanageable. WE are in reality very insignificant when we take into consideration of what happens around us, right outside our skin moving outward to infinity. Our life is so minuscule in the Geological time scale that we do not even matter any more. We are just a tiny speck of a grain of sand in a vast ocean. Tying ourselves to money will bring in much added stress. For example, if some one is too Wealthy, they need to worry about having to safeguard it, hire bodyguards round the clock and maybe even have to sleep with one eye open. Because they can trust no one. This gives us something optimistic for the rest of us to be happy about (the people with no money, rest 99 %). We are able to sleep well because there is nothing to take which we do not have. WE are the ones who are truly living our life. No paparazzi’s to worry about. Life just goes on.

BIG PLATE: Small Portions.

Why do we throw out food daily and have food wastage in a massive scale all across the so called industrialized World, while the other half of the World is cramped with famine, disease, hunger , malnutrition and death. On one side there is surplus and on the other there is scarcity? There is something wrong with this picture. These both scenarios are being played out on the surface of the same Planet. What is wrong and where have we gone wrong?  Would we love to share our food with someone?  Maybe not. Looks like it. Is it that the poor nations need to fend off for themselves in their quest for food? Will the so called rich or industrialized nations help them at all?  The poor nations were rich at some point during their history and the rich nations were poor at some point. Hence the switch in economic status. The poor nations that were rich in natural resources were subdued, looted, taken over, divided and colonized, enslaving everyone. To make matters worse they were also branded as ” Third World”. This is what our history has shown us so far. Nothing seem to have changed even today. We have never learned form our past mistakes nor will ever learn from them. Mistakes have been swept under the rug under the cover of darkness. We need to ask ourselves: How much can we eat at one time and how much do we need in order to survive? Because all our future actions are based on this answer.

Are WE (Each of us) contributing to pollution?

Why are we putting a ban on plastic bags, Why not prevent manufacturing it in the first place? Why are we chasing the pacific garbage patch, why not ban plastics all over the World and replace it with a biodegradable alternative? Why do we consume plastics in the first place and chase them all over the world in the name of cleaning up and trying to make a difference? Make a difference by not using plastics at all, drastically reducing consumption or not letting go of that plastic can in your hand in the first place. Letting it go and chasing it all over the World is plain stupidity. Prevention is always better than cure and this cure is never guaranteed. It comes with wasted money, wasted time and wasted efforts. All we have to do is not to let plastic leave our hands.

Be a Freshman, not a ROOKIE.

With the advent of each day, we need to be seekers of knowledge. We need to be learning as though it was our first day on the job as a rookie. This helps us ignite the passion for knowledge within us and this serves as a stepping stone to the next level by progressing step by step in baby steps. This is how we grow. WE make many mistakes in the process. We get to learn from those mistakes and know what not to do to avoid them in the future. No one becomes successful without learning something new or by committing any mistakes. Mistakes do provide us a helping hand in uplifting others. Once we ave come up to our desired level, it is our job to pull others up and not push others down. Sadly, The latter part of this is what we see each day. Leaders always push people up to enable each of them to be successful under their watchful eye.

SUCCESS works in the Dark, FAILURE Slaps us in Public. Why?

So what’s the purpose of having wealth or money at the age of 95 when we cannot even enjoy it. Life is supposed to be a balance of everything. It’s like a side dish. It is meant to be touched and tasted but not to meant to be made a meal out of. By working thought out our lives trying to make something out of money and paying our bills, what have we accomplished, other than, work, earn , spend and pay bills. By doing so and repeating the same day after day, month after month and year after year all we will have to show for in the end are the wrinkle on our faces, a hand filled with tremor, a faded vision, wasted muscles and diminished overall health. Now it will be time to use the same money that we may have possibly saved to probably bring our body back to health. This is with no guarantees what so ever.

Why do we need BLACKOUTS?

We have not been exposed to darkness or blackouts since the invention of the light bulb. Darkness is basically and fundamentally the absence of light. Today we have light 24/7 round the clock and is non stop. Most countries have something called blackouts at certain times of the day and night in order to conserve power, Especially during peak times. Of course this is the time when we all need it, but it is all this time when the demands is more. To reduce strain on the grid this blackout is essential in order to sustain the entire system and keep it running, at least it seems like it. It may be considered a necessary evil. Most of our power comes from coal fired power plants which wrecks havoc on the environment. We all seem to not care about it nor do we ever think about where our power comes from. As long as the light comes on when we flip the switch is all that we care about. Nuclear power brings with it tons of nuclear waste. It also comes with serious hazards. Solar, hydro and wind power seems to have trouble gaining market share for various reasons. You know what they are.


Every country has a plan to budget. They have a budget for everything under the Sun, including War, Health, Childcare, Family Planning, Estate, taxes, Holidays etc etc. But No country seem to have a measure to measure the happiness of its citizens. The country may be rich , but what about its citizens? What if the state is rich but the people are poor and living in misery? What if the rich do not pay any taxes and the middle class pays taxes for all to fill in this void? In this case the rich gets to enjoy the freedom to have more money, meanwhile the middle class has to work just to pay the taxes to cover all. So you already have the answer to: Who is Happy here and who is not? Income inequality is an all time high in all countries. Men are STILL being paid more than women for the same job and title. Why? This is 21st century and not 6th century.

Are we drinking WATER at all?

How do we know bottled water is safe? Water from some source is bottled up in PLASTIC bottles in some warehouse for months, subject to variations of hot and cold based on different climatic conditions. Plastic is a mixture of many toxic chemicals including the most talked about BPA. BPA is just one of the many chemicals in plastic. Most plastics are derived from petroleum and a few which we have never heard about which are plant based. Since this is more expensive to manufacture and produce, we have learned to use petroleum WASTE to make water bottles and soft drink bottles. THE CONTENTS OF THESE BOTTLES ARE VERY DANGEROUS SO ARE ITS CONTAINERS. Each of us should do our own research on these and come up with our own individual conclusions. Then we need to act on those on to whether to use these or to avoid them entirely. Most of us prefer glass bottles to plastics. Most of us prefer REAL water to fake water ( bottled water and drinks). So why not drink the real water from our taps, if they are healthy, safe and fit to drink? We are drinking natural water to survive and not to make a fashion statement. Does holding a plastic water make a fashion statement? If so it is doing its job. Our job as Humans is to drink natural water and to shun artificial ones, disguised as 100 % natural, Organic, pure and healthy. This is fox in a sheep’s clothing. This is modern advertising at work.