CONNECTING Prefabricated rooms.

With so much homelessness on the streets, and refugees on the way, this could be the most economical way to solve both the problems. We could make small homes with just 4 rooms: Living, kitchen, dining and bath. Once these four cubes are attached, it could be made self sufficient using solar power. The rest of the utilities could be connected from the community. These days with modern technology, it can be made totally green too. This could be a permanent structure or a structure on wheels. This could alleviate the problem of homelessness, and given shelter for anyone who needs a roof over their heads and a little bit of privacy. The most important point of it all is, it comes down to one Human helping another. This is how we can be Human to stay Human.

What does A CAR do for us?

Our car is not an asset but a liability. It has become a necessary evil for all of us. Moreover the economics that govern the automobile and energy industry is very interesting to analyze and learn from. They scratch each others backs to coexist and are in bed with each other in order to survive. The concept is very simple. We have a car and a tank of gasoline. With out the car the gasoline would be useless and without the oil the car would be n useless piece of metal. This also brings in a daily guaranteed revenue stream for the related parties. This follows the subscription model. First the consumer buys the car and secondly has to keep coming back to get gasoline over and over again for years. Which other industry can have a more secure revenue stream? Like it or not we are forced to fill gasoline and not water or hydrogen. We do not even have second options for our use, like solar power. Because it does not exist. Oil is king at the moment and been the center of power and control from the desert sands to the deep ocean wells.

THE FACADE of our own Lives.

Let’s look further into this so called toxins that are housing themselves within each cell add disrupting their individual function. When multiple cells heed to this negative force, the entire body succumbs to its power and strength. These toxins that bring us down eventually are jealousy, hatred, anger, grudge, animosity and other negative emotions. We allow them to live within us rent free and they have indeed turned upon us by killing us from within while we are alive. To get rid of this, first of all we need to stop comparing ourselves with others. Social media is helping fuel this fire of jealousy. People see others traveling to exotic places, eating the finest foods, and shopping like there is no tomorrow. When people see this being posted openly on the internet, all these emotions burst open and spill over out of these cells and flood our body. They will in turn destroy us if we continue to do what we are doing.

HEALTHY TEETH: Do you want it?

There is also something called the danger triangle of the face where infections of the face can go straight to the brain and can lead to severe complications.
Social life might come to a standstill if we have unsightly decayed teeth, fiery red bleeding gums, bad breath and food stuck between our teeth. From time to time we see patients who do not even brush their teeth daily. Plenty of plaque accumulation seen.
Having a beautiful healthy teeth displays to others the vitality of our body and it speaks to others in silence that we are mindful of our health.
A smile carries a lot of weight in our society. Would we have friends who would accept us if we have one front tooth missing?

BEGINNING to an end.

Life is full of experiences both good and bad. Its how we use it to our benefit is what matters. Navigating the minefield of problems and hurdles brings us one step closer to our goals in life. What goes up must come down and what comes down must go up. There are no guarantees in life but it always gives us second chances to start over the next day. Our mind is usually the biggest hurdle that we will come across. This can either make us or break us. What we think we become. What we eat we are. Life is not a bed of roses but it can be transformed to our comfort through our efforts.

STARTING our engines.

We are living in a large Bio-dome that is protected by our atmosphere. This acts like a blanket that protects us from Cosmic radiation, and other extraterrestrial debris. Most of them gets burnt up as it enters into our atmosphere as a result of friction. This dome also holds within itself all the pollutants that we throw out into the air. With two or more cars to a house, billions of bikes on the road, vast fleet of trucks cris-crossing our highways, and with ever increasing amount of factories and coal fired power plants, this dome is fast becoming a closed house that is getting filled with toxic smoke, chemicals and other pollutants from incinerating garbage. It’s going no where but down. This is the zone in which we live and survive. These toxic particles are pulled back to earth by way of rain, snow, hale and transported Worldwide through wind, and water. The same holds good for all the exhaust that is coming out of our tail pipes from our cars,trucks buses and mopeds.

Can we make ourselves IMMORTAL?

Nature has created us to be mortals along with all its wonderful creations. If everyone was given this chance to live for ever, Earth would be a very crowded space indeed. As the population grows,  so does the mutation of diseases, lack of food, clothing and shelter to feed the Billions who are born. With more input and less output it would be utter chaos. So nature has devised this clever plan to keep growth in check and to balance its checkbook. So can we makes ourselves mortal by living for ever. This may be possible in total isolation and in an environment that is free of microbes. This is in reality impractical.

CAN’T WE all get along as one Species: Humans?

All countries have their own Annual defense budget that runs into the Billions of Dollars each year. The purpose of this is to fight and kill fellow Humans. Many of these soldiers have not even met each other, ever or even heard their names. In this case how could someone fight and kill another being while being a total stranger to each other?Now that we are well divided, If each country just use their own defense funds and distribute it equally among its own citizens each country will flourish very well along with its citizens.That’s a lot of money that is given out to each citizen. This would eradicate poverty, disease, homelessness, shelters, brothels, drug houses, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, addiction centers, Casinos, banks, financial institutions, broken families, the unemployed, hatred and bloodshed. Humans would live in peace with each other by being self sufficient. But that’s what we want. Each and every one on this list exists for a reason and it exists as a system to serve it’s master, the Elite. Everything has a reason and everything is connected for a reason. On the other hand, NO country has a peace budget. Surprised? Because none exists. This is because there is no money in Peace but there is plenty to be made by dividing people and ruling them WITH FEAR. This is what we are seeing happen all around the World.

Generating TOO MUCH TRASH.

When was the last time we were responsible for our trash? Recycling is not the solution. Manufacturing of unnecessary stuff is. Only 10 % of the collected material is recycled. Recycling is big business. It also takes up a lot of energy. The rest 90% is incinerated in a furnace and is put back into the atmosphere for all to breathe. The best part of it all is that this air is free. We do not have to pay for breathing in these toxic chemicals. So recycling is not the solution to that problem, It IS the problem. Most countries have no enforcement laws towards recycling and creating trash. Those are the free countries, where one can create trash at will, dump trash anywhere at will and pee everywhere at will. So let’s be logical here. If 90% of the countries do not have a plan to deal with toxic waste and trash that has been generated in the billions of tons each day, what is the point of recycling when just 10 % of the counties have so called recycling programs. As we all know toxins and pollutants thrown out in one country can end up on other shores or in their airspace through Ocean currents and wind flow that encircle the globe. Some ones mans actions can affect another mans clean home and their clean backyard. We are all interconnected and so is the delicate Ecosystem of this Amazing Planet. 


Before looking for success all around us, we will need to have the courage to fail first. Most of us want to meet success at the first light of dawn. Life does not work that way at all. We will need to start from the bottom rung and work our way up. Sometime we might lose our grip and start falling. In that event, we will need the strength, the courage and the physical will power to hold on to any rung on the way down. In many cases failure is not an option. When I Immigrated into this country 30 years back just like many immigrants who had come in before me, I have fallen many times, learned on my way down through trial & error, have been cheated, deceived, spit on and called names. I had worked many jobs that had come my way. But each of those were what I call Life experiences and not adversities. I had to literally fight to save each dollar. I had picked up subway tokens by jumping onto tracks, eaten 50 cent burgers, and delivered newspapers all to make a buck. I have lived in shared rooms which were rat infested and one which had no heat or hot water. I had survived two winters at this place. Rather than complaining I had moved on to achieve what I had set out to achieve in the first place. The point here is not to brag but to bring out a point. The point here is to embrace failure in order to achieve success. And when we fall we have to get up each time that we fall by having the courage to get up and act. And NEVER EVER GIVE UP.