Do we have an ID?

In the future due to increase in cybersecurity, other forms of ID need to be created that replaces the current forms of ID. Each and everyday there are trillions of dollars worth of unclaimed goods that sits in all the ports, lost and found items, missing persons, lost children, victims of Human exploitation, Human trafficking and slaves working in labor camps. Most of them do not even have an ID and no one knows their whereabouts. Many crimes go unsolved and become cold cases due to lack of ID. Why not have a foolproof form of ID where anything and everyone can be traced just with a few clicks of a button? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have found your lost luggage or reunited with a lost family or friend who has Alzheimers?


EARTH HOPPERS: Going places

I had previously given an example of a frog in a well scenario. In this scenario, this frog is born within the confines of this well and has never traveled outside it. It will probably die within the confines of this well too. It’s kids may do the same. So in this scenario it is completely ignorant of anything outside this realm. For this frog to learn something other than what it sees within its vicinity, it needs to start thinking outside the box by having an open mind. It must have the spark of curiosity in its mind to know what is outside the well. Most people lack this curiosity and continue to do the same thing over and over again until they die. Once they get trapped within their comfort zone, their growth ceases and their quest for knowledge stops. Now back to the frog. Once this curiosity to know arises within that frog to know what is outside the well, this frog must do what it must do to get out of this well. Once it is outside this well, the entire World is up for grabs for it to be explored and conquered.

ALL Electronic and NO ELECTRICITY.

Ever since everything has been computerized, one software consultant in India can do the job of three fully paid employees in Europe at 1/3 rd the cost. If you were the employer in this scenario what would you do? And companies are well aware of it. Since the focus is on company profits and not on quality, working from anywhere is possible. A person can be on a beach, in a hot tub or in a shower (just kidding), he or she can work from anywhere. All we need is a computer and an internet connection. Also the cost of storage has come down drastically over the years. Everything is stored virtually on the cloud. So we are storing everything and pulling data out of thin air? Is that the case? In a way it’s good. Because they have redundant backup systems in case of power failure or a natural disaster. Now let’s look into how these systems work. Everything is run by electricity. Without a paper trail, if electricity is zapped and taken off of the grid due to a Cosmic Solar storm for example, our entire infrastructure that is related to Information technology would come to a stand still.

CONVERTING MUSCLE POWER to Electricity. Is it possible?

Humanity is at a cross roads. We need to decide if we are going to continue to be fossil fuel dependent for the next 100 years or be fossil fuel free starting now. It’s our choice. The decision we take now will decide our very survival and the survival of our succeeding generations. It will also determine whether we will hand over a clean Planet or a dirty one. It will also determine whether we will be able to breathe at all, drink clean water and even grow food. It will also determine the future of our own life and the Life of our own Planet that supports Billions upon Billions of Plants and Animals.

The DARK SIDE of social media.

Social media has connected all of us in some form or other at least virtually. On the contrary it has completely broken us apart as a society. We have acquired many virtual friends with no real friends to talk to. Trust is at the lowest it has been since before the social media fiasco. Most of us live in large metropolitan cities with crowded dwellings situated next to each other like boxes, but we do not even know who our neighbor is or how he or she looks like. We are able to reach anyone around the World with a touch of a few buttons but everyone seems to act busy or is genuinely doing something worthwhile. We may never know. We have unprioritized our lives by giving importance to the unwanted and throwing away the wanted as if it were a rag doll. Life has been split between the have and have not’s. It has come down to the topic of money, status, prestige, ego and the likes of it. Materialism and Money has overtaken the basics of Human respect, manners, family values, punctuality, sincerity, dedication and work ethic, all of which have taken a back seat. Today the rate of divorce is very high, health problems have spiked, depression rates have skyrocketed, relationships have been broken, financial problems have reached for the skies, financial literacy rate is way down and employment too sketchy.

Tele-DENTISTRY: Is it Possible?

Today we are at the peak of technological innovation, but we are still doing Dentistry the old fashioned way. This does not seem to be cool nor innovative. We should be able to treat anyone or everyone on the Planet remotely.  Joy sticks and live streaming may help play a major part in treatment designing, planning and to facilitate movement of artificial arms on the other end. This may require the incorporation of computers, robotics, the use of advanced computer programs such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and of course THE mind of a Dentist. Human mind is much more powerful. We shouldn’t be underestimating it. It thinks it and it does it. It’s the will of the mind. So can we get it done using our current technology? The technology is here. The hardware is here. All we have to do is to assemble the parts and put it to work.

Robotic FOODS. Only $2.

So why not have a hub within each borough of each city. Instead of using vast distribution networks, logistics, manpower and supply chain, why not have robotics work round the clock in preparing our food while we sleep. Each robot can be programmed to do a specific recipe. This will help suite our palate. There are robots in the World today that make soups perfectly for each and every bowl. The robotic preparation will be clear of human intervention thus very hygienic, spotless to be exact. We get to taste any meal that suits our taste 24/7. All of this comes with an affordable cost of just $2 per plate. This is a price anyone could afford even in developing countries. Starvation and poverty would be a thing of the past. People would be fed well and children nourished. Diseases may be wiped out bringing in health.

Can we WALK on water?

Water is in some aspects resembles solids, but exists in nature in a liquid state. It may also transform itself into a gas in some situations based on temperature and pressure. In short, it is a very strange fluid. When we dive and land on water the wrong way, it will act as a solid leading to broken bones etc. It does act in strange ways. An oil tanker floats using the principle of displacement without which it will sink. If we increase the viscosity of the liquid on which it floats, it will float with much ease but propulsion will be affected and will definitely hinder its movement forward. For us to invent anything, we need to have our bases covered before embarking on any endeavor. For this our basics need to be sound. Without a foundation, a house don’t stand a chance.

Tires that MEET the road.

Tires, what do we do without them? They are our movers. Planes will not take off, neither will your car move. The roads will be empty without them. The entire infrastructure which we have built for ourselves may crumble or come to a screeching halt. Just imagine a day without tires. Tires or Tyres, it’s what meets the road. An average vehicle has 4 tires. Now multiply that with the billions upon billion of vehicles that are currently running plus factor in the new vehicles that are being sold each day across the entire World. We are still yet to take into consideration the billions of cars which are decommissioned and heading to the dumps. Each of those come with tires too. Imagine the plight of all those tires and the plight of our environment.

PRIVACY in the open.

Now you may ask: What about my privacy? Privacy has become a thing of the past. Privacy does not exist today. On top of that social media has transformed our personal lives into public ones. Most people seem to have no problem posting the pictures of themselves and their families onto the public domain. People do not even seem to think on what is appropriate to post and what is not. The most shocking feature is that people post on the social media sites announcing to the Whole World that they are currently in the Caribbean islands on vacation, for example. They also post real time photos while there to prove their presence. Now the Whole World knows that their house is empty. The house also advertises the type of alarm system which it uses for monitoring. Is this the smart thing to do?