The Planet our ours have given us everything that we need to sustain ourselves in our journey through life. Then why do we need an Artificial currency, where did it come from, who created it, and why are we stuck to it? Why do each country have their own currency? Why not simplify our lives and have just one currency for the entire World? Why do we need to complicate pour lives more than we need to? It would be much easier to travel from place to place and trade using a common currency for all. Unification is the key to solving this problem. If we put our hearts and mind to it nothing is impossible. We have divided and subdivided ourselves in so many ways that it seems impossible to be unified for a common good. Times have changed and so has our mindset. We are not living in primitive times We are are calling ourselves civilized. So lets not set our minds straight and bring about a solution to this problem which will benefit all. This includes the ease of trade, travel and tourism. The alternative to this is to take it all off the table and start bartering.