TOOTH COLOR : Why are my teeth yellow?

We live in a society which care more about looks than function. So our mind is conditioned so and the society is demanding whiter and whiter teeth. They also expect it to be done faster, cheaper and easier without less to no effort. This has brought about the World of tooth whitening products. We also have porcelain laminates or veneers as it is called. They are literally a millimeter thick porcelain that is cemented into place after shaving off a millimeter or so of tooth structure depending on the case.


Basics: Get to know YOUR TEETH.

We are lucky in a way to have 2 sets of teeth one is called deciduous or baby teeth and the other one is the adult set. But we do not have the luxury of having teeth which keep forming and shedding throughout their lives. We are given a second chance in case we were negligent on the first to keep what we have. Theoretically adults have 32 adult teeth and 20 Baby teeth. Then there’s the mixed dentition period,¬†which is a stage in our lives in which there is a mixture of both adult and baby teeth seen at the same time in our mouth. The eruption patterns and shedding times of each teeth varies and has many factors tied to it. But a range has been set for enabling us to predict the occurrences based on a almost definitive time line.

YOUR Teeth. YOUR Health. YOUR’S for Life.

So why do we need teeth in the first place? Without teeth we will not exist. How will we chew? It will bring in a boat load of problems to our overall well being. What is the function of your teeth and its surrounding structures such as the supporting bone and gums? Did you know that your teeth is suspended within its socket with multiple hammocks that support and connect itself to the surrounding bone. They are in fact micro shock absorbers designed for us by nature. So every teeth moves independently within the socket it is in. Now incisors and canines are designed to tear food and break it into bits. The molars, the big teeth with flat surfaces on top are designed to chew food and mash it up for the ease of digestion. When food is not mashed up good, this may lead to indigestion, bloating and what not.

ARE we Poisoning ourselves?

Yes, we are indeed. Just look at the foods that we consume each day. Are they healthy? Are they meant to be eaten? Are they safe? What are their ingredients? These are the questions that you must be asking yourself before you take that first bite or even better before you even take out your…

What is OUR contribution to this World?

All of us are continuing to follow this same age old routine blindly just as our fathers and forefathers did. So what is YOUR purpose in Life? Is it just to work, earn money and pay the bills? And hopefully you get a weekend off.¬† Just following a so called SYSTEM blindly gets you no where but down. Today everyone is a self-proclaimed expert. So why are we following the way of thinking that was initiated thousands of years back? That was then, today is now. There is a lot of difference. Would you continue to use a horse drawn carriage to travel today, when we have much faster modes of transportation? I don’t think so. In the same context, why are we stuck to the age old thinking? Not just thinking, but following it. Think about it. Does not make any sense. Because we are not taught to think nor question anything. Since it’s much easier to be a follower than to be a leader, we are continuing to do it every single day.

Would you purchase products without it’s PACKAGING?

I prefer to buy FRESH products from trusted sources with no packaging. The first thing that comes to my mind is the local farmer. Support them and they will support you. Because it’s their livelihood. Moreover you may develop a business relationship with them, learn from them about harvest times, what produce are available at certain times of the year and who knows you may even get a freebie once in a while. We need to support them,. By supporting them, they are supporting their families, giving us fresh produce in return, the community grows through their efforts and all of us will benefit from fresh and healthy produce year round. All this without fancy packaging and a ton of wasted garbage dumped right in our backyard.

Can $1 be split among 7 Billion people?

If each of us pool in Just $1 a day (which does not even buy a cup of coffee), With 7 Billion people, that’s $7 Billion a day, times 30 days times 12 months, That amounts to $ 2520 Billion a year. This money when distributed equally to those in true need (majority 99%), it may help solve the seemingly never ending problem of poverty, the Daily rat race and the fight for basic Human survival for many people around the Planet.

Mentally HANDICAPPED! Can we see through it?

Maybe some day we may be able to read the brain waves and decipher the code of what they are thinking, feeling and what they are perceiving. Science has yet to do miracles on these patients. They have their lives and their loved ones lives turned upside down. Hope someday we may be able to straighten it up for them. Mind is the most complex organ. It’s much easier to perform a heart surgery than opening up the brain. It has many more wires, switches, connections, regulators etc etc. So what’s the solution? Do we have one? But for now are we going to just keep popping in the toxic pills?

THE power of words.

Each of us have an imaginary bubble around us. To get out of the bubble and face the World we need to be able to communicate from within, that is from the heart and NOT from the lips. Lip communication is just lip service. It is not authentic nor is deep seated. Words can be used in a soft sense or harshly. It also depends on how and at what tone it is said to being out the desired response or in bringing out the desired outcome. So anything is based on how we are saying it and with what intention. This vibration is felt loud and clear across the room to the receiver.

Our POSTURE in the New Age.

We are living in the internet and the computer age. Back then we had to survive the jungle and flat plains. Today we have the need to survive the concrete jungle. So to make it happen we are forced to work long hours in front of a screen, staring at the light which it emits and dealing with its emissions. Do you think that all the gadgets such as TV, Smart phones, Bluetooth technology, Wi-Fi technology etc which we use on a daily basis have some adverse health effects on our body? I think so. Every gadget is becoming smarter than us. But what about US? Are we heading the other way with high probability of machines taking over our World including our identity. It may.

Robotic FOODS. Only $2.

So why not have a hub within each borough of each city. Instead of using vast distribution networks, logistics, manpower and supply chain, why not have robotics work round the clock in preparing our food while we sleep. Each robot can be programmed to do a specific recipe. This will help suite our palate. There are robots in the World today that make soups perfectly for each and every bowl. The robotic preparation will be clear of human intervention thus very hygienic, spotless to be exact. We get to taste any meal that suits our taste 24/7. All of this comes with an affordable cost of just $2 per plate. This is a price anyone could afford even in developing countries. Starvation and poverty would be a thing of the past. People would be fed well and children nourished. Diseases may be wiped out bringing in health.

Can we WALK on water?

Water is in some aspects resembles solids, but exists in nature in a liquid state. It may also transform itself into a gas in some situations based on temperature and pressure. In short, it is a very strange fluid. When we dive and land on water the wrong way, it will act as a solid leading to broken bones etc. It does act in strange ways. An oil tanker floats using the principle of displacement without which it will sink. If we increase the viscosity of the liquid on which it floats, it will float with much ease but propulsion will be affected and will definitely hinder its movement forward. For us to invent anything, we need to have our bases covered before embarking on any endeavor. For this our basics need to be sound. Without a foundation, a house don’t stand a chance.