WE ARE temporary !!!

Life is highly unpredictable but very precious. We have put our own life second and have given priority to material things. We have been chasing money since the beginning of Mankind. We are doing this to day. Multiple Religions have been created out of fear and have been functioning under the same context for centuries. Fear brings in money by creating a false sense of security. Under the veil of fear, the business thrives. Many of these businesses have created their own Empires, enriching those involved. The rest succumb to that fear and throw money at them with blind faith and belief. Many crimes are committed under the umbrella of religion and many make a living through this route. If Money is not a factor in the formation or propagation of any religion, NO religion would exist on this Planet. Money is THE reason for its existence.

Are we FREE ?

Power, Money and Control sets the foundation to perform such acts of barbaric proportions. This is what a few people are after : Power, Money and control. Once they get it they enslave everyone else. Slavery still exists to this day but in a different form.  Some we see others we don’t. No one talks about it. Our media too is controlled by the rich and the powerful. The common man has no say in how any government spends the people’s money, has no say in who gets elected to power, has no say in what public works is needed and what is not. The ONLY so called right that he has been given to them is the privilege to vote. Nothing else. They need to vote and then step back, take the back seat. This common man is one who is barely living his or her day today life, living paycheck to paycheck, working very hard each day, paid miniscule when compared to a CEO, is classified as a Blue collared worker, has no time for his or her family, trying to put food on the table, looking forward to each weekend, goes home tired, and has been conditioned to work, spend, go into debt, pay taxes and await their retirement with a distant promise of pensions and other benefits. This is where all of us, the 99% fall in. You know the rest of the story of the remaining 1%. So where does the word FREE fit in. What does freedom mean when a common man cannot get to the top in the political arena? He or she needs a boatload of money to get to the top. 

THE 80-20 rule !

Many times it is best to keep our own problems a secret, known only to us. This is what makes a secret a secret. Telling the Whole World about it on social media does not help us in any way. Social media may be helpful if people are ready to throw money at us blindly. As we all know this is pure fantasy. In reality, any problem is problem and not anyone Else’s. It is our job to fix it. It is we who have caused it and have got stuck in it. Unless our rich politicians are willing to help us out. In all seriousness, when we tell our personal problems to our family or friends, almost all of them (the 80%) are very glad that we have that problem and a few remaining ( the 20%) do not care. Remember this and Do not forget. This may help you gain all the support and strength that you need psychologically to stand alone and face all the problems all by yourself. Yes, Just you. No one else. This is reality and this is Life. No one will help us but US. If we do think otherwise we may be in for a big surprise.

TRUST : THE missing link

Being a TRUE friend is a unique and sacred title we give to someone whom we trust based on their true trust for us. It’s mutual and will need to stay mutual for it to work. BFF ( best friends for life) does not mean a thing. People do break or form new friendships based on their circumstances. In that process many have got hurt emotionally and physically.  Anyone can be our friend. Many will stay in our life superficially as our friend. BUT a true friend will stay by our side no matter what and in all circumstances, both good and bad, whether we are rich or poor. Money does bring in new friends from every corner of the Globe. Many will suck the energy and money out of us. Many will use us when they need us and many will dump us when they have no need for us. This is reality and this is what it means to be HUMAN and function as a HUMAN in this Artificially created World of ours.  Only TRUE Friends remain with us for eternity by our side. Having a friend for the sake of having a friend is meaningless and does not serve any moral purpose. Trust and friendships go together. Just like an interview we need to have a set of criteria to consider someone a true friend. Just because someone connects with us does not mean a thing. IT’S THE TRUTH IN ANY FRIENDSHIP THAT MATTERS THE MOST. The rest fall into the category of strangers or acquaintances. 

OUR Destination!!!

We are running like rats with no destination in mind other than what society has conditioned us to do. WORK and MAKE MONEY. Then spend it all. Then repeat it day in and day out until we die. Society has been dictating and conditioning us to focus on the so called Golden age of retirement to enjoy life. Why not enjoy life today? When the time comes for us to enjoy this retirement, the retirement wheel may be rusted by then. We may have planned to travel the World after retirement. In many cases we cannot even go to the bathroom alone, let alone travel the World. Only today is for sure. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow may never come. We may be gone. So we need to ask ourselves these questions rather than blindly following the crowd with a herd mentality and by running without a destination on the rat race wheel. The more we run on this wheel, the faster we will move. But where are we heading? What is our end goal? Why are we following the crowd blindly?

Why are we using DISPOSABLES?

Divorce rates are spiking and have been doing so ever since excess consumption have taken the reigns.  People are changing partners similar to changing their shirts. People are never happy with the one they have and are always looking to greener pastures far away. In reality it always seem to be greener on the other side of the river. Be happy with what we have which includes all material possessions that we may have. There is a story of a boy who was very sad and upset for not getting an expensive brand of shoes for his Birthday until he saw a boy with no feet. This simple scenario sure does open up our mind. Life is not a bed of roses. It’s what we make of them.

Vertical Burial. Is it the REAL estate solution?

We need to respect Humans as Humans when they are alive and not after they are long dead and gone. As a society we seem to be doing exactly the opposite in our day to day lives. When alive people are treated like garbage or commodities, each one exploiting the other such as the exploitation that we see in sweatshops, brothels, organ trade, forced labor, child labor etc. This does not make us HUMAN at all. It makes us barbarians with no morality, ethics nor self respect. How can one sleep at night when he or she puts their head on the pillow after committing such atrocities for the sake of profits. They are literally using someones life to make a living for themselves. Slavery does exist to this day but in a completely different way with it being disguised under a modern and posh name. This is what I call it modern day slavery. No matter how much make up we put on it, it’s still slavery.

RELATED by Blood.

Does not matter what our beliefs are we have all started our individual journey the same way and we all will end up at the same place. The only time that we have got is from 0-100 and this is that set time we have got to work with. Once we are gone we are gone. The myth of rebirth, reincarnation and what not may stand as fantasies unsupported by Science. In reality as Science puts it we all will end up as matter back to Earth. We once again become part of the soil. Our time on this Earth is finite. Just like how many of our ancestors perished before our time, many will follow us. How many of us know or will ever know about our great great great grandparents. Not many. They are the forgotten souls. They had lived and passed on. Soon we will be doing the same and will soon be forgotten like billions before us. So all the time we have is NOW.

We are who WE are.

So who are we? Can we change ourselves or transform ourselves into another dimension? Most likely not. Each of us have our own set morphology and our own set of traits. The way we walk to the way we look we are what we are. We are born that way. We did not have a way to pick and choose nor did we have an option to be not born into this World. It was what was intended for us. So we may not like someone because of the color of their skin or the way they walked, but they may be the best person in this World whom we can trust 100 %. Looks are very deceptive and it applies in the REAL world today. Most people have learned to assume and QUICKLY judge a book by its cover. A man driving an expensive car, wearing an expensive suit, travelling by private jet may look successful. But on the inside that person may be broke to the core. On the other hand a shabbily dressed man could be a multi-millionaire pursuing a frugal lifestyle which suits his needs.

Can ONE HUMAN make a difference?

Materials do not bring in happiness. It brings in misery doesn’t matter how you cut it. Right from spiking credit card debt, loan defaults, underwater mortgages, unhappy marriages, dysfunctional families, and multi-fold increase in student loans. On top of this we are massive consumers of anything and everything under the Sun. The problem is we are consuming more and more and giving out less and less. Most of us even do not know our neighbors. Families are seen drifting apart for decades. We have been conditioned by society to consume. They will do whatever it takes to part with your hard earned money. When was the last time you had spent time with your family? We spend countless hours on social media, TV and radio with NO family time. Communication and writing skills are soon to be extinct. Texting is the new communication. Eye to eye contact non existent.  Where are we heading? Are we on the wrong track? Will we ever be able to make a difference as a person?