STRESS: The Curse on ourselves.

Stress is Man made and is completely our own doing. Only we are to blame for it. We have started out as a caveman, built civilizations, made inventions and complicated ourselves by entering the industrial and technological age. This has led us to move away from nature and start embracing Artificial stuff. This has led to the detachment from our own families and getting more attracted and attached to Material things. We have lost our own natural emotions by taking on artificial ones. Today every relationship is tied to Money, Social status, material Wealth and formalities. I do not know of any exceptions to this. Slavery has been in continuous existence since ancient times, but today we are seeing it in a different form by way of Human trafficking,  trading of Humans and their body parts, slavery through drug addiction, child labor, Elder abuse and most important of all is INCOME INEQUALITY. You may be surprised by this. Income inequality is a form of virtual slavery, which forces people to work long hours just to barely make the minimum wage where as on the other hand an average CEO makes $23 Million annually. So when Money stresses people out what do they do, they go drinking, end up consuming drugs, Gambling, domestic abuse, child abuse and what not. They take it out on everyone around them and upon themselves. It is in fact a downward spiral of self destruction that goes from financial worries to bankruptcy.

So what does stress do to our bodies? 

What is IMPORTANT to us and What is NOT?

Each of us have been given a finite amount of time to Live our life on this Planet, nothing more nothing less. When our time comes, we will leave everything behind and depart. In most cases we may not even be able to say our final goodbyes to people and family whom we may have acquaintances with over our lifetime. Even our family is an acquaintance in way. We are born into our families and in other instances have created our own. So we are total strangers that have come together as individuals in creating new families and bonding to existing ones that are old. Each of us is an Island with our own thoughts, likes, dislikes, ideologies and feelings. Combined together these deep emotional thoughts and feelings can either create or destroy us or others. Negative emotions and deep seated ideologies that are fueled by hate have fanned the flames for centuries and is continuing to do so in the name and under cover of Man made religion.

What are we SHOVING DOWN our Throats?

Today, people stand in line to get the latest phones, the latest TV’s and other Gizmos. But we do not see people standing in line outside Physicians or Dentists offices wanting to focus on their own personal Health. We are consuming anything and everything that is edible. In that process we are ruining our own health. The priorities in our own lives have been mixed up. We are focusing much more on buying stuff than focusing on our own health. When Health is gone everything is gone. And we only get one shot at it. Back then Physicians cured their patient by recommending the appropriate and nutritious diet for their particular ailment. Today this does not exist. Instead, we are given medications after medications, each carrying with it a concoction of chemicals that are highly toxic to us and to our cells. With it comes a long list of side effects. Then we are given more medications to treat or mask those side effects. Most drugs in the market are designed to mask the symptoms or stop it all together, but none are designed to cure. Nature has provided us with all the medicinal plants that we need. But we have cut down those trees and are turning our heads to big pharma for a big answer to ALL our problems.

Contribution of IMMIGRANTS to our Society.

In closing, NONE of us are IMMIGRANTS. WE are all given this unique chance to live on this small pebble of space debris that is floating freely in the dark space, with no Species that is unique like us light-years around. This tells us how insignificant we are and also tells us how unique we are. Given our intellect, we have a choice to make here. Either we can use it to our advantage in order to live peacefully on this Planet in our allotted time or die out much sooner by dividing ourselves in all possible ways.( Which has been created by US). Our Planet is one Big blue marble. IMMIGRANTS, the word itself does not apply to us in any way, shape or form. If all of us are living in this Giant blue marble, an IMMIGRANT would be by definition someone from another Planet or from anyone out there in the dark vastness of Space. So we may need to rethink out thoughts and start bringing ourselves to start Being HUMAN. WE also need to start thinking of our Planet as ONE COUNTRY with its own climate that determines our fate. Anything that happens in one end of the Globe does affect each and every one of us on the other. We are growing and transporting food, medicines and stuff all across the World. Ocean and Air currents circulate the Globe carrying with it pollutants all across the World. Today we are eating the same food, drinking the same water and breathing the same Air as a result of Globalization and trade. If we do not change our thoughts and rethink the actual definition of an IMMIGRANT, we will be stepping on each other’s toes as immigrants and not as HUMAN’s.

A CASHLESS World: WE CAN make it possible.

Crime and Money go hand in hand. Tourists become walking bait in most places that people travel to. When Money ceases to exist, crime level drops and in due course will go extinct. We will be able to even buy a home, a car, book tickets, rent a private jet, hop on a cruise etc., using these accumulated points that have no expiration dates. In short if we do good, good will come back to us in some another form, usually when we least expect it. Here when we exchange goods and services by bartering, it makes all our lives much easier and makes living much richer (without using the word money). Bartering has been in practice since the dawn of mankind. When currency was introduced in many parts of old civilizations, that age old bartering system came crumbling down and disappeared entirely. It’s time to look into making our lives easier by helping one another without even seeing or touching money in the physical or virtual for. The Millennial’s are much smarter than us and are very innovative beings capable of changing the World by leaps and bounds. Their thought processes and strategies are completely different from the generations before them. Hope they may help make the change we all need. Instead of following the same old system, change may be what we are all waiting for in Silence. Inside all of us we are dying to see change happen that can benefit all of us. The current system has been put in place by an Elite few to control everyone else. The common man does not have a chance nor a life. They work all their life working to make money and enslaving themselves until they die.


Our body is a bundle of joy and this is how we came into this World. This package has been equipped with everything that it needs to survive. The creator has thought about it even before we were in the blue print and designing stage. if out body needs something it will ask for it. It will tell us when we need to eat, and when we will need to drink. If we keep drinking too much water, our kidneys will be working overtime. If we overeat, our body will act accordingly storing enough fat for when it may need it. When it is summer, out body tells us to drink more water. During winter, our metabolism goes up, so it tells us to eat more and it does ask us for less water. During famine or starvation, our body starts eating itself by consuming body fat. As we age we will feel the need to eat less and less and invariably we avoid overindulgence in anything we do. This applies to food as well. Nature has built us well, but are we taking care of it. Of course we are not. Anything in moderation is always good and we are free to choose what we eat by putting into our mouth. So why not eat right and eat healthy.

Do we have an ID?

In the future due to increase in cybersecurity, other forms of ID need to be created that replaces the current forms of ID. Each and everyday there are trillions of dollars worth of unclaimed goods that sits in all the ports, lost and found items, missing persons, lost children, victims of Human exploitation, Human trafficking and slaves working in labor camps. Most of them do not even have an ID and no one knows their whereabouts. Many crimes go unsolved and become cold cases due to lack of ID. Why not have a foolproof form of ID where anything and everyone can be traced just with a few clicks of a button? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have found your lost luggage or reunited with a lost family or friend who has Alzheimers?


Even today, after all these centuries of old beliefs that has been indoctrinated in the minds of millions of its followers, religion still holds on to the same old beliefs that existed 3000 plus years back. Its not that religion is bad. It is JUST a belief in the supernatural. It is a way to believe in something- a higher invisible power. A false sense of security. When people have lost everything and given themselves up, they need something to grab on to . This is where religion comes in. Usually the poor and elderly are vulnerable to people who are seeking money and working under the cover of religion to making a living for themselves and at the same commit crime under the blanket of religion. This is the wolf in sheep’s clothing. This is how one can make money out of nothing-  from a belief. The more believers you have the more money one can make. The World over, just fathom the amount of people who are earning a paycheck just based on the word RELIGION. There is definitely a higher power we call GOD. But religion is Man made and the founders of these religions were Human too, just like you and me. As belief propagates and money comes into the picture it STICKS. When this money grows on all fronts more and more people get sucked into its belief and this is how any religion grows and expands into an empire. If and When we take MONEY out of this equation all religions will cease to exist. Because it’s all about money. It is a Business base don belief. No product is sold or nor any services given. What better Business can one have to make tons for money. Moreover they are non -profit entities exempt from paying taxes.

EARTH HOPPERS: Going places

I had previously given an example of a frog in a well scenario. In this scenario, this frog is born within the confines of this well and has never traveled outside it. It will probably die within the confines of this well too. It’s kids may do the same. So in this scenario it is completely ignorant of anything outside this realm. For this frog to learn something other than what it sees within its vicinity, it needs to start thinking outside the box by having an open mind. It must have the spark of curiosity in its mind to know what is outside the well. Most people lack this curiosity and continue to do the same thing over and over again until they die. Once they get trapped within their comfort zone, their growth ceases and their quest for knowledge stops. Now back to the frog. Once this curiosity to know arises within that frog to know what is outside the well, this frog must do what it must do to get out of this well. Once it is outside this well, the entire World is up for grabs for it to be explored and conquered.

AIR-DROPPING Seeds: Idea that sprouts

If each of us do our part in planting trees in our own backyard, we may create our own individual solution to an overall and urgent problem that all of us face: The lack of trees that can help support support all of us on this Planet. If each of us plant just ONE Tree and take care of it over our lifetime and if this trend keeps continuing in subsequent generations, it will become a habit that cannot be broken. The tree which we have planted will be providing shade and fruits to those who follow us long after we are gone. In a way we are leaving a legacy for the future generations. they will reap the benefits of our hard work. This does not require any money. All we need to do is to plant one seed and follow through on this seed by nurturing it to maturity. Nature will take care of the rest.