Do we want to keep RUNNING?

Society has given us this roadmap to retirement which is in fact an empty promise. Most will not even make it there. The concept is: Work now, sacrifice the moment, pay taxes and plan for a fantastic time in paradise 50 years from now. Is this the idea of winding down? It sounds very grim. So what about now? Are we living to make use of today or are we going to forego what life has to offer us today and go in search of a far fetched and a very uncertain goal. Most of us are conditioned to follow this path. Each of us are free to do what ever we choose to do. But we need top step back, think and act on what is right for our particular situation. Once today is gone, it’s gone for ever, and tomorrow is unknown. All we have for sure is the present moment.

BOTTLED WATER: Is it tap water at a Premium cost?

Water is one of the basic essentials of life. 60% of our body comprises of water. If that’s the case why do we need to pay for a natural resource.  Will we be required to pay for the air we breathe next?  Tap water in the U.S. is a highly regulated industry which requires periodic testing with the information made available to the public. But bottled water or purified water as it is called is unregulated within State lines. They have no obligation to report to the public when compared to Municipal water. So anything goes. Tapping rights and distribution rights are purchased. Bottled water is a $11 Billion a year industry in the U.S. alone, that is Billion with a “B”. No wonder there are so many players out there competing for the market share. Many of them may be purified Municipal water that comes in our taps at home.

Imagine our life with NO POCKETS.

They have been with us for ever and we have been spoiled by them. In fact we still take them for granted just like anything else in life. Too much of anything in life is poison. it will spoil us in some way or other. Then there are inner pockets and pouter pockets. Did you know : Pants have inner pockets and shirts have outer pockets? In some pants, it comes with one small inner pocket inside another bigger pocket. There are many variations, multiple shapes and various designs. We may not like their looks but they are there for us, giving us a helping hand round the clock. Be it for pocketing loose change or to hold a pen, they are there.


We have embarked on a long journey through life on a one way street. There is no turning back. During this journey we have many choices and decisions need to be made. This is just like planning for a trip on a map. There are points where we need to rest, sleep and eat. Simplifying our life takes the stress out of life itself. Keeping it simple is the key.

Our EYES: OUR Window.

We are also know to abuse our eyes to bright light from the screens, flashing lights, flickering from TV screens, sleeping less, and over eating. An unhealthy diet in combination with excessive screen time can wreck havoc on our eyes too. It is said that our eyes are the windows to our soul. We are connected to nature through our eyes and through our senses, without which we will all be blind. Nature has the ability to soothe and heal any disease, but only if we let it do its marvel. When our eyes are shut off from this World, our senses picks up the tab  and heightens its alertness. So lets keep our eyes open and  learn all we can by giving our eyes the attention that it deserves. We have all been taking our eyes for granted. We will never value something unless and until we lose it. This applies to anything in Life.

Beauty in ICE.

Water is abundant. It is found all around us and within us. When something is in plenty, we do tend to take it for granted.  Also we as Humans love water and are attracted to it. We want our homes close to the beach, lakefront or by a creek. Because water is beautiful. Now lets analyse water even closer. When water crystallizes and turns to ice, it is even prettier at a microscopic scale or even when we see it with our naked eyes. Don’ t take my word for it, Experience it.

Starting the NEW YEAR with a clean slate.

The past years mistakes are lessons learned the hard way. Moving forward these need to be used as our baseline to go to the next rung up. As each year pass our priorities change so do we. With each change comes responsibilities, new goals and objectives. We need to meet deadlines, meet new people and new challenges. We cannot run away from them but must face them head on. We may try to run, but we cannot hide. At some point we will need to face them and conquer them. If we do not conquer them, they will consume us. Each new Year we are also faced with Fear of unknown Origin ( FOUO). Since we do not know what is in store for us just around the bend, fear overtakes us and tries to control us in all possible ways. Then imagination sets in, guiding us into a trap filled with failure and doubt. To avoid all this, lets wipe our slates clean on January 1st of each year to help us move forward in the right direction.

BEGGING for food in the 21st century. Isn’t that sad?

In the supermarkets of today, they have certain specification of the length and width of bananas and the color and girth of apples. When they approach a farmer or co op, these specifications are made available to them before they do business with them. Only those fruits and vegetable that meet their strict specifications do pass the test before being shipped to market. The ones that don’t meet these specification or guidelines, are literally dumped and thrown overboard into massive pits to rot. This too benefits no one. Supermarkets are giving consumers what they demand and we the modern consumers are so picky. We want the carrots to be of equal size, regular shape, classic color and must be comical. Anything out of this norm, we will reject. This applies to all produce. We are conditioned on what an apple must look like or expect to see how a beet root is shaped. This is all conditioned in us over the years by the supermarkets. Anything that is misshapen, irregular or anything that looks abnormal are immediately tossed aside and discarded. In other words, these are perfectly healthy and edible. From what I know someone had started an online for this market as well. Who knew adversity would bring something promising. And on a positive note, people are beginning to notice.

REVEALING Ourselves.

All of us like to keep some privacy for ourselves. Like a two sided coin, all Humans have two sides. On one side we want to be social and on the other we want to have our own privacy. But there are times when we will need to reveal ourselves from the darkness that surrounds us. This is my story. It was a very dark one wintry and a blistering cold evening. The sun had just gone down and the wind was howling. With snow on the ground and freezing temperatures, the simple act of just crossing the road to the post office just got a lot harder and challenging. The ice beneath the snow was slippery. To avoid a fall, my concentration was focused on the steps that I was taking at that particular moment. The winter coat that I was wearing was white and the snow covering the ground was white too. All of a sudden, a car was speeding along the parking lot heading straight towards me. I froze on the spot and was unable to move. Luckily the driver had seen me at the last moment and had applied the brakes. Later on I was talking to the driver inside the post office. He mentioned to me that he never even saw me until the last second. Which is when he had braked. This had in fact saved my life and I am glad that he did.


The World sure has changed and so have its inhabitants who call themselves Humans. But to appreciate the two sides of the same coin (one old and the other new), it is only wise to explore their mindset along with their expectations and requirements of daily life. The grandfather does not and will not have the same mindset as his grand kids. Even the thought process may not be the same between a mother and her grown up daughter. Today we see that people have lost their very identity, morality and the ethics of everyday living. Living true to one self and others have become a thing of the past. Greed and Jealousy have taken over minds. Money has corrupted us all and the old honest life is moving away from us and fast. Today we see value in things and not in people. We stand in line to get the latest gadget but we forget to go for our Physical or to see our Dentist on a periodic basis. We spend more money buffing up our car to look pretty for others  that we forget to buff up our Health. Our priorities in life have changed drastically and is heading the wrong way.