Everything costs money these days. Food is no exception. Eating out on a daily basis does get very expensive. Do the math for yourself. On Average take out food costs around US $8.00 . When we multiply this by 3 meals a day times 30 days equals US $720. Now times that by 12 months tallies up to US $8640. That’s a whopping number. This is for illustration purposes only. Not that we are eating-out 365 days out of the year. Before we cringe on the numbers, lets look at what we can save by preparing our own meal at home and brown bagging it to work. So let’s look at just 1 meal ( Lunch ONLY) a day as take out for US $8 X 30 days X 12 months equals US $2880. It is still a BIG number. So why not brown bag it. The bags are very cheap. You may be able to buy a pack of 250 bags for under US $10.00 . So by putting in the work upfront, we could save on the back end big time. How many of you are with me on this?

PULPED Plates.

All of us are participants in some sort of celebration at some point in our lives. Be it graduation, anniversary, birthdays etc. Paper plates have been around for so long that we have gotten used to it by now that we are highly reluctant to let go. After a party is over washing plates is one less thing to think about by using paper plates. So as a matter of convenience and it being a non perishable we are doomed to stocking it up in our homes. But it takes a lot of energy and the use of  powerful chemicals such as bleach to manufacture them. Sometimes dyes are also used to get the desired color in them. These chemicals are also highly detrimental to our environment and to ourselves. But do we care? Obviously not. For us convenience and low cost is what matters most.

THE VOID within us.

This is when our void kicks into full gear. It tells us to do just the opposite of what our mind says. Our instincts act as the rudder at this point. Now we are lost. What do we do now? Do we keep up with the same trend and keep buying more and more to satisfy our inner cravings or do we let go and say STOP? This stops it on the financial end of it but on the other side it keeps moving on the hidden part on the material side of things. But our inner core says to keep buying in order to satisfy and make even with our sub consciousness. But deep within us the void says otherwise. To exploit this void we need to act upon what is really essential to our inner needs and wits. When we were young, naive and stupid, we wanted everything BIG. Right from the big house to the big car, to the big plate.

OUR LIFE : Fill it with less moving parts

As we all know most of the machines have multiple moving parts. The more parts there is the more complex it becomes. On the contrary, the less parts the simpler it becomes. So which one would we choose. Obviously the one with less moving parts. If this is the case, why do we pick the machine with more moving parts in our own lives? Instead of making our lives simpler, why are we making it much more complex than it needs to be. It is very complex as such and with Man at the wheel, it has been made even more complicated. Probably because this is all what we have got to work with and the Man who has the capacity to control the whole machinery wins big. The rest are just pawns. This is supposedly true. We live in the age of excess consumption and consumerism. Most of us want bigger homes, bigger cars, and Big of everything from supersized drinks to Mega Yachts. By loading ourselves with excess food we have started developing various diseases that have in fact transformed our own bodies in an unhealthy way. Too much of anything is poison. And this too is not an exception.

Why do we spend lavishly on STONES?

Nature creates it, Man puts an artificial value to it and then sells it.  Imagine if granite were sold for the cost similar to diamonds. No one would buy it because it is much more common and in plain sight. It is this rarity of Diamonds and other so called precious stones that brings in value to the table. Today millions of people work around this industry. Some are miners, others sorters, then there are the cutters, finishers, marketers, advertisers, brokers, syndicates, auctioneers, appraisers, graders, the retailers and then the consumers. Guess who is paying the salaries for all these people in different rungs? You are. Any time we purchase something that has some artificial value attached, the price that is quoted has theft, embezzlement, salaries, cost of doing business and loss factored into it already. This is what the end price would be. It looks clean on the outside but only when we burrow deep inside will we find that the dirt always surfaces.

SUCCEED or Sink.

OUR Success or failure depends on our own attitude, skill set, personality, our character, morality, our passion and our work ethic among many others. If we choose to succeed, we will need to position ourselves one step ahead of the rest. In case we are a few steps behind we will fall prey to many dark forces that are eagerly awaiting our failure. Many people are too happy to see others fail. Success for one may not be considered success in the mind of another just because that’s what society deems or defines what success and failure is. This is completely individualistic in nature. It does vary drastically from person to person. For most people accumulating lots of money and material collection is considered success and this is what brings them the so called happiness. For a few, to see their family United, showered with tons of laughter, fun and coziness is. So money does not define success. It may be so based on what society has led us to believe in.

MISTAKES molds and shapes us.

We all make mistakes at some point in our lives. Without making mistakes we will never learn. Without learning new things and staying current we will be outdated very soon. Mistakes are in fact a boon in disguise. Success always hides behind it. Accepting and embracing our mistakes with open arms is the first step in taking the next step. Without this many keep repeating the same old mistakes over and over again throughout their lives because it falls within their comfort Zone. After residing in this zone for a while we start getting comfortable within it. Now we are afraid to get out of it because the whole World around us have changed leaving us behind. Since we have decided to stay put, we are also afraid to step out and find new pastures elsewhere. Mistakes helps us by initiating failure, but only if we let it. But failure is supposed to be the precursor of success. So in order to attain success in our own lives, we will need to make mistakes (not intentionally) and learn from these temporary setbacks. I call this temporary because it is meant to stay that way. These setbacks may pull us back a notch or two but it is what we learn from this, that will catapult us to higher grounds.

Imagine a SMOKE-FREE World.

Most of the houses today, especially in and around all major metropolitan cities around the World have at least a minimum of two cars. Multiply that by the amount of people who drive those cars on a daily basis. This will give us the extent of smoke pollution that is being expelled into the atmosphere throughout the World each and every second. This explains why we cannot even take a breath of our so called fresh air. Fresh air does not even exist these days. Our ocean and air currents carry with it all the toxic wastes that we generate and carry it along to every far corners of the World. This tells us why plastics are washing up along the shores of even remote Islands. A dust storm that happens in the Sahara Desert may spill these dust particles 3000 miles away after crossing the Atlantic and over on to the Amazon rain forests. Our World has become a very small place indeed and is well connected on a micro and macro scale with all its residents. Any set back in that one link will transcend to others like a ripple in a pond. This is in fact a very fragile ecosystem. As Humans, we do not seem to understand that nor do we seem to get it. Technology has helped us to know more about our entire Planet like never before but we are still continuing to do business the old fashioned way.

WHO is dictating our Life?

Today most decisions are made by millennial’s with ample exposure to the World around them. They have access to unlimited information just by clicking a few clicks on the keyboard. They are able to summon anything to their table just with the use of their computer and their credit card. Of course what would we all do without access to easy credit? They make very calculated decisions on what they want, how they want it and when they want it. They are the decision makers of today. It makes perfect sense because they have all the knowledge they require in this fast paced World for them to survive in it. They indeed do have a different mindset with a completely different set of skills to complement it. By Jumping into their World,  we will soon realize that they are super complex and complex enough for us old timers to handle. So we need to step back, guide them, answer all their questions, let them do their thing and we do ours.

MANNERS: Basics that may be lost forever.

Clocks back then did have some respect. Most people did respect the clock. They respected each others time as well. People showed up to work on time and left on time. People did value the character of a person, honesty, integrity, punctuality, sincerity, dedication, and true friendship over any other metric of measurement. Pencils were sharpened, pens were filled with ink, minds were kept sharp, calculations were done in the mind, books had wrappers covering them and geometry sets helped transform drawings into real life architectural marvels. We had created our own games from nothing, played in the dirt, got soaked in the rain, climbed trees, got bitten by mosquitoes, made our own fishing line, walked barefoot, made and flew our own kites, and walked in swamps that were infested with snakes. Those were the days when we had seen nothing materialistic because we never even knew those existed. But we lived in close knit families bound by lots of love, sacrifice, happiness and caring. We were happy that we had a roof over our heads, food to eat, and a new shirt and pant on our birthday. We literally watched each others back and attended to each and everyone’s needs. This was that bygone era. It’s very hard to fathom that experience and understand it without living it nor walking that walk in that same shoes.