Being ON TIME. Is it difficult ?

Being on time may be a habit that gets addictive as time passes. But we need to give it a chance. No one likes a person who comes late or worse someone who never shows up for a pre-planned appointment. Time is important for everyone. Not showing up for a meeting or coming in late is a sign of disrespect for the person. Being on time tells us that the person is punctual, committed, trustworthy and reliable. On the other hand someone who is late may be branded to be unreliable and one who cannot be trusted. Being on time shows the respect for oneself and to the other person whom we are meeting. The respect is mutual. If we both have fixed a date and a time to meet at a particular venue and I do not show up. How would that make you feel? I am sure you would be angry and decide not to do business with me. Likewise, it is applicable both ways.

ROLLING UP our sleeves.

Why does one half of the population starve and stay poor while the other half looks on by looking the other way. Billions of dollars are being donated Worldwide to many Charities and Nonprofits. Where is this money going and why don’t we see any change in the situation of poverty and exploitation that has stayed standstill for many many generations? The sad part is that we are seeing that exact situation play out even today.  If we are seeing no change and if money is the motive, are we running charity as a business? If the rich is getting richer and the poor seems to be getting poorer, is there any need to donate money in the first place. Since it is doing no good anyway. It is analogous to spinning the wheels on our car full speed and we are staying in the exact same place where we had started back then. This seems to be the state of the World today.

One Hand WASHES the other.

Our two hands actually are designed to watch out for each other and so are its fingers. They work in unison if needed but are well coordinated to perform what we need it to do. Without the thumb be cannot grasp things nor can we support our selves without the big toe on our feet. So in short we are intertwined and interconnected in every possible way. We need two hands to wash our hands and to keep our bodies clean. It also pays to take care of them so they can take care of us when we need them. They do feed us, clothe us and they help us make a living doing what we love to do. We can learn a lot from our hands. When one hand gets sick the other one takes care of it and it also takes over all the tasks. This is a simple but an amazing work of nature.

Are we clean? What about WITHIN US ?

In a society where outer looks are respected and appreciated much more than the character of a person, right from the get go something is drastically wrong here. A small wound need to be treated with a little medication and possibly a tiny bandage around it. But what we are doing instead is to cover it with makeup and other means to mask it. We are actually not treating the wound but we are just masking the symptoms or the looks of it by applying make up over it so we would look better in the eyes of others. Since the make up has no healing powers, it would be much smarter to switch to some real medication to expedite healing.

Less Luggage MORE COMFORT.

All of us seem to be carrying too much luggage on our backs from dawn till dusk each and everyday with no intention of ever taking it off. You might think what luggage would that might be. We will be in fact carrying this luggage throughout our adult lives. Most people even take it to their own graves. Everyone seems to be carrying them even though they see that they get no benefit from it. It is virtual, it cannot be seen or touched, but can only be felt by self. Few examples of what is in this baggage of ours are as follows: Jealousy, hatred, greed, envy, etc. If carried for too long it burns a hold in our pockets and it does eat us from within. From inside out. We cannot share it because it is spiteful and no one wants it. We do not want it but we tend to keep it because the longer we keep it within us, we get used to it and start accepting it as part of us. When we are told to shun and part with it, we are highly reluctant because we are afraid to lose it for the fears that lurk inside us are fearful of coming to the surface. Without which we fear that we might lose our inner security as well.

Plastic or glass: KITCHEN CONTAINERS.

Everyone wants to have ease and convenience in their lives. But it comes at a cost. Our Health may be paying the price. Glass is clean and healthy but all of us have chosen to use plastics instead even though we know that it is highly detrimental to everything we use it for, Mainly it’s association with food. The sad part is and the question we need to ask ourselves is: How did it end up in our kitchen? Why are we using plastic plates, Plastic cups, styrofoam plates and cups, plastic straws and plastic cutlery. Is it an addiction or is it because we do not have any other option, which is Plan B? Or Are we afraid to stop its use and start using glass instead?   Habits are hard to break, but if the breakup is for the good of the entire Planet, it’s high time each of us bring it on to ourselves to make that change.


During winter we need to keep moving to stay warm or move indoors by the fireplace. When the harsh winter sets in, our lives are literally turned upside down. We need to clean the snow on the windshield, the driveway and everything else. Then there are the dangers of driving, loss of traction, accidents etc. There are many winter activities that we can engage ourselves in. But we choose to stay indoors, eat well and keep warm.Our metabolism also increase too during this time.Since daylight is at a premium, we need to use it to the max by exposing ourselves to it to keep fit.

TRUE Friendships.

Friendship is a give and take relationship. It’s a two way street. It’s also an equal partnership which is 50-50. It need to be 50-50 for it to work smoothly like a well oiled machine. Sacrifices and sworn secrecy is a major part of it. It’s also a commitment of time and energy. Money may wreck havoc in such a relationship. So it is highly advisable to stay away from that topic as far as possible. Once this gets in, friendship is out. This is reality. Helping each other out and watching each others back is part of the deal and helping each other out in times of need does also contribute very much in nurturing that relationship. This applies to either parties both in good times and bad.

Blocks of OUR TIME.

WE consider precious metals and gemstones to be much more precious than anything else. But what we are unaware is that time is much more precious than any of them. Unless we wake up to this fact we might be losing out on many opportunities that may be stalking us. The rich are fully aware of this and are readily being able to make use of this unique point by understanding it fully. They also teach their kids at a tender ages so it sticks. They only do things what they love and they delegate the rest which in truth is that they are putting it to work for them in absentia. Since they know the value of time, they are in a position to buy everyone else’s time. Now they have created time for themselves to do what they really want to do. As for the rest of us Folks we are literally at their mercy and are literally bound in a take it or leave it situation. If we do not take it someone else will.

Have we become LAZY?

This is now. Gathering food is not a concern anymore nor is having a roof over our heads. We have spoiled ourselves by being able to order anything and everything by phone or online just by clicking a few buttons and it is there in our doorsteps. Today we do not even need to get up from our couch. We can watch TV, change the channels using remote control, have food arrive, make calls, browse the internet, buy a house, reach anyone anywhere, all without ever getting up from the couch. If we could afford to pay someone or delegate all our affairs such as having a chef, a butler, a personal trainer, a personal banker, a beautician, a tailor, a chauffeur, a personal secretary to maintain our daily schedule, a call center to take our calls, a manager to run each of our businesses, a maid, a pilot for our private jet, or a captain for our yacht etc, we literally do not even have to do a thing. Welcome to our World of delegation. This will also give us a reason not to get out of bed. No wonder our health is dipping down and spirally downward. We have little to no exercise and to top it we eat anything that we see. We are addicted to drugs such as caffeine and sugars. We can also hire anyone Worldwide to get any gig done.